Callisto Chronicles - Ch. 13 and 14 - ColCharybdis (2024)

CH. 13 Pursuing the Fleet (Puavwell system)


Commander Sheba said, “Colonel, it is good to have you back on the bridge…finally. Yes, we need to talk, but first, secure the ship for the jump. We must exit this system before any more Base-Stars arrive. Battling two was bad enough. Damage control and repair parties are active all over the ship. Get a briefing from Major CureMode after we enter the jump. Then, you’ll have to tell me about your…adventure,” Lowering her voice so only Charybdis could hear, she continued, “The Frodarians are making a big sacrifice for us, but don’t let anyone fool you. We don’t have the capability to evacuate them all and they knew it. They’re saving their own people and us by sacrificing themselves, and after what I’ve heard from Captain Jorlan, I believe that they may be right in their belief that they can hold the Cylons off for a long time. Whatever they do, they’ll probably make the Cylons pay a very high price.”

She went to her ready room and continued to review the supply situation. If they didn't find the Galactica and the fleet soon, the situation would get worse before it got better.

* * *

On arriving in the Science Office, Solon plopped himself into his rolling chair, pointed to a clear counter, and said, “Put it there, and tell me what you know about this little monster.”

Fallel, wearing a borrowed but now soiled one piece coverall and shoes, carefully placed the box on the counter. He started to speak, rearranging the cables as he did, but Solon, who had been watching him closely, interrupted, saying, “DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING! Knowing these darned Cylons, they could have put a self-destruct mechanism inside it.”

“Not unless recently they did it,” Fallel said. “On this drive before have I worked. One of their main backup storage drives it was, with much much information. Access it I can, and perhaps, our fight it will help, agreed?”

“If we can access it, we’ll figure it out,” said Solon. “First, let’s get some of the other computer oriented Science Officers in here, you guys work out the way of hooking it up so a stand-alone computer can read it, and then, I’ll be able to read it.” He buzzed a couple of the other Science Officers, who came in almost immediately, and, rising from the chair while grasping his cane, he said, “Folks, it’s been a long cycle for me. I’m off to bed. Give me a call when it’s hooked up and working, and I’ll come running.” He stamped his gold-headed cane to show the running part was a joke, and he turned to leave. As he exited the door to the lab, he turned and said, “Oh, Fallel, these jokers are Agripas and Bowe. Guys, get him a clean set of clothes…and some shoes that fit.”

Fallel smiled at the elderly Science Officer, then began to talk with Agripas and Bowe about the problem at hand.

* * *

Major Lucian was running up with his laser pistol drawn as Randrius cut the wires. The timer stopped with but a micron showing, and everyone nearby breathed a sigh of relief. He shook hands with both Randrius and Skyler on the job well done, and after making a quick stop in the Landing Bay Control Office to verify that the Techs knew what to do with the captured Raider, he went by the Black Squadron Office. On hearing that the Callisto was about to enter the jump, he went to the board and posted a note that there would be a Squadron briefing at 01:30 First Shift, the following cycle. He sat down, reviewed Ensign JustinB’s file, and then began working out the upcoming assignments. As tired as he was, he knew it was going to be a long time before bed.

* * *


I still didn't know everything that had happened, but it seems like we did alright. One basestar had been destroyed but the other two were still after us.

We had managed to get as many people off the planet as possible, but over time, I think all those who stayed down there were doomed.

I began issuing orders for all sections of the battlestar to report in with status. All sections were to prepare for immediate jump.

Squadron leaders were to have all personnel on standby until we enter the jump. Once safely away, we could all get some much needed rest.

I still couldn't wait until we got back to the fleet. But we'd have to be sure that we lost those cylons. The last thing we needed was to have them show up right on the fleet's back door.

It wasn't over yet.

* * *


"...very concerned about the new additions to our complement and the ever dwindling quantity of supplies. Since we were able to destroy the first Base-Star and at least temporarily drive away the other, we hope that a quick jump followed by a series of other jumps will allow us to loose the Cylons so we can safely rejoin the fleet; however, if necessary, I am prepared to locate alternate sources of supplies, even if this means a longer separation from the fleet...."

"...and because of this, I have ordered our production staff to begin production of some of the more complicated but vitally needed replacement parts for our Vipers. It will take some time to produce new Vipers, but we must have a way of replacing our recent losses...."

"...also have increasing concern about the tension between members of the Colonial Warrior Corps and Fleet Security. Due to Captain Urdea's recent efforts, and the realization by many of the Security Officers, as a result of the attack on the Med Lab, that Lieutenant Amy was indeed telling the truth about the recent explosion that killed Officer Adrian, a popular young Security Officer. This investigation is proceeding on several fronts, and hopefully will weed out any bad redfruits very quickly...."

"... and am still puzzled by the failure of the investigation to locate any of the poison that killed him. Doc said it appeared to be a very potent natural poison since it did not show any of the signs that we traditionally associate with a manufactured chemical poison, but it is completely different that anything she's ever seen before. If the monsterous person who is in control of this stuff uses it again, it could set off a real panic aboard the Callisto...."

A short time later, she completed her notes, and returned to the bridge, just as Lieutenant Colonel Charybdis reported, "Commander, we are approaching the jump point in...five centons. All systems are positive and go for jump."

"Go for jump," she replied, "then we'll talk, Colonel."

* * *


The order was given. "All hands prepare and secure for jump."

There were a few people who scrambled, but overall, it went smooth and orderly. The slight engine whine could be heard but the technology built into the Callisto made the effort hardly noticeable.

We were off and in hyperspace again!

I immediately went to the Commander's ready room to have my talk with Sheba. It was long overdue. She invited me in and shut the door behind us. As we sat down, we dealt with some of the small talk, but she was concerned about my time spent missing. She had been filled in to some degree, but was unsure of how I had been left in the viper for more than 4 centares.

"Charybdis, the main thing is that you are alright. You do feel OK?" she asked.

"Yes, Commander, I'm alright. A little confused when they got me out of there, but no problems. I think I've caught up with everything that has happened, except..." my voice trailed off.

Sheba noticed. Her brow furrowed. "Charybdis, what's wrong?"

I had been unsure of what to tell her, but I figured if anyone ought to know, it would be Sheba. "Well, Commander, I don't know how to say this, but it has been on my mind a lot lately. I don't really know what happened to me when I landed but I feel as if I wasn't here anymore. Like I went through some portal and came out somewhere that was filled with light and ... goodness." I looked at her for a reaction. It was a hard concept to explain. But I tried my best. I couldn't shake it and I needed to tell someone. I thought that she would recommend me for psychiatric care!

But lo and behold, she got a very strange look in her eye and began to stare off into space for a centon or so. She turned back to me and said, "It's not everyday that someone experiences being in the presence of goodness and light." It hit her like ton of duridium. Those words. She had just spoken almost the same words that Commander Adama had spoken to her, Apollo and Starbuck 23 yahrens before! When Count Iblis appeared and the beings of light! The custodians of the universe. She looked at me with an incredulous eye.

"Charybdis, what did they tell you?" she asked. I began to get a little nervous. I mean, after all, I had only been struggling with a strange feeling, but here was Sheba herself asking me these things as if she knew, as if she knew.

"I think..that they said they are protecting us and watching us. That we are to survive and populate the universe with humanity. And that we are destined to evolve and become like them over time." There. I had said it, it came in with a rush, but it was a feeling of peace. I looked at Sheba and I knew too. She had been there once. They had spoken to her too.

"Commander, what has happened to me? to us?" I asked, unsure of what her answer would be.

"I think we are being given a clear message, Charybdis. They're telling us not to give up. And they are leading us to where we need to survive."

We both sat there for another centon taking it all in. Not that we both really understood it. We had had contact from the most incredible beings we had ever encountered. Yet, there were only a handful of us who could really talk about it. I was glad that Sheba understood me. I realized now what had happened and that I was going to be just fine.

It appeared that all of us were in good hands.


Rose and I were in the maintenence closet when she says to me "You've brought out feelings in me for you that I haven't felt for someone in quite a long time." Then she started kissing me along my jaw and finally found my lips. "Uh,Rose.." I said. "Shut up and kiss me." She said. "Rose I only have a half centar dinner break. I need to go down to Alpha bay to guard the Froderans.. We can't get into this nommmmmmmmmmmmm." As she plants a big kiss on my lips..Hoo boy... Nobody has brought out these kind of feelings in me for quite awhile either! I slide my arm around her and give her a great big hug. "We better get out of here before we get caught.." I told Rose. I open the closet door and get out. Rose follows me. I try to straighten my uniform. I notice that my hair is messed up. Just then Commander Sheba comes by. "Ten-Hut!" I say. We both snap to attention and salute. The commander salutes back and says "What's going on here?" Rose and I both look at each other and start giggling. "What's so funny Officer?" I blush a bit. "Nothing Ma'am." "You both are acting like a couple of school children! I will not allow that on my battlestar! What you do on your own time is your own business. But when it interferes with this ship's functions,that is another matter entirely. This will be your one and only warning. Is that understood?" "Yes Ma'am!" We both say in unison. "Hawke,report to Alpha bay for Froderan guard duty." "But Ma'am I'm on dinner break." I manage to spit out. "Your dinner break is resinded. Report to Alpha bay." I say to Rose,"I'll see you tonight." I leave. "And you Ensign Rose? Is it? Don't you have somewhere you have to be?" the commander said.

* * *


Rose looks down for a moment and then back up. "Yes ma'am," Rose replys. Then I suggest you get to where it is you need to be, Cmdr Sheba says. Rose salutes and heads out.

As she was walking along, Rose thought to herself that she couldn't believe that she and Hawke had been caught by of all people the Commander. Rose hoped that she hadn't ruined things with Hawke any. She so wanted things to work out for the two of them. Rose began to wonder if she could catch up to Hawke in hopes to maybe make it up to him a little. She didn't want him to get into any trouble because of her. Rose began running then in hopes of being able to catch up to Hawke.

* * *


He’d felt the faint tremble sometime before. Ordinarily, he paid little attention to the start of a new jump, but it was another of those sleepless sleep cycles, so he’d been waiting for it to signal the transition from one major danger, the Cylons, to another, themselves.

For a couple of yahrens after he’d crashed, he’d had terrible nightmares and even one “daymare” that had seemed all too real, but after that, they had subsided and the typical cycle-to-cycle stress was the only thing that seemed to disturb his regular sleep pattern, and that was only occasionally. The stress was building steadily now, as he considered the internal danger in his own ranks that he had to eliminate. He’d already assured Commander Sheba that there would be no more incidents, and he’d seen that a new level of cooperation was beginning to develop between his officers and the Colonial Warrior Corps. Tonight, he’d already heard a rumor via Whitcher that there had been a new threat, but the details were quite sketchy, and no names of the threatening persons had been available.

On his monitor, he pulled up a secret copy of the Callisto’s Fleet Security command chart, and began to study it again.

Captain Urdea, M, chief of Fleet Security aboard the Battlestar Callisto
Sergeant Whitcher, M, chief aide to Captain Urdea, and head of Security Office
Lieutenant Proteus, M, Second in Command of Fleet Security, Battlestar Callisto
Sergeant Atropas, F, Lieutenant Proteus’ aide

Group Leaders & their Squad Sergeants:

Lieutenant Arsta, F
Sergeant Cepheas, M
7 Officers
Sergeant Virgil, M
6 Officers

Lieutenant Berwyn, M
Sergeant Electra, F
8 Officers
Sergeant Thyrm, M
6 Officers

Lieutenant Geneive, F
Sergeant Portunus, M
7 Officers
Sergeant Wollase, M
7 Officers

Lieutenant Lawton, M
Sergeant Almack, M
8 Officers
Sergeant Naggis, M
7 Officers

Lieutenant Selgin, M
Sergeant Hipollyta, F
6 Officers
Sergeant Medea, F
8 Officers

Lieutenant Skon, M
Sergeant Osirus, M
7 Officers
Sergeant Winculas, F
6 Officers

Lieutenant Wheran, M
Sergeant Leucia, F
8 Officers
Sergeant Rastefar, M
7 Officers

Of the officers and sergeants, he had complete confidence that he could trust only Whitcher, Proteus, and Leucia. There were a number of others that he was learning to trust, but there were also several that he didn’t trust as far as he could boot them with his bad leg. He made a couple of new notations in the file, hoping that his current investigation would soon reveal the persons responsible for the death of Officer Adrian and the attacks on Lieutenants Amy and Najinn. He already had a couple of suspects that he’d questioned informally. Thinking about it, he pulled Lieutenant Skon’s file and started reading.

A short time and three files later, his door chimed. He checked his viewer, closed the file, and said, “Enter.”

Lieutenant Skon entered and said, “Captain, I need to talk to you about that new guy, Officer Hawke, that you assigned to my group. He’s in Sergeant Winni’s squad….”

“Yes Lieutenant, I’m well aware of Mr. Hawke,” Urdea replied. “Go on.”

“Well, Sir, I was talking with him, and to judge his reaction, I suggested that if he wanted, someone could kill Captain Brie. He was serious as heart failure when he said he wanted it done! I kept playing along, but he never let up, and when I mentioned it again a little later, he still wanted to do it! He may be nuts, Captain, and I’m concerned about the safety of not only Captain Brie but also of my group members. Winni’s pretty strong, but he’s big enough and well trained enough he could probably kill her if he gets as mad at her as he is at Captain Brie.”

“Sergeant Winculas is well trained, Lieutenant, and she should at least be able to get away in such circ*mstances. He’s your man, Lieutenant. What do you plan to do about it?” asked Urdea.

“He’s a former Colonial Warrior, sir. Before I did anything, I just wanted to make sure he wouldn’t be getting any special treatment, Sir,” said Skon.

“Absolutely none. He’s one of us now, and we deal with our own.”

“Then I’ll see that he doesn’t cause trouble, Sir,” said Skon as he saluted and exited.

Urdea stood in place for almost a full centon, thinking about new complications.

* * *


Rose had not been able to catch up to Hawke earlier before he had to start his duty shift. For most of the time he was on duty, Rose didn't know what to do while waiting on Hawke's shift to end so that they could enjoy each others company. Part of the time, Rose spent in the lounge area just sitting and thinking about things, and then she also spent time down in the O'Club.

While she was at the O'Club, Rose smiled to herself as she had an idea on how she could spend some more time with Hawke and this time in private without being interrupted.

Rose headed out of the O'Club towards MedLab so that she could talk to Holodoc for a few moments. Rose reached MedLab and see's that Holodoc was over at her desk working on a couple things, so she heads over to talk to her.

After talking with Holodoc for a few centons, Rose was able to get an all clear from her so that she could borrow Holodoc's quarters for the evening since Holodoc wouldn't be there for the next couple of cycles at least.

Rose quickly walks to Holodoc's quarters and goes inside using the keycard that Holodoc had loaned her for the evening. Rose goes over to the desk there in Holodoc's quarters and quickly writes out a message to Hawke.

Message states:

I tried to catch up with you earlier before you had to start your duty shift of guarding the new arrivals onboard the Callisto, but didn't get to you in time. I have been wondering about during the time you have been on duty. I've talked with Holodoc and she has been kind enough to let me borrow her quarters for a little while. Please come so that we can spend some time together.



Rose then placed the note inside an envelope with the keycard and seals the envelope. Rose then called for a messanger to deliver the message to Hawke. When the messanger arrived, Rose asked the person to see to it that Hawke got the message and she let the messanger know that Hawke was down in the Landing Bay on guard duty.

Now it was just a matter of waiting for Hawke to arrive, so that they could spend some time together.

* * *


I'm on guard duty with Sergent Winculas in Alpha bay. 5 centons until my duty shift ends. It's been boring so far. I've made small talk with Winni throughout the entire shift. She seems uncomfortable with me but I blow it off.
A messenger comes and hands me a message. I open it and read that Rose wants to see me in Holodoc's quarters as soon as I get off duty. Enclosed is a keycard. Oh really,now... Hmmm...

Winni tries to peek over my shoulder as I'm reading it. "A message from your girlfriend,huh?" she says.. I quickly turn around and say "C'mon. Knock it off.. It's private..." I say. She makes some school kid comment I don't hear.
I look at my watch. 1 centon to go. The messenger is still standing there. "Oh, could you do me a HUGE favor and pick up a bottle of Ambrosia and have it delivered to the Security Officer's quarters?" I asked. "Yes sir."he says as I tip him 50 cubits. "Go ahead and take off,Hawke. The next shift is coming right now." Winni says.

I take off at a run. I get to the security officer's quarters and turbowash, put some of the anti-burn salve on my face,change into civilian clothes.I hastily make out my duty shift report. I also come up with the bottle of Ambrosia.

I take the keycard and the message from Rose and proceed to Holodoc's quarters. I have to stop and ask for directions seeing i still don't know my way around that well.
I arrive at Holodoc's quarters thinking that this is some kind of trap and regret not bringing my sidearm. I knock and say "Rose, it's me Hawke.." "Come in." She says.
I take the keycard and open the door. It's dark. Just a couple of candles are lit. "Rose?" I asked.


"I'm over here Hawke," Rose says as she stands up. Rose had been sitting on the couch waiting for Hawke to arrive and was glad that he had finally arrived. She was going to make the most of this evening.

Rose slowly walks towards Hawke so that he could take in all of her and the outfit that she was currently wearing. Rose could see portions of Hawke's face in the candle light and see's that he likes what he see's.

"Hawke," Rose whispers, "It's about time you arrived. I have been waiting for what seems like forever for you get get off duty." Rose then reaches up and wraps her arms around Hawke's neck pulling him closer to her. "Kiss me Hawke," Rose says and claims his lips with her own.

Several centons pass by before Rose and Hawke break the kiss to catch their breath some. "I wasn't expecting that kind of a welcome," Hawke says. Rose smiles, giggles a little and responds, "I couldn't help myself. I hope that you don't mind my choice of welcome."

Rose reaches for Hawke's hand and leads him over to the couch. Once they were standing next to the couch, Rose pushes Hawke down so that he will be sitting on the couch now. Rose stands there for a moment or two longer and slowly undoes the tie to the wrapper of her outfit. Rose then joins Hawke on the couch. Each move Rose makes her wrapper flutters open some revealing much to Hawke's eyes. Rose notices that Hawke keeps wetting his lips with each move that Rose made. Once she was seated on the couch next to Hawke, Rose leans over and begins to plant small kisses along Hawke's jaw.

When Rose opened the wrapper of the outfit she was wearing and revealed so much more my eyes just about popped out of my head. I smiled. "You like?" She said. "Definitely..." I managed to get out.

After a night neither one of us will ever forget, I wake up with Rose nuzzled next to me. She must have felt me jar awake, because as I was getting up Rose asks sleepily "Where are you going?" I look up at the cronometer and it was almost 08:00 hours. "I think we should get out of here. Holodoc will be coming off duty prety soon."I manage to yawn out. Rose turns to me and says "She won't be coming back for at least another cycle. C'mon back to bed." She pats the bed where I was sleeping. "Nahh.. I wanna go down to the Mess Hall and grab something to eat. Wanna come with?" "Ok." Rose says.
We both dress and turbowash.

We go down to the mess hall. Skon is nearby talking to his buddies. We both hear him telling his buddies: "Oh yeah. It was great! I got Hawke eating right out of my hand. I told him that I could have Brie killed for him and he fell for it!" Rose looks at me and slaps me across the face. "You bastard! I will be taking this to the commander!" And stalks away.

* * *


Rose hurriedly left the Mess Hall without staying to eat or give Hawke a chance to explain. She runs down the corridor aways and stops. Rose then leans up against the wall and slides down to where she was now sitting on the floor. She hugs her legs close to her and begins crying.

Rose hadn't realized that Hawke had followed her until she felt his hand on her shoulder and she looks over at him with tears still coming down her face. "Rose," Hawke says, "please let me explain." Rose shakes her head in replies, "No! Leave me alone!" She trys to get up and leave, but Hawke holds her in place. "Rose please!," Hawke pleads, "I beg you. Please let me explain."

"Hawke how could you?," Rose begins, "how could you say or do what Skon was saying about wanting Capt Brie dead? Hawke, I thought we had something special between the two of us. Especially after last night. Hawke, I opened up to you and told you things that I had never told anyone before about my past. I trusted you Hawke! How can I be expected to trust you again after what just happened there in the Mess Hall?"

Rose couldn't look over at Hawke any longer, so she curled up there against the wall and starts crying even more. Hawke reaches over and tries to pull Rose into his arms, but when he does, Rose starts trying to get away again.

* * *


"Rose,wait. Please?" I said to her as she got back up to leave. "Why? Why should I let you explain? You hurt me! Deeply! And what makes you think I won't tell Brie or the Commander?" "Because a part of you wants to hear what I've got to say." I said. "Ok,then let's hear it..." Rose said to me testily. "Not here. Let's go back to somewhere more private." "Oh,and where is that?" "Where we just came from. Holodoc's quarters." "And why there?" Rose asked me,clearly getting impatient. "Because there we won't have any interruptions." I said weakly. She looks at me for a couple of microns and finally says "Ok..Under one condition..." "What's that?" I say to her. "I'll tell you that when I hear what you have to say." She told me.

We walk down to Holodoc's quarters in silence. When we get there we go in and I ask Rose to sit on the bed. I sigh and tell her "I know you've been wondering why I was transferred from Gold Squadron to security. Right?" She nods. "Well basically I got into a fight with another security officer and Brie was involved. I thought I was hitting the security officer and instead..." "It was Brie.." Rose finished. I nodded. "So" I started, "I was transferred to security by Brie and Sheba for one yarhen." "But why do you want her dead?" she asked. "That one I can't answer,but you have to trust me on this one. And i ask you PLEASE don't tell anyone about Skon.. I'll handle him myself,ok?" She eyed me. "Ok." And she gives me a hug and a kiss. I hug and kiss her back.

* * *


Rose & Hawke continued to hug one another for a little while longer. When they pull apart, Hawke asks, "Rose, you mentioned a condition earlier. You want to tell me what the condition is that you have?" Rose looked down at her hands momentarily before answering Hawke's question. "Hawke," Rose says as she looks up at him, "my condition is that I want you learn to control your temper some. I know that everyone has a temper to some extent, but you seem to lose control of your temper from what you have told me. Maybe if you left and went to work out in the weight room when you feel as though you are about to loose your temper it might help. If that doesn't help then come find me and I will do what I can to try and help you get your temper back under control. Your temper has already gotten you into trouble once and I don't want your temper to be the cause of you either ending up in the Brig or worse yet, dead." Rose grows quiet to give what she has just said to Hawke sink in some. She didn't want to lose him now that she had just found him. Hawke has already become very special to her in just a short about of time.

* * *


The weight room? I didn't even know that this tub had one. Might not be too bad of an idea. "Yea,I guess so. As a matter of fact, I think I'm gonna try it out." I said. "Can I come with?" Rose asked. "Sure if you want. I gotta goto the SOQ to get a gym uniform." "Ok. In the mean time I'll hgo get my suit and meet you there." She said. "Ok. See you there." I gave her a kiss and left.

* * *


Rose headed out of Holodoc's quarters to go to the barracks for the female Black Squadron Warriors so that she could change into her workout clothes and be able to meet up with Hawke in the weight room.

After making a couple of wrong turns and having to do a little back tracking, Rose finally reaches the barracks. She goes inside and over to her bunk to get her workout clothes. Rose then goes over to the changing area so that she could change into her workout clothes. Once she had changed, Rose then goes back over to her bunk to leave her uniform there until she got back.

Rose then heads out of the barracks to go to the weight room to workout some with Hawke. After a little searching she finally finds the weight room and goes inside. Rose doesn't see Hawke when she starts looking around the room for him. She decides to go on over to one of the weight machines and get it set up so that she could begin some of her workout while she was waiting on Hawke to show up. Rose sets the desired weight on the machine, then sits down and lays back to begin lifting the weights.

* * *


I went to change in the SOQ. After I was done,I headed to the weight room after asking a few people where it was. I walk in and I immediately spotted Rose working out on a bench press machine. I walked over and said "Hi,gorgeous.." She stops and looks at me. "Hi there,hot stuff." she says. I spot a speed bag and start my workout. I start slow and gradually speed up. I get it so fast that I don't notice people starting to gather around. I hear murmuring behind me. I hit it very hard one more time and turn around and yell "WHAT?" One of the spectators says "I've never seen anyone go that fast on a speedbag and then hit it so hard they rip it out of the frame!" "Huh?" I said as I look where the speedbag was. I look down on the floor and the bag itself was lying there spinning. "Damn." I murmurred. "Ok. Show's over. Go back to your workouts." I pick up the speedbag and re-attatch it best as I can. I go over to the weight bench where Rose is and I watch her do a few presses. "8,9,10." she counts off. I tell her "I can do that." "Oh yea? Let's see." I get down and do 10 repititions. "Ok,try twice that amount." Rose said. "You first." I said with a smile. Her face drops. "Ok,I guess. You'll spot me?" "Of course." We proceed to double the amount. She lays down on the bench and murmurs "Ok,here goes nothing." She manmages 3 repititions. I lay down and bang out 10. One of the more muscular warriors comes forward and asks "May I use the machine?" I say "Sure." He puts on twice the weight that's on there. He bangs out 20 repititions. The weights are bending on the bar.He gets up and says "Let's see you bench THAT! That's almost 550." I go ahead and bang out the 20 plus 5 more. His face drops. "Nobody's benched that much in that many repititions before." I look at him out of breath. "Well, I just did." He walks away. "Wow. I had no idea that you were that strong." Rose says. "Well, Now you do." I said.

* * *


Rose smiles to herself a little at Hawke's response to what she had just said. She looks across the room some and spots a leg press machine and has an idea. "Alright hot shot," Rose says, "come with me. Lets see if you can handle the leg press machine." Rose reaches for Hawke's hand and leads him over to the leg press machine there in the weight room.

Once they reached the leg press machine, Rose lets go of Hawke's hand and begins to place some weight on each side of the bar of the leg press machine. After getting the weight amount she wanted on the bar, Rose then sits and lays back to begin her leg presses. Rose then knocks out 20 reps of the 650 lbs of weight on the leg press machine. After finishing up her reps, Rose gets up and says, "try toping that hot shot!"


"Ummmm no." I said with conviction. "Why not,chicken?" Rose says. "No I'm not chicken. But everyone knows that Sagitarians are naturally stronger than Capricans because of the gravity being denser. And I won't do that." Her face sank. "Awwww." She says. "And here I thought you were going to be a man about it and lose gracefully." She gets a big smile on her face. "Ok, I got an idea. You can redeem yourself. How about we meet on the Triad court and see who's the best? A little one on one? 50 point limit?" I think it over. "You're on." I said. "And how about we make it interesting? Say 500 cubits to the winner?" "It's a little steep,but I accept." I say gingerly.

* * *


Holodoc was staying busy with all of the paperwork that needed doing & her rounds of checking up on all the patients that were there in MedLab. She hoped that things would go well for Rose & Hawke. Holodoc thought that they would make a good couple.

Holodoc noticed that Jarrynn was feeling rather down & thought that it might have something to do with Najinn. Holodoc got up from her desk & goes over to talk to Jarrynn to see if she could help any.

"Jarrynn?," Holodoc says as she places her hand on Jarrynn's shoulder, "are you all right?" Jarrynn looks up at Holodoc with a sad look on her face as though she was about to cry. When she saw the look on Jarrynn's face, Holodoc quickly pulled a chair up & sat down next to Jarrynn & pulled her into her arms. "Jarrynn," Holodoc quietly says, "things will be all right in time. Do you want to tell me what is bothering you?"

Jarrynn felt comforted by having Holodoc there with her and knew that she could trust Holodoc with anything that was bothering her. "Holodoc," Jarrynn says while looking down at her arm, "I feel as though I am invisible to some people. I know that his heart belongs to someone else, but after the recent events I had hoped that things might change some. Things haven't changed at all though. I am still invisible to him."

Holodoc just sat there listening to Jarrynn & being there for her friend. She knew that Jarrynn needed to let it out & she was going to be there for her friend & help her through this time. "Jarrynn," Holodoc says, "I wish I knew what to tell you to make you feel better & take the pain you are feeling away. Some men are just blind when it comes to seeing what is right in front of them, especially when it comes to someone as special as you."

Holodoc was still sitting with Jarrynn some comforting her & helping her while she needed it when one of the new Ensigns comes into MedLab. The new Ensign walks over to where Holodoc & Jarrynn where sitting.

"Can I help you Ensign," Holodoc asks? "Yes ma'am. I am JustinB & I am here for my physical for flight statis." Holodoc looks over at Jarrynn & says, "I'll take care of the physical. You just relax some." Jarrynn nods in response & says, "thanks Holodoc, for everything."

Holodoc stands & shows JustinB over to one of the exam area's to start his physical.

* * *


Najinn lay in the bed, still very weak from his ordeal. He had the strength to converse but he was easily tired.

Jarrynn was sat by his bed as she had since his awakening.

He had noticed that she had gone over talk to Holodoc, but she had returned soon after to his bedside.

"Jarrynn, I need to say, I want to say thank you for everything you've done for me. You have saved me. I am eternally grateful for your help and kindness."

"Jarrynn," Najinn smiled,"I know how you feel."

Jarrynn suddenly got very uncomfortable.

"I want you to know I care for you, I like your friendship I care about it. When Amy touched my soul I know that she really loves Charybdis. I think that my feelings for her are unrequieted and that pain is deep and hurtful. To be honest I don't know what is happening in my life."

"I know my heart Jarrynn, I have loved Amy, and whether that is enough to mean something I don't know. I doubt it."

"It isn't fair for me to cheat you or kid you, that is not me. I wouldn't do that to you."

"Look, I care for you as a friend, and to be honest that's as much as I can give anyone at the moment. I have to get things sorted with Amy once and for all. So that I can move on with my life and she can move on with hers."

"I do not expect anyone to wait on that, its wrong and its cruel. I know my feelings will change over time as feelings always do, but to what I don't know, no-one knows."

"I don't want to hurt you the way she has hurt me, but I don't want to decieve you. I care to much for our friendship to do that."

"I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me, a fool perhaps."

Jarrynn at first didn't know what to say....

* * *


Very nervously JustinB made his way to the exam area. All his life he had wanted to become a Viper Pilot and from now on, there was no turning back. Holodoc could see that the new Ensign was nervous, so she tried to reassure the young warrior. “Just relax Ensign, I have done this many times”

JustinB smiled at Holodoc and said ”Thanks ma’am, I am not one to be nervous, it is just that I cannot wait to gain Flight Status and prove to my Squadron my potential.”

Holodoc asks, “What squadron have you been assigned to?” With pride JustinB replies, “The best squadron in the galaxy, BLACK SQUADRON.”

“We better get your physical done then, shouldn’t we?” Holodoc asked seeing the Ensign‘s enthusiasm. “Yes ma’am” JustinB replied. “Then lets get started, as I have other warriors needing my attention.”

* * *


After my brief talk with Jarryn in medlab, I walked in the general direction of Brie's quarters, but I was in no hurry to get there. I had a lot on my mind, and for some reason Jarryn was at the head of the list.

When I had talked to her, I could tell that she was hiding a secret pain. Everywhere I looked, people were in pain, either from something I caused or just due to this horrible flight from the Cylons. With so much pain to endure, why did we even bother?

I never felt any of this during my life on the Agro ship. It was there, I knew that now, but it was never as keen as it is here on the Callisto. Here we try to lead something of a normal life but that could never be possible. Not while we are continually hunted.

Maybe I wasn't cut out for this, but who is? I had to try and make it work. I sure wouldn't find the answers in a half-dozen Ambrosias. My friend Brie knew that and stopped me before I went too far.

I passed by the observation deck, walked in and spun around, leaving immediately when I saw two black shirts checking out the view. The view during a jump was amazing, and I never grew tired of it. But I wasn't going to invite trouble by wandering up to a couple of security guys.

I kept walking, and remembered that observation dome that Najinn had showed me so long ago. Could I even find it? I wonder what the view looked like from there! I had to try and find it. I wandered the halls, trying to remember where he had led me, and after a bit I stumbled onto the right deck, and the largely unused stairwell leading to the unused section. A moment of caution swept over me at venturing alone, but it passed and up I went.

I climbed the stairs, turned the wheel on the hatch and pushed it upward. Yes! This was it! I climbed inside and let the lid slam down. There were lots of controls, and it took a while to find the right one. With my heart pounding with excitement I pressed the button and quickly sat back to take in the view as it unfolded.

My eyes grew wide as the outer skin of the dome peeled back, and I felt like I was riding on a swirling rainbow of color. Everywhere the twisting and turning colors of hyberspace spun around me, reflecting off every surface. It was almost too much and I began to feel a little dizzy. I held onto the sides of the seat, grinning from ear to ear like a fool.

Just when things look the worst, something seems to come along and lift up one's broken spirit. That's why we fight on through the pain, I thought. Because at the other end, the payoff is worth fighting for.

Only one tiny thing kept this moment from being perfect. It tugged and pulled from a corner of my mind until I gave it some attention. And when I did, my face twisted slightly, but only for a second. Yeah, it was true, but don't remind me. Not now. Sure, it would be better if I was sharing this with someone, but I'd deal with that later. I shook my head to snap the thought away, and lost myself in the swirling colors.

* * *


Holodoc went about giving JustinB his examination for his flight statis. She could tell that he was exicted about finally becoming a Warrior, but also a bit nervous as to what would be expected of him over the next few cycles. During the examination, Holodoc tried to use some humor to get JustinB to relax a little, but wasn't so sure she was pulling it off any.

After a few more centons pass by during the examination, Holodoc finally finishes up. "Alright JustinB," Holodoc says, "I am done with your examination. You are clear for flight statis. I will write up the report & see to it that Major Lucian gets a copy of it showing that you are cleared for flight statis."

* * *


"I don't want to hurt you the way she has hurt me, but I don't want to decieve you. I care to much for our friendship to do that."
"I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me, a fool perhaps."
Jarrynn at first didn't know what to say....

(Hurt me? he cares?) was all that was running thru her mind. Jarrynn sat in her chair and looked stunned at him. Dare she hope that she held a chance in Najinn's life? Could he really mean it that he cares for her? Dare she get her hopes up only to have them come crashing down around her again? Jarrynn blushed as she hung on his every word and her mind went back to that time at the dance party, she had fun talking to Najinn, but most of all she can still feel his arms around her in that hug. Jarrynn closed her eyes as the scenes from the planet surfaced again. Seeing him in that shape! Jarrynn lowered her head as the tears threatened to fall again. She felt Najinn stir and she felt him lift her chin up and look at him. Tears had slipped down as she stared at him. Her heart pounded in her chest as she stared into his eyes. She looked away again.

"Jarrynn what is it? Please talk to me..." Jarrynn took a deep breath and sighed.
"Najinn, down on the planet when I saw you laying there bleeding, fear gripped me. I didn't know what to do but I knew that I was the one to be the one to do it. It tore at me to see you like that. I ...

... I wanted to be the one in that situation just to save you the pain. I didn't want to lose you. Even if all I can do is watch from a distance. It hurts me to see you get hurt. To hear you say you care for me it makes my heart .... but then to hear the words friends reminds me that I will never hold your heart. I have come to realize I never will no matter how much I want to. As for forgiving you, how can I if I don't think you did anything wrong? But yes I do forgive you if you must hear those words. I care for you Najinn, maybe more than I should be allowed. I have since that first trip of yours in here. I have said too much again and well, I guess I should just hush and let you get your sleep." Jarrynn lowered her head again in embarrassment. Embarrassment for saying what she did to Najinn. Angry at herself for letting her hopes climb again. She sat a little longer to see if he would say anything. She hoped he would.


"Jarrynn, don't be upset. I hear your words."

"I don't want to be dishonest. I want to respect your feelings. But I must tell you the truth so that we don't misunderstand each other."

"I care for you as a friend. Real friends are hard to come by in this life. Life is perhaps the most difficult thing in the universe to endure, and quite honestly friendship is an island of hope in that sea of uncertainty."

"My heart belongs to Amy, I know that. I have always known that. But that sure as hell dosen't mean that she loves me. Indeed right now I don't know what to think. I know that she is torn between her feelings for me and her feelings for Charybdis. The future is unknown, she may choose to be with one of us, or neither of us."

"If I lose her I know my heart will be beyond repair. I will lose a part of me. We have touched each others soul on a level I have never experienced before."

"But fate always has a cruel twist and the fact that she may decide to be with Charybdis, or even runaway from both of us is probably what is in store. The only thing I hold is hope. That hope is as weak as I am right now."

"I want to be honest Jarrynn, not to hurt you, but to be honest with."

"You have been honest with me, I respect you, I care about our friendship, I do care about you. You have sacrificed a lot for me. I don't know how I can ever give of myself that equals your kindness and humanity. You are a very special woman. You will always be a real friend, a true friend."

Najinn smiled at Jarrynn leaned over and took her hand. He then winced as he felt his wound, and rolled back over...

* * *


Jarrynn listened as he talked to her again. Her heart sank as she heard him basically say that he could never love anyone other than Amy. Jarrynn closed her eyes to the words as if trying to keep them from hurting but they found their mark within her heart. Friends, seemed a word she was destined to hear from him. But her attention was brought back as she saw him in pain again. Jarrynn got up and administered the pain relief in his IV fluids. She sat back down with Najinn and took his hand in hers again.

"Najinn, you can't go around moving like that! You are going to hurt yourself again, and I can't give you anymore of my blood for a long time!" She tried to giggle to make light of the situation. She watched him slowly change from pain stricken to gradually getting sleepy again. Before he went to sleep, Jarrynn leaned in so he could hear her.
"Najinn, if you want me as your friend, then don't worry, I will be your friend. Never doubt that ok? I will always be here for you, Najinn. Always." He nodded slowly as his eyes closed and he slipped into a peaceful painless sleep. Jarrynn smoothed his hair as she sat there still holding his hand and watching him. As she saw his breathing regulate showing he was asleep she whispered to herself and to him.
"If the only way I can be in your life is to be your friend, then no matter how much it hurts I will be your friend. I wish you would let me in your heart, but I can't force you to see me in a way you never will. I will always be here for you Najinn, even if it hurts to see you hurt. Just like you can't get Amy out of your heart, you are in mine." With that she let him sleep and went about doing jobs but stayed close by Najinn to keep an eye on him.

* * *


In a rarely used engine compartment in the depths of the Callisto, the man in the shadow activated a squelcher. A short time later, the first person wearing the black uniform of a Security Officer arrived. Within a couple of centons after that, two others had arrived. As each arrived, he hit a timer on his chrono, so that the centons started counting down from five. The large man said, “We are all for this meeting. I trust that none of you were followed.” He’d forced himself to leave out the “stupid enough to allow yourself to be” part of the sentence, but it took some effort. With these humans, one had to perform a delicate balancing act, being reasonably polite enough to keep them from becoming angry and irrational, but firm enough to make sure they weren’t being as stupid as they were capable of being. “I have already received the other report. There is nothing in it that concerns you at this time. Now, provide your reports, quickly. Where is the Callisto going, and how soon will we be catching up with the fleet?”

The first one replied, “This jump was calculated to take just a few cycles. I’d estimate five or six, but I couldn’t get an exact number from anyone. I’m pretty sure it won’t take us to the fleet because that could lead half of the Cylon fleet to them. We may have to jump another time or two before we catch up with the fleet.”

“There was some pretty serious damage,” reported the second, “but it’s being repaired. From what I heard, if the second Base-Star hadn’t hidden for a time, it could have really blasted us bad. We were lucky that we destroyed the first Base-Star, and that no more showed up. Commander Sheba’s given orders to do some retooling in the shops to produce some new parts for replacement Vipers, since we’re very low on some parts.”

The leader nodded and said, “I want a list of the parts that are low, but still in supply. Since we’re already out of some parts, we know they’ll be producing those, and in short order, we’ll have new Vipers, giving Sheba even more power. One of our underlings may be able to remove or damage some parts that aren’t being produced and slow or even stop the process.”

“We’ve only got three ‘underlings,’ as you call them, left. If you remember, we had to take out Adrian ourselves, Urdea’s lap-daggit Lieutenant Proteus killed Modo, and Lolly, the idiot, poisoned himself somehow. Our reduced number makes us a less effective force on this ship, and that cripple has succeeded in quieting much of the trouble we’d started,” said the second Black Shirt, his voice almost dripping with disgust. “I still say we need to do some very quiet recruiting, or we’ll never succeed.”

The leader’s hand slipped to the bole at his belt, and it was all he could do not to pull it off and cast it at the Black Shirt. “You,” he gritted, “may be right, but we must exercise extreme caution. You must seek out the candidates carefully, and be very sure of their motives and their goals.”

“Hey, I may have just the thing!” said the last Black Shirt. “It’s what I was going to report, and now you’ve given me an idea. That new guy, the former Warrior, Hawke, actually told someone that he wanted to have Captain Breezy taken out.

“Speak quietly, you idiot!” he spat. “The squelcher has its limitations. And speak with respect of the Captain,” he continued. “She is a formidable adversary, and one that you would best not overlook or underestimate. You would gain honor in her defeat, if that was what was needed, but if one did not plan carefully, the defeat would be one’s own and ultimately, ours. She has done nothing to us for now, so do nothing about her now.”

“But Sir, Lieutenant Amy’s living with her right now, so we could take both of them—”

“Nothing, I say…for now. Instead, find out more about this Hawke, but do not approach him, or allow him to learn anything of our existence.” Observing his chrono, he said, “Our time runs short. Go….”

They returned to their rounds, one at a time, without having been observed by anyone.

* * *


Lucian had reported to the squadron office, after a quick shower and a meal. He’d completed the reports on the battle, and updated the list of squadron assignments, adding the newer members. He’d reviewed the files of all the squadron’s newer Lieutenants and Ensigns and found that they had one thing in common: very little practical ground-based fighting training. Because the need had been greatest to add Viper pilots, the small arms training had been condensed after the intensive conditioning training and weaponless fighting training had been completed. To make matters worse, Lazant had had to skimp on the ground-based tactics, which were significantly different than those in a Viper. Not that Lucian could blame him, though, since if the younger Warriors didn’t survive in a space battle, they’d never get the chance to fight on a planet.

First, he’d contacted Captain Hector, the head of the Callisto’s Colonial Infantry Company. Lucian had spoken with Hector on a number of occasions, but he’d never gotten to know him well, so he wasn’t sure what type of reaction he’d get. Hector was suppressing a series of yawns with only partial success. Lucian apologized for waking him, and after being excused, he’d presented his idea.

“I’d like to test them first,” said Lucian, “particularly on the obstacle course to check conditioning, and then go to small arms refresher training, weapons course, and tactics. Of course, it’s more detailed than this, and there may be other things you can suggest. All of this is in addition to their regular Viper training.”

To his surprise, Captain Hector was all for the idea, and said, “I’ve got several Sergeants who will jump at the opportunity to help with your training program. It’s not every day that they get to kick a little Colonial Warrior butt into shape.” He laughed, in a good-natured way, and said, “Really, they’re all good, but tough as nails guys, and they’ll be glad to help.” The two talked for a while, with Hector making a number of suggestions. Just send me the plan, and I’ll get you your drill Sergeants.”

After a little more discussion, including thanking Hector and agreeing to meet him for breakfast, Lucian refined the plan. He was proud of the job that the teams on Frodar Epsilon Alpha and on the planet in the Garrano system had done, so he decided to use their experience to help the younger squadron members after they’d run through the C.I. course.

On the Black Squadron Assignment Board, he posted the orders:

• Black Squadron Meeting, 01:50. All First Shift personnel are to attend. Lieutenants with previous assignments approved by Core Command are excused. Any personal reports on the battles in the Frodarian system that have not already been submitted are due by that time.

• There will be a memorial service at 02:00 today for Ensign Arianna of Gold Squadron, and for the seven members of Silver Spar who were killed in the battles. There will be a separate service for the Frodarians who were lost later in the cycle when it is arranged according to the survivors’ wishes. Any Black Squadron members who wish to attend, unless on critical assignments, are encouraged to attend. There may be several remembrances, so if you knew one of those killed and wish to speak, please keep it short.

• A mandatory advanced training course for Black Squadron Ensigns begins today at 02:75. All Black Squadron Ensigns are to report to Sergeant Brinfort at the Obstacle Course at that time. If there are any Black Squadron Lieutenants not on previous assignments who would like to be considered for the course, please report to me before the squadron meeting. We will work in as many as possible, although this is strictly first come, first served.

A number of other items followed, as always. Lucian sighed. Keeping a growing squadron operating efficiently was a tough job. There was always something that was happening, always something that needed to be done. Some of that would have to wait for the next few cycles, though, or be taken care of by Lieutenant BatGal or one of the other senior squadron members. In his review of the files, Lucian had been surprised to find that, due to his Viper Sim experience, even a portion of his ground-based training had been condensed. On the sign-up list for the advanced training, he placed his own name at the top of the list.

Then, he sent a note to Captain Brie, giving her an invitation to send any Gold Squadron Ensigns who might be interested in the course. He had started to contact her directly, but then realized how late it was. He took a quick shower, dressed, and then treaded quietly to his bunk in the barracks. If all went well, he could still get three centars of sleep. Hopefully, all would go well, for tomorrow would be another long cycle.


After the dinner with Holodoc, in which they discussed parts of their pasts, Anubis went to the Black Squadron Barraks, and read the messages. He then signed up for the course, always ready to keep his skills sharp. He has respect for the Infantry Warriors, as their job is much more difficult, and much more dangerous. They have to deal with the Cylons on planet-side, more often than not in hostile environments, where one mistake would lead to their deaths, and it's not always a quick one. It is wise to take every opportunity one can to improve oneself. He made note of the times for the funerary services, and planned to go to them.

* * *


Being in the observation dome during the jump gave me a rush unlike anything I had ever experienced, but I knew that if I stayed away too long, Captain Brie would become concerned. So although I was by no means tired of the view of swirling and shifting colors, I sealed up the dome and climbed down.

After some moments of disorientation, I found my way back to familiar parts of the ship. I rang outside Brie's quarters, feeling like I shouldn't just walk in. They were Brie's quarters after all. After a moment the door slid open and I went in.

Brie was still at her desk. "How is he?" she asked. I had a blank look as I sat down in a chair opposite her. "Najinn" she reminded me.

"Oh" I replied. "I couldn't see him. They were running tests. I saw Jarrynn though. She said he was doing really good."

Brie took a closer look at me. My hair was kind of messed up, I could feel that now. My clothes looked a little ruffled too. "Where else were you?" She asked. "You were gone longer than I figured." I smoothed back my hair self-consciously. Brie reached over and pulled a clump of dust web from my shoulder. I must have picked it up on that tight stairwell to the dome.

"Nowhere" I shrugged. "Just sorting out some things. You know, just walking and thinking". I didn't want to tell her about the dome. Didn't want to spoil Najinn's secret place. It might end up being the only unspoiled thing we ever shared, and I didn't want to lose it.

"How's the jump stuff coming?" I asked. "I've still got time off-duty, thought we could hit the weight room or something, if you are caught up".

* * *


We were in the jump and with that, things settled down a bit. I asked the Commander if I might have a moment to return to my quarters to get caught up on the work I had been working on before all this occurred and to keep check on how things were progressing overall.

She said I could go. I ventured over to my quarters and entered.

It felt good to be back in my private space. It seemed like it had been so long. In fact, the last time I was there was when I had changed into my battle gear right before I left on the rescue mission. Seemed like a long time ago.

I walked over to my desk and saw it immediately. It sparkled a bit as it caught the light and it was lying on top of a small note. It was the sealing necklace I had given Amy. My heart sank out the bottom of the battlestar in one fell swoop. I knew she was feeling strange after the incident and all that was going on, but this?...

I picked up the note already expecting what it would say and I must say, I was caught unaware. It simply said, "I love you." That was all. Nothing more.

Amy. What the frack? My mind was numb. What was this? What was she doing? Was she calling the sealing off by returning the necklace? That was my first guess, but why the note telling me she loves me?

She sure made my blood boil. I sometimes could not figure her out. I guess that's why she intrigues me so. I guess that's why I love her so much too. But I must say, right about now with all that has happened, I wouldn't mind a bit more stability in my life.

I picked up the necklace and took a good look at the beautiful crystal. Somehow, it seemed not to shine as brightly as it once did when it was around Amy's beautiful neck.

So much for resting in my quarters. I had to find Amy and talk to her fast... I needed to know what was going on.

* * *


"Weight room?" Brie asked. I nodded to her.

"I have some extra energy" I replied. "Good place to burn it off."

"Sounds like fun, actually", Brie said with a small smile. "I still have more to do, though. Maybe in a while".

"Sure" I said from across the room. I had my workout stuff out, and was stuffing it into a duffel bag. "Maybe I'll see you down there?"

"Just be careful".

"Okay Mom" I said sternly, then broke out in a big grin. Brie smiled, but stayed more serious. As I opened the door, she asked, "Sure you wouldn't rather sit and talk some?"

"Nope" I said firmly. "My mouth has been getting too much of the exercise lately. My brain too. Time for the arms and legs to do something." I waved. "See ya."

I took the elevator and went down to barracks level and the adjacent weight room area. I peeled my civies and got into my sweats. Entering the weight room itself, I found several other warriors working out. I nodded to them and went over to the machine I wanted.

I adjusted the weight to the desired resistance, then laid down and began to lift. It felt good to expend the energy. In moments I had a nice sweat going. I put everything I had into it. My muscle, my anxieties, Najinn, Charybdis, the missing fleet, I let it all go with each rep.

* * *


As Brie was trying to catch up on her paper work the door buzzer sounded. "Come in," she called. It was Lt. Col Charybdis. Brie could tell that he was upset.

"Um," he started, "have you..."

"Check the weight room," Brie said. "That's where she said she was headed. Of course, you never know with Amy."

"Thanks," Charybdis said. He turned to leave.

Brie stopped him. "Charybdis? She's in.....a bit of a mood. Just wanted to warn you. Tread lightly."

"Okay." As the door closed behind him, it dawned on Brie that her two best friends were on the verge of some major life changes. What those changes would be were yet to be seen.

* * *


Just before the door slid closed, I caught it with my hand and stopped it. I leaned back in to look at Brie.

She looked at me. I replied to Brie's last statement about treading lightly around Amy, "I don't know, Brie, it seems like she isn't treading too lightly either." I held up my hand and let dangle the sealing necklace.

Brie made the strangest face, sort of confused, but like she knew what was going on without anyone telling her. Like I said, it was a strange face.

She sighed not knowing what to make of the situation. Perhaps she was secretly cursing my fate for getting involved with Amy at all. "All the same, Charybdis, she's young. You and me...well, we've been around awhile."

I smiled. "Hey, speak for yourself," I said jokingly. Although I outranked Brie, she actually was older than I was. But as we all know, she had good reason to pass up the promotions to stay with Gold squadron. I guess I wanted a little something more than being a seat jockey all my life. I did want stature. I did want my rank. Maybe it was all so selfish to want that, especially given our circ*mstances. Anyway, Brie would probably solve her promotion problem soon given that Gold squadron elections were rapidly coming upon us. She was bound to get that much deserved promotion.

I suddenly realized, maybe Amy didn't care for any of that either. Maybe she was just trying to make some sense out of all this life...and death. Brie and I, well, we had been at this a lot longer than Amy had, as well as a lot of the newer recruits. We had seen a lot. It changed us somehow.

And with my secret meeting with the beings of light, I knew, I just knew that this was not the end of us. The human race would find sanctuary and survive. Whether any of us personally would see it was anyone's guess. But we had to lay the groundwork just like those who came before us.

I remembered Amy saying something about leaving the service and possibly going to live with her parents on the agro ship after the tribune debacle. An easier life...unfortunately, that's not something any of us have anywhere in the fleet, not even on the Agro ship.

I looked at the necklace in my hand and suddenly a wave of peace and serenity filled my mind. I should have been very upset and angry with Amy, but I wasn't. All of this, was much bigger than any one person. All of this was for the very survival of humanity. I wasn't about to cause someone to suffer if I could help it. Least of all Amy.

I looked back at Brie who sat there patiently. "Thanks, Brie." I said as I walked out of her room.

"Of course" she said, not exactly sure of what she was being thanked for...

* * *


I got in the elevator and proceeded down to the barracks level. I'm still not sure how exactly we managed to get the equipment for the room, I think most of it was salvaged from other ships in the fleet. Still, we had one and most of the Warriors made good use of it.

As I approached the room, I put the necklace into my uniform pocket. I punched the button and the door slid open. As I stepped in, Amy was in one corner doing lifts on a machine.
She looked beautiful even though she was all covered in sweat. I had never really seen her like this. For the most part, she was in uniform or looking stunning in a civilian dress. But here, she was all natural. Pure beauty.

I walked over to where she was and she caught sight of me. She didn't stop lifting as I came near. "I wondered how long it would take you," she said first. "I guess Brie told you where I was?"

I nodded. I sat on the machine next to hers looking a bit despondent. I just said one word to her, "Why?"


I didn’t look over at Charybdis for the longest time, or maybe it just felt long to me. Maybe it was easier that way, not to look. I did a few more reps on the makeshift equipment, feeling secure inside its framework. Continuing to lift also gave me something to channel my stress through; I didn’t want it to pour out at Charybdis. Between the lifts, I gave him the short answer.

“I don’t deserve it” I hissed out between lifts. I knew that wouldn’t be enough for him, and would just raise more questions, so I finally stopped my workout. I lay there, staring at the ceiling.

“When I accepted your proposal, to be sealed” I began, “I was so…happy. That’s what I wanted, happy moments like that.” I looked over at him now, and he had such a sad look, confused mostly, but sad. Beads of sweat trickled off my forehead into my eye, and I sat up reaching for a towel.

“I’m not naïve, Charybdis. I know what’s going on outside, what kind of chances we have as a people to survive. I know that someday, somewhere, something might happen to one of us.” My voice was starting to rise, getting louder and agitated. I couldn’t control it. From across the room the other couple of warriors tried to pretend they couldn’t hear.

“Someday” I said. “But just centons?” My voice jumped a little higher. I stood up now, beginning to pace as I dried my face. I spun to face him, my arms pointed toward him for emphasis. “I’d lost you, friend. You were gone. For a long time, too from what the meds say. And in that moment when I found you on the deck, cold in that wreckage, I felt so…” The words didn’t come but my face twisted uncontrollably at the thought. My arms dropped to my sides. I began to pace again. Stopped again. “And don’t get me wrong. I’m happy as the next warrior that you are here now, but why I’m afraid of that and not blindly praising the lords raises questions about myself that I can’t answer.” My voice was reaching a peak now, my arms waving in gestures as I pointed at him, at myself, at the heavens. Those other warriors discreetly picked up their stuff and made for the exit.

In the silence, needing something to do I absentmindedly walked back to the weight machine and played with the settings. “If I can’t handle that someday now, what am I going to be like a half-yahren from now? A yahren from now?” My voice was softening a bit at a time. “I am so afraid, so afraid to put all my life, all my love in one place.” I rested my head against the machine. I had more to say, more to tell, but wondered if I’d said too much already.

* * *


Amy made some very convincing points. I could see the confusion in her.

I looked down and began to speak, "Amy, let me ask you one question." She looked over at me wondering what it was going to be.

"Do you think Brie would never have wanted to meet and get sealed to Turner?" I said.

A furrowed brow made its way across her forehead, contemplating my question perhaps wondering how Brie got into this conversation. She said, "No, she loved him. From what I hear they were perfect together. She still has not let anyone into her that way."

"Right. She loved someone and she took advantage of the opportunity to be happy. She didn't sit by and let everything go by and sit on the sidelines."

Amy protested, "yeah, but she lost him and now we can all see that void in her life. She probably won't be truly happy again."

"I know. And it hurts. Life isn't always fair. Especially given our situation. But if you ask Brie now, I bet she would take one centon with Turner even if it meant losing him all over again. You find a love that comes only once in a lifetime. The big question is: are you going to take that opportunity or let it slip by?"

Amy stopped fidgeting with the machine. She bowed her head. "I need a little more time, Charybdis. I just need some time, that's all."

I guess that's how she wanted to leave it for now and I saw no use in fighting it. She wanted to love me, she wanted everything I wanted for us, but she just couldn't let that fear go. She just couldn't jump over the side of the precipice, even though I was there ready to catch her.

I couldn't force her to do it. She would have to come to that realization on her own.

I stood up and took a step toward the door. "Well, I have to go to the memorial. Warriors who thought they had a lot of time, but now..." my voice trailed off. A moment of silence punctuated the room. It's strange how total silence can be so loud.

Amy began another set of lifts and pushed with all her might. She was going to be sore for the next cycle, that's for sure.

I left.

* * *


I was in the middle of a new set of reps when Charybdis left. "Frack" I thought as I strained against the increased weight level I had set. Focusing on the lifts, I poured my raging emotions into each rep, my face contorting with the effort as I went faster and faster.

"Frack!" I yelled aloud. "Frack!" with another set. "FRACK!" I screamed as I let the bars go and the weight came crashing down with an ear splitting noise. I laid there, breathing hard, for a long moment. Then I sat up and grabbed the towel. One of the warriors that had been working out before peeked in, and then disappeared again, satisfied that I was okay, I guess.

I stood up, dried my face, and threw the towel to the floor with disgust. I looked at the door Charybdis had left through. I hadn't even finished all that I had to say. I guess it had been enough. I sat back down again, trying to get my breathing back to normal.

Where to now, Amy?, I thought to myself. Damned if I know, I replied silently, or if I even care anymore.


At 02:00 today there will be a memorial service for Ensign Arianna and the seven members of Silver Spar Squadron who were killed in our recent batles. Attendance is mandatory for all active Gold Squadron members unless you've spoken with me directly about it. For those of you who don't know, Arianna sacrificed her life to stop a Cylon Raider from attacking one of the shuttles. It was a true act of heroism. Anyone who knew Arianna or the Silver Spar warriors may speak if they wish. There will at a later time be a service to remember the Frodians who died as well. Attendance to that service is not mandatory, but I hope to see most of you there to help support our new brothers and sisters in this time of transformation.

Major Lucian has arranged an Obstacle Course for Black Squadron, and has graciously offered to let any Gold members who wish to join if there is space. Sign up is first come, first serve. I would suggest that anyone who lacks ground training to consider taking up his offer, otherwise we might just have to make similar arrangements for Gold and make it mandatory. If interested, please see Major Lucian ASAP. Training begins today at 02:75.

Captain Brie
Gold Squadron

After posting Gold orders and finishing up her paperwork, Brie realized that she needed to try to see Najinn. She had been putting it off, and she wasn't really sure why. It dawned on her that part of her was actually angry with him for taking that shot. He had saved her life, that was true, but he had come too close to dying when she should have been the one instead. She hated seeing anyone, especially someone from her squadron hurt, and under these circ*mstances...

Another thought crossed Brie's mind. If Najinn hadn't stepped in the way, Brie never would have killed Dexter, the guard. His death was tearing at Brie's soul. She knew that if was something that she had to do, otherwise she, Najinn and probably even Skyler would all have died. But she never thought that she was capable of taking another human life, especially the life of someone who was just following his orders. She had been exonerated, Sheba and even Tolar had told her that Dexter's death was "justifiable," whatever that meant. The only one who blamed her was Jorlan, and he didn't like her anyway. She knew that talking to Charybdis or Amy or even Rev. Mars wouldn't help, everyone would just tell her that she had done what she needed to do. She knew she would do it again if she had to. It ate at her, though, and Brie didn't know how to stop it.

Putting on her pyramid-player's face, Brie walked into the Sick Bay and over to one of the med-techs. "Is Najinn up for visitors?" she asked.

The med-tech peeked into Najinn's room. "He's awake, and doing really well, but Jarrynn is with him at the micron. Looks pretty intense."

Remembering how emotional Jarrynn was on the planet, that was enough for Brie to make her escape. "Tell him I stopped by, and send for me when he's up to it." She left quickly, deciding to try to get some much needed rest before the memorial service.

"Wow, nice digs. You certainly seem to be doing well enough without me."

Brie sat up on her bed, startled. She hadn't realized that she had fallen asleep, hadn't heard the door open. She knew the voice, though, It was one that she hadn't heard in a long time. "Turner," she whispered.

"It's been awhile, Brie," her husband said.

"Where have you been?" Brie asked. "I thought you were dead."

"You needed me, so here I am."

"I do need you," Brie admitted. "I've needed you all these yarhens since you disappeared."

Turner smiled and melted Brie's heart. "I've missed you too." He sat down next to her and touched her face, but for some reason she couldn't feel it. "So, help me catch up."

"Well," Brie said, not knowing where to start, "I'm a Captain now, commanding Gold Squadron."

"Captain, huh?" Turner replied. "I'm impressed. That must be driving Charybdis crazy. What's he, a Lieutenant?"

"Actually, Turner, Charybdis is a Lieutenant COLONEL," Brie explained. "He's Commander Sheba's right hand man."

"He's a Lieutenant Colonel and you're just a Captain?" Turner teased. "How'd that happen?"

"I put my career on hold to take the seal, remember?" Brie joked back.

"Oh, yeah, I think I was there," Turner said. "Did Charybdis ever settle down, find the right woman?"

"Don't ask," Brie answered. "He's found someone, but who knows where they stand at the moment. Her name is Amy, she's quite a handful! She and I have grown pretty close."

Turner grew serious. "If you've grown so close than why do you need me?"

"I always need you," Brie protested.

"No you don't," Turner corrected. "You've grown very strong....without me. But there's something going on, isn't there." It was a statement, not a question.

Brie looked away. She didn't want to, but she couldn't look into Turner's eyes and let him see the burden that she was carrying. "You know me too well. I just got back from a really rough mission."

"What happened? Skip the details."

"I killed a man," Brie said without looking up.

Turner was silent for a micron. "Okay, add some of the details."

"The people we were trying to help thought we were Cylon spies."

"A Cylon spy? You?" Turner was having a hard time containing his laughter. "Obviously someone who doesn't know you."

"And didn't trust us either," Brie added. "It was me and two people from my squadron. We were under guard, and in trying to escape Najinn got shot instead of me and then I killed one of the guards. Fortunately Najinn is going to be alright."

"Sounds like this Najinn saved your life," Turner observed. Brie nodded. "So, which are you feeling worse about, killing the guard or Najinn getting shot?"

"Both," Brie replied honestly. "I mean, more about the guard, but I can't understand why Najinn would do that for me."

"Would you have done the same for him?" Turner asked.

"Of course," was Brie's response, "in a heartbeat."

"There's your answer," Turner observed. "Isn't that what Colonial Warriors do sometimes, save each other? Now, on to the guard. I'm sure everyone is telling you that his death was 'justifiable.'"

"'Unfortunate but justifiable' were Commander Sheba's exact words," Brie told him.

"Think about this," Turner said. "You shot him, keeping yourself alive, to keep ME alive."

"How do you figure that?" Brie puzzled.

"Come on, Brie, almost no one remembers me, I've been gone so long. But you own a piece of my heart. As long as you're there, so I am. So you did it for me. That make sense?"

Brie looked up at her husband and smiled. "Almost," she said.

"My job here is done, then. I'd better let you get back to your rest," Turner said. "Now that you're a big shot officer, I bet you don't sleep nearly enough."

"I don't want you to go," Brie said, fighting back the tears.

"Me either," Turner agreed. "I wish I could stay. But remember, I'm always as close as your heart. And Brie, watch your back. Something just doesn't feel right."

Brie sat up in her bed and looked around. She knew that it had been a dream, but it seemed so real. She felt a little bit better. Somehow Turner's strange logic almost made sense to her. It wasn't really HIS logic, it had come from her dream and therefore her subconscious but it did seem like the type of thing that he would say. She closed her eyes once again, hoping that somehow the dream would return, even though it meant losing him all over again.


Lucian arrived at the obstacle course with a number of his fellow Black Squadron Warriors and a few of the Gold Squadron’s as well. Upon leaving the memorial service, he’d spoken briefly with Lieutenant Amy, telling her that she was welcome to participate in the training exercise. As far as Lucian was concerned, every Warrior that participated meant that the Callisto would have another better-trained Warrior capable of defending the Callisto and the fleet when it counted. He was so energized about this training that he’d even started whistling as he walked. Soon the corridor was filled with about 20 very similar tones coming from the smiling faces of the Warriors. A few more who could not whistle, or who did not think they could whistle well enough, were humming in reasonable harmony. At least a couple were just clapping their hands to the rhythm.

“WHoooy whooOO, WHoooy whoooo who whoOO,
WHoooy whooOO, WHoooy whoooo who whooo….”

Several crewmen in the corridors smiled and roared in approval, or joined in with the song.

Lucian’s face tightened when he led the way into the room that served as a physical training facility as well as the start of the obstacle course. He was surprised, and immediately frustrated to see Captain Lazant in conference with an infantryman that he assumed was Sergeant Brinfort. Lucian nodded to Lieutenant BatGal to stop the group, and he marched forward to find out just what espionage Lazant was practicing on the exercise.

“Captain. Sergeant Brinfort?” Lucian asked.

“Yes, Sir,” said Brinfort with a smile. “Major Lucian, it’s good to meet you, Sir.”

Lucian noticed that both Brinfort and Lazant were covered with sweat, and both were breathing somewhat heavily. “And you as well, Sergeant. I look forward to working with you on this project, and I trust that it will be beneficial to all of us in the long run,” said Lucian. “Before we get started, though, I must ask, is there a problem here requiring your presence Captain Lazant?”

“Not at all, May-jor,” said Lazant. “As the head of the Callisto’s branch of the Training Academy, it is my responsibility to verify that all training courses taught aboard ship meet the RIGID standards set forth in the guidelines. I have conferred with Sergeant Brinfort, and found that he appears fully capable of leading the course, and that he is familiar with applicable training protocols. I’m sure YOU’RE in for a most interesting course, May-jor,” he said with the same derisive tone. He nodded to both, and looking straight into Lucian’s eyes, he said, “Have a blast.”

Brinfort smiled and said to the growing group, “There’s a sign-in sheet on the board. Check off your name if you signed up in advance, and add it at the bottom if you didn’t. We’ll be getting started in two centons.

“Major, what is he trying to pull now?” asked BatGal.

“I wish I knew, Lieutenant,” Lucian replied, “I really wish I knew. Anytime he gets involved, you can bet there’s something in it for him. The guy wants our Warriors to be the best, I’m sure of that, but I’m also fairly certain he doesn’t like me one microgram. Brinfort’s a real professional, so I don’t think Lazant would have gotten him to do anything dangerous, but I suspect that there’ll be some surprises, and they’ll be designed to make me look really bad—”

“It’s time, PEOPLE!” said Brinfort, in the standard drill sergeant tone. “Line up! Line up! Line UP!”

A mad scramble ensued, with Warriors assembling, as Lucian thought to himself that those were the two shortest centons he’d seen in quite some time.

“We’re on a training exercise. It is sanctioned by the Callisto’s branch of the Training Academy,” said Brinfort, ignoring the groans of many of the Warriors who were just now realizing the reason for Lazant’s presence only moments before. “First, in this room, we leave our ranks and our preconceived perceptions behind. You’re not an Ensign, a Lieutenant, a Captain, or a Major! Those ranks are for outside. Here, you’re just a Trainee, and here, I’m the Drill Sergeant, which basically makes me the CHIEF Lord of Kobol. You are to speak only when spoken to, and then, only when spoken to by me, since no one else here is supposed to be speaking. Then, when you do, you’d better only say the right thing. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR, TRAINEES?”

“Yes, Sergeant!” said the assembled group.

“PATHETIC!” Brinfort said. “Hit the deck and whip out 50 push-ups, as you try to learn how to answer a Drill Sergeant!”

Two centons later, after the push-ups were complete, and after he’d received the “YES, SERGEANT!” he’d evidently been seeking, Brinfort began a brief lecture on the obstacle course itself, what was to be gained from taking the course, and what could be judged by the results. Two times during the lecture, which wasn’t very long, he had them drop and pop another 25 push-ups. When complete, he led a stretching exercise, and then said, “It’s time to start. Our first testee is Trainee Lucian. On the line, Trainee…GO!”

Lucian was well into the course, and feeling it, when he hit the water. He dived in and did a crawl across the water. He’d never been a particularly strong swimmer, and now his time was suffering as a result. He’d learned to swim as a child on the Odyssey Nine, but that pool was small, and those odd years spent on the survey planets never included significant tours of the native waters due to the potential dangers hiding inside.

His lungs were heaving as he reached the buoy, and he paused for only a couple of microns to take a large breath of air before descending to open to “hatch” and swim through. Realizing that the microns were passing, he dove below the surface and kicked his way toward the depths. It didn’t take too long to reach the bottom, but in the dark, he had a difficult time seeing the hatch. Upon finding it, he grasped the release wheel and pulled to turn it, but it would not budge. He took the wheel in both hands, pulled again, and yet again, he saw no result for the effort. His lungs were starting to scream as he succeeded in planting both feet, and then turning the wheel. He shot through the hole, and crawled out of the pool. He ran another stretch to a large weighted sled, which he hit with some considerable force. It moved, but not as quickly as he’d expected, and it took a second and third try to really set it on its course. The rest of the course presented no serious challenges to Lucian, but as he crossed the finish line, he saw that his time was 4 centons, 65 microns, a full 35 microns under the “limit.” He stopped and bent over, resting his hands on his knees as he struggled to catch his breath. BatGal and Kris, standing together as they waited their turn, gave him the thumbs up, to which he tried to smile and return the gesture.

“Wheew! That was something!” said Lucian, between breats. “Sergeant, I think the escape hatch wheel is stuck. It’s a lot harder to open than what you described.”

“Trainee, in war, things are often different than what the intel guys tell us. You’ve got to accept it, beat the problem, and go on…or die!” Brinfort replied. “And Trainee, did I give you permission to speak?”

“NO, SERGEANT!” Lucian said, almost dreading the push-ups that would inevitably come. He was right, but as he assumed the position and started the first of his fifty repetitions, he was surprised to hear Brinfort say, “and a fifty micron time penalty on your score!”

Lucian was stunned. With the penalty, he had “failed” the course!

* * *


While watching, Major Lucian complete the Obstacle Course, JustinB wondered how he would fair. During the acedemy there was little ground combat training. Just the same, he kept himself in reasonable condition. Major Lucian had completed his course well under time. But with a slip of the tongue he had failed the course. Everyone was stunned.

“Who’s next to fail?” Asked Sergeant Brinfort. With slight hesitation JustinB stepped forward. “Sergeant, I will go next, Sergeant.”

“Well Trainee, JustinB is it, show us here what you are made of.”

JustinB started off a little slow, but as he hit the wall climbing section he was in full stride. Concentrating hard on his breathing and what was ahead he reached the swimming part of the course. With a few large breaths, he dove into the dark depths. As with Major Lucian, JustinB found the release wheel to the hatch to be tight. Luckily with the previous opening it opened easier for him. With his lungs ready to burst the surface was reached. Now JustinB was starting to feel fatigued as he ran to the weighted sled. He couldn’t get his footing right so it took a few goes to move the sled. JustinB regained his composure by the time the rope climb was reached. The rest of the course was pretty easy for him. But the time lost at the sled cost him. By the time he crossed the line it was 4 centons and 70 microns.

JustinB, out of breath walked around too cool down. “Trainee JustinB,” JustinB turned around, “4 centons and 70 microns, not a bad effort. Next time I want it under 4 centons and 60 microns,” said Brimfort. “Yes Sergeant” JustinB replied.

With that the next trainee started the obstacle course. JustinB went over to Major Lucian and whispered, “Thanks, for loosening the hatch for me Sir.” With that JustinB watched the rest of the squadron.

* * *


The obstacle course snaked through several corridors and rooms, so it wasn't possible to see everything that was to occur, but in the same way, it wasn't possible for Sergeant Brinfort to see everything. For that reason, he had several Colonial Infantry helpers stationed along the route. Lucian noticed that the start/end point was sparsely manned, and still surprised by his "failure" on the course, he decided that Brinfort had set the rules, probably at Lazant's direction. If it was a "war" instead of a training exercise, then by the Lords, war it was. He'd always heard that all was fair in both love and war, so he decided to give his side an advantage. As far as he was concerned, he had new intelligence, and he wasn't going to let it go to waste.

When Brinfort was preoccupied with Ensign JustinB, Lucian turned his back to him and grabbed the attention of Lieutenants BatGal, Kris, and Rose, who were standing nearby. With his right hand, he made a broadcast motion in front of his chest, catching it with the other hand, as if to keep it tight, then he moved two fingers to his lips (WORD). When BatGal nodded ever so slightly, he wiggled his fingers as if swimming, then clenched both hands and spun, as if turning a wheel. With two spread fingers, he popped them on the open palm of the other hand, then pointed downward to two feet, then indicated the wheel turning motion again. He nodded slightly, as if to indicate, "Understood?" The corner of BatGal's mouth curled upward slightly and she turned to move away with the others, as they began to spread the word.

Lucian moved on, and repeated the signal to another group. Again, he got a similar response.

He hoped they understood the signal to plant their feet on the bottom of the pool before trying to turn the wheel to open the hatch. Of course he thought, his charade was so bad that they may have thought that he'd meet them for lunch after they wheeled out of this part of the exercise.


I looked at Lt BatGal and shrugged.
"Guess he wants us to meet him for lunch after this little game? Well, here goes everything." I took off in the course and found this "distraction" a great release to what I just endured learning from Lt Resonat. I did look around to see if he was there, but at this moment I let it all go. I used the pain and anger that I was feeling run throug every step as I took off. I had regained almost all of my sight back and I felt it ok to run the course. My team was challenged and I was not going to let them down. Sprinting along I came to a wall and climbed over it, then along the "path" to the hoops and loops. I came to a crawl under on fire. I paused shortly and shied away from the fire, but then I heard his voice in my head,
"Her name was shanese and I loved her from the beginning..." I took off and crawled under the fire. I kept going till I got to the swimming part. Feeling the burning and the fatigue starting to set in, I was going to pause again when again I heard his voice in my head,
"We fell in love fast and hard for the short time we were together..." I took a few steps back and then took off at a mad run and jumped into the water. I got to the hatch and struggled with it but got thru it. Once at the end of the course I leaned over to catch my breath. The "drill sergant" came over and gave me my time.
"4:70...That is not good! This is why women do not belong in the military." I gave him a dirty look and started to go after him as he turned his back but Lt BatGal and Major Lucian grabbed my arms and pulled me back.
"Let me go Major let me space his carcass to the cylons! So help me by the Lords of Kobol..."
"Lt Kris that is enough!" I looked at Lucian ad then away.
"Yes sir." I mummbled and still shot that Captain Hector a look that he could burn 6 feet under. "I'll show him the next round!" I walked over and took a towel to dry off. I went back to the course to cheer on my fellow squad mates in hopes to show this "drill sergant" a thing or two.

* * *


So the ol' gender thing was going to rear it's ugly head, it seemed. I had fought so hard to beat it down during my days as a cadet. Nothing I did was measured as just another cadet. It was as a female cadet. Like they kept separate categories for us, different standards. I hated that. And it all came flooding back, and my blood boiled at the thought of what I had just seen happen with Kris.

I'm glad I had hooked up with this training exercise. Not only was it bringing back the old fire and desire that I had lost touch with since I had graduated, it was also sweeping out all the clutter from my mind. I felt good, focused only on the course and the task at hand. The missing fleet, Charybdis, Najinn, black shirts, all had been pushed to the back of my mind. And I didn't even realize it had happened.

"Who's next?" barked Sergeant Brinfort. I stepped forward without hesitation. "Me sir!" I answered loudly, pushing the sound from my gut. I stood looking forward, but could feel Brinfort's eyes upon me, and out of the corner of my eye I could make out the look I'd seen countless times before. Like I was second class. An intruder in an all boys club or something.

"Very well" he groused after a moment or two, "Trainee, step to the line!" I marched to the line as ordered. "GO!" he screamed, and I was off.

I ran down the first leg as fast as my feet could carry me. To hades with Brinfort! I could do this! I hit the floor in front of the fire pit head first, and shimmied underneath on my stomach. I could feel the heat on my back, and I began to worry about my ponytail. I could hear it now, Brinfort sneering 'that's why women shouldn't be warriors' again as I tried to put out my flaming hair. But I made it through without lighting myself up, and I scampered to my feet, hitting the loops on the fly.

My heart was pounding, and I relished in the exertion, pushing myself to the limits of my endurance. I leaped over the pits and dove headlong into the water,swimming deeper in search of the hatch. I began to lose my way at this point, swimming vainly around in the dimness, trying to reach the handle. My lungs were starting to protest but I didn't want to have to surface for air. I was at the bottom, flailing my arms, hoping to brush against...there, I felt it! I grabbed it with both hands, twisting for leverage, slowly turning the wheel. A precious bubble of air popped from between my pursed lips as I lifted the hatch with all my might. I swam into the passageway, counting back from ten. Just ten seconds, I thought, giving myself a goal, hoping that was all I'd need.

I came up the other side, surfacing as quickly as I could, gasping for air. I left the pool, and had absolutly no traction as I hit the sled at a bad angle and went down. I shook my head a second to clear it, and got to my feet noticing that my pants had been shredded at the knees from my fall. I screamed out, and hit the sled again, screaming some more as I ran it down the line.

I tore down the last section of the course, running a little faster than my feet were willing, spilling again to the floor as I crossed the line. I stayed there on my knees, my chest heaving as I sucked in lungfuls of air. I noticed a pair of feet approach and stand next to me. Just as long as he doesn't give me any of that girl feldgercarb, I thought.

"On your feet, trainee" the voice screamed out. Although every muscle screamed in protest, I hauled myself to my feet, still wheezing for air.

"Think you're in pretty good shape, eh trainee?" Brinfort asked in a slightly milder tone. I had no idea how to respond. I didn't want any more pushups, not at this particular moment. "I wouldn't know sir!" I blurted out, immediately sucking in more air. I braced for the verbal onslaught, but none came.

"Well" he replied, "you are. 4:32. Not bad." And he walked away. I did a doubletake, staring at him as he walked on. I looked back toward my group, a smile forming as I began to breathe more normally. Inside, I was freaking out. Yes! I actually managed to shut him up! If only for a moment. How I would top that score I had no idea. But for the moment, I felt great!

I was still feeling pretty good about my time when Captain Hector wandered over. He stopped right in front of me.

"Trainee...Amy is it?" he said, looking down at some papers on a clipboard.

"Yes sir" I replied.

"Not a bad score, trainee. But I see looking through your records that you are within the ranges of your cadet scores." He paused a moment. "While it's nice to see you haven't lost a step, you really are going to have a hard time improving on your score, aren't you?" He looked right at me, and I could swear he could see the good feelings hissing right out of me, judging by the look on his face.

He walked away, and I could feel my face grow red as the rage built up in me. Past Hector, I could see the smug look on Brinfort's face. I hated them both, and myself too for allowing myself to be set up so easily.

* * *


Lieutenant Amy was still staring at Captain Hector and Sergeant Brinfort when she overheard Hector say, "Sergeant, it looks like you have things well in hand, and I have other duties to which I must attend. I'll check in after lunch. Sergeant."

"Sir!" was Brinfort's response with a snap salute. Hector exited and went to the bridge in response to a summons from Commander Sheba.

"Captain," she said, "I have been monitoring part of the training exercise. I was disappointed to overhear a very sexist remark from our trainer, Sergeant Brinfort, yet I was glad to see that he has nothing like this in his file. Would you care to explain?”

“Commander, Sergeant Brinfort is not sexist or racist or anything-ist. He is, however, very good at picking up on what motivates people, both good and bad. He’s working to get the most out of the trainees. With some, it takes anger, and others the threat of shame. Just watch, Ma’am, you’ll see.”

“Captain, I’ll let it pass for now, but I hope you are right. If not, I’ll see to it that it doesn’t continue.”

* * *


Rose had been watching as Major Lucian, Lt Amy, Lt Kris, and the new member JustinB go through their runs of the Obstacle Course. She was even more shocked in what happened to the Major right after his run through the course.

When Lt Amy had completed her run through the course the Sergeant called out who wanted to be the next one to make their run through the course. Rose stepped up to indicate that she would be next to go through the Obstacle Course.

Brinfort gave Rose a once over as though he thought she couldn't handle the obstacle course and wouldn't be able to make it to the finish in the required amount of time. Little did he know that several things on the obstacle course she was strong at and swimming was the strongest of them all, for she had spent a lot of time swimming growing up as a child.

When Brinfort indicated to go, Rose took off at a mad dash. She wasn't about to let this Brinfort intimidate her one bit no matter what.

She got through the first running section, crawling under the simulated fire without any problems at all. When she came up on the climbing wall, Rose stumbled a little in getting a grip on things, but finally got things under control & got over the climbing wall. She knew she had lost some time due to her stumble, but could make it up hopefully on the swimming portion of the course. Rose finally makes it to the swimming portion after going jumping over the pits and running the loops. She dives into the water head first and starts towards the bottom towards that hatch that had to be opened and go through to the other side. On her way down towards the hatch Rose thought about what the Major was trying to tell her, Lt BatGal, and Lt Kris earlier without Brintfort knowing about it. Then it dawned on her that maybe he was trying to tell them that their feet needed to planted firmly on the bottom of the floor when turning the hatch. Rose finally reached the hatch and plants her feet on the floor of there next the hatch and starts turning it as hard as she could. Once she had it opened, Rose swam through the hatch and then started kicking her legs with as much force as she could to reach the top to where she could get more air into her lungs. After reaching to top on the other side, Rose climbs out of the water and makes a run towards the sled that she still had to move before she could continue on to the end of the course. It took some doing, but she was able to move the sled and she continued on to the end of the course finishing up in what was her personal best of 4 centons and 63 microns. She would of done better if it hadn't of been for the slip up on the climbing wall.

Rose was working on catching her breath when Brinfort walks over to where she was standing and starts trying to make her feel smaller than her already short height of 5 foot 1 inch stature. While he was trying to make her feel even smaller, Rose starts walking away and over towards the towel rack to get one of them so she could dry off some. The next thing Rose knew Brinfort grab her right arm to stop her from walking away from him while he was still talking to her. When she felt his grip on her arm, Rose spins around and her left hand already balled up into a fist makes contact with Brinfort's jaw.

"Sergeant," Rose says, "there is one thing you had better learn real fast when it comes to dealing with me. NO ONE berates me the way you were just trying to do! I've already had to deal with verbal abuse from my family when I was burned by a fire a few yahrens ago before being able to have the reconstructive surgery to fix the scars that I recieved from said fire. So I suggest that you take your distain for female Warriors and put them where the sun don't shine!"

Rose then storms off over to get a towel so that she could start towel drying her hair off some.


"Who's Next?" The Sergeant shouts. Anubis steps up to the line, and an audible popping noise is heard. He then simply looks at the sergeant, poised, waiting. "Name, trainee?"

"Anubis, Sergeant." Stated simply, calmly, coldly. The sergeant is minutely shaken, then tells Anubis to step up to the line. Anubis takes a couple of deep breaths, just before the order to go is given. At that, he weaves through the running part, and goes through the course. His only real hang-up is the door in the pool, which he thumps as he opens to help break the seal. His side is on fire due to the pressure, but it is duely ignored. He sprints through to the finish. The sergeant seems surprised, as Anubis walks back to him, holding his side.

"3.90 Centons. Not bad at all for a soft space-jockey." Anubis simply nods as he returns to the group. ~That was with two cracked ribs.~

* * *


The second session was the standard firing range, open to everyone on the ship, but reserved for a couple of centars each cycle exclusively for use by the Warriors. The C.I. Troopers had their own dedicated time slot as well, so there was rarely any interaction between the two groups on the range. Most of the Warriors were quite familiar with it, since the majority visited at least a couple of times per secton. Brinfort had several stations set up, each staffed by Colonial Infantry Trooper. Each station consisted of a display of a different type of weaponry used by the Colonial forces. Lucian could see the standard issue laser pistol on one, an assault rifle on another, and a heavy assault rifle on yet another. Several other tables contained what appeared to be explosive projectile and laser-guided missile weapons. Lucian remembered being shown some of these in his time aboard the Galactica, but not all.

“We’re going to practice our shooting skills here,” said Brinfort, “AFTER you can demonstrate that you know the weapons and can operate them safely. We do not use laser sights in this part of the course. It is you or nothing. Your sight, your speed, your score. We'll cover laser sights later in the course.” He continued with his safety speech for quite some time. He concluded by basically repeating for what Lucian believed was the third time, “Most of all, remember that this IS A LIVE FIRE EXERCISE! Yes, we are using the standard targeting low charge laser setting, both to conserve energy and our ship, but if you hit someone with one of these, there is a good chance he or she will be killed. I HAVE NEVER LOST ANYONE IN ONE OF THESE EXERCISES. IF YOU ACT STUPID AND MAKE ME LOSE SOMEONE TODAY, THEN YOU WILL BE THE SECOND LOSS OF THE DAY! UNDERSTOOD?”

A chorus of “YES SERGEANTS” rocked the range. Brinfort broke the group up into smaller groups, and within centons, the Warriors were being lectured on the care, repair, and various quirks of different weaponry that most Warrior cadets had only fired a few times, if at all, in their time at the Training Academy on either the Infinity, the Galactica, or the Callisto.

Within a few centons, each Warrior had been issued one of the weapons from their table, and everyone was practicing what they’d just been shown. Some Warriors had questions, but within thirty centons, most groups were fully familiar with their weapon. Brinfort, who had been giving his lecture to a number of other warriors who had arrived from the obstacle course said, “Groups One and Two, to the firing range. Groups Three and Four, rotate to the next station with weapons. You,” he said indicating the new arrivals, “are Groups Five and Six. Hit those two stations at the far end. LET’S DO IT!”

* * *


Lucian was fairly adept with the heavy assault rifle, and he completed the disassembly, requisite cleaning, and re-assembly in a time that would have matched that posted by most Troopers. He’d done reasonably well at the firing range as well, although he really missed his Mark IV laser sight.

After a brief lunch on the range and a restroom break, his group moved to the sniper rifle, which fired a heavily-silenced projectile instead of a laser charge. The corporal in charge, a female named Rhodia, explained the use of the weapon, and how it could be used in instances where secrecy was required at long ranges. The projectile was explosive on impact, and had been known to take Centurions apart with a single shot.

When he approached the firing line, he was very surprised when the Trooper in charge of his group, after telling them to present arms attached what looked like an optical sight with a front shield to the weapon. Having learned from his earlier mistake, Lucian held his tongue, waiting to see if an explanation was forthcoming. When the last “sight” was in place, Corporal Rhodia said, “The sniper rifle is NOT a short-range weapon. If you are caught in a position where you are forced to use it as such, you may as well just bend over and kiss your rear goodbye because you’re AS GOOD AS DEAD! As we’ve discussed, it’s not the fastest weapon to fire, it takes a little time to reload, the heat of the exhaust may be visible at close quarters to infrared vision, which I assure you the Cylons have, and finally, at short range, the Cylons will use their hearing capability to locate you despite the fact that it sounds silent to us. Therefore, to make this exercise more realistic, since the only places on the Callisto that would be appropriate for firing practice are the landing bays, the shielded optical sight has no targeting device, and the optics are reversed and the targets are reduced in size to make it feel like you’re a heck of a lot farther away than you really are. To compensate for this, you’ll be firing modified projectiles. Any questions? No? Good! First four proceed to the line. Call clear when ready.”

On the all clear, Rhodia gave the order to load the clip and fire when ready. Lucian readied the weapon then sighted, but was surprised to see only a blur. He adjusted the optics as best he could, but with neglible effect. He tried cleaning the optical sight, but again, he saw no improvement. He suddenly realized that the other three Warriors on the line were waiting on him, so he positioned the weapon so that the sight beyond the optical sight was basically centered on what he thought was the target, and fired. Again and again he fired, until he had exhausted all six shots. “Clear!” he called, and Rhodia gave the order to retrieve targets. Lucian took down his target and winced. Five out of six shots had hit the paper, but only one of those was in the target zone. He was surprised when he found Sergeant Brinfort staring over his shoulder and shaking his head.

“Not a sharpshooter are we, Trainee?” Brinfort asked with a grin. “Few people are with this weapon, but you’ve got to get all six on the paper to pass.”

Rhodia nodded and said, “That’s right. Knock out 25 push-ups and move back up to the line to try it again, Trainee. MOVE-IT!”

Four sets of push-ups later, Lucian was lucky enough to get all six shots on the paper, though none were in the target area. Thinking that maybe he’d be able to take a brief rest, he was quite disappointed to hear Rhodia say, “Trainees, we have two whole centons to wait before we move to the next weapon station. Let’s see how many push-ups we can knock out before we switch! HIT THE GROUND! ONE, TWO, THREE….”

* * *


I stood at the head of the line for the laser pistol target range. As Brinfort explained in his usual loud voice, this was a moving target test. The targets would appear randomly, yet not all of the targets were to be hit. Some were civilian, and not to be shot at. The targets would appear for only moments, so reaction time had to be reflex quick.

I stood waiting, pistol in hand, ready for the test. "Ready" Brinfort called out. "Trainee...BEGIN!"

The first target appeared to my left. I recognized it as a centurion and brought it down. Almost immediately a second appeared to my right, and I realized it was civilian and eased pressure off the trigger just in time. My hands were starting to get sweaty, and my grip on the pistol slid a little.

After a pause, a third target appeared dead center, and in the time it took me to realize that I wasn't sure about what it was, it had vanished again. A fourth target popped up, definately Cylon and definately brought down with a direct hit. Targets five and six were both civilian, and I held my fire on each. "Clear!" I called out.

Brinfort was passing by, and jumped right in my face. "What happened on target three, trainee?" he sneered. "Hair get in your eyes?" I kept silent and stared dead ahead, trying not to focus at all on Brinfort. You know, I thought, he really shouldn't do stuff like that to someone still holding a live weapon. I kept silent though, and didn't respond. I figured he really didn't want an answer anyway.

Brinfort's eyes narrowed as he stared at me, perhaps disappointed that I betrayed none of what I was feeling to him. "F.Y.I. trainee, target three was CYLON!" he yelled much louder than the distance between us required. "End of the line, trainee. Drop and give me 25!" He held out his hand for the weapon. I placed it there gently, then spun smartly, secretly hoping to whack him with my ponytail as my head snapped around. He had it coming for standing so close. If I connected or not, I had no clue.

At the end of the line, I got down and added 25 pushups to the days total, then got up, watching the others in the group give it a shot, staring intently at the targets when they appeared. Next time, I'd be ready.

* * *


I looked at the others shooting and I wondered if I should since I just got my sight back. But if I didn't then I would make the Major and Lt look bad. So I took the gun and squinted at the target far away. I held the gun and didn't feel comfortable with this round of "games". I looked away and then back at the target. I took a deep breath and just fired at what I hoped was the target. After I was done they brought the target sheet up. They counted the holes. I got six on the paper. Only one hit the actual target. Tilting my head along with the others behind me as we looked at where I hit the target, I pondered as to how I did that but then I looked up and at the Major and Captain and smiled in triumph. I could hear all the guys in the room moan as if they were in pain and the girls giggled and tried not to laugh. The target was hit in a rather odd place.
"Lt Kris can you explain this? You were to kill the cylon not maim him!" I just shrugged and smiled.
"Yeah but I changed his religion! And I don't think we have to worry about this one repopulating the universe. Plus unless treated immediately he will die from blood loss. I thought I would let him suffer." The Captain and Major Lucian just sat there still dealing with where I hit the target, I headed over to where the others were doing pushups. Before the "drill Sergant" could bark orders at me I just got down and started on my set. I looked at Amy and she smiled,
"Nice shooting! Did you do that on purpose?" I giggled.
"To be honest nope! I still have a hard time seeing distances right now. I just shot and prayed something would hit the dang target!" Both us busted up laughing. And then feeling the glare from the bulldog we shut up and went about our pushups.
"Did a guy make you mad today?" Amy asked.
"well sorta, but I don't think I did that because of him, though.... I wonder. I don't think its fair for me to judge him like I did. I didn't give him the support he needed. I feel bad now for that. I hope he will still talk to me after this."
"Who Lt Resonat?"
"Yeah. I think I just pushed him away. I should have supported him better than I did. I just didn't know what to think at the moment." I went back to the pushups and hoped he would still talk to me.

* * *


Finishing the pushups, I stood next to Kris, smiling again over the results of her target practice. I leaned over to her and talked in low voice.

"If I were you, I'd see if I could get a copy of that sheet. It'd make a great greeting card someday, if you have more boy troubles. Just write 'Thinking of you' on it. I think that would get his attention pretty quick!"

After a moment of thought I added, "Come to think of it, you could make a fortune with this. Every girl in the fleet would want one at some point!"


Ensign JustinB, listened carefully as the Care and Maintenance of the Colonial Laser Pistol was explained to his group. As a child, he had been a natural when it came to shooting. But this was different, for if he was to fire his laser pistol it would be in trying to save his life or someone elses.

His group was heading toward the range station when Sergeant Brinfort said,"Before you start I want fifty push-ups. Remember you won't always be fresh if it comes to ground combat.

JustinB pumped out his fifty and headed to his assigned station. this station presented him with six pop-up targets to test reaction time but with Cylon and occasional civillian targets.

AS the first target came up he saw it was cylon. BULLSEYE, got that one. As with the first, the second to the fifth were Cylons. 'Five for Five,' JustinB thought to himself, 'the next will be cylon too.' The sixth target popped up and he was just about to depress the trigger when he saw the target was that of a boy and his pet Daggit.

"Lucky trainee," I heard Brinfort from behind me, " How would people feel if you shot a boy and his daggit?"

"Pretty angry I suppose." I replied. Then Brinfort said"Drop down and give me twenty five more push-ups, by the way not bad a shot for a space-jockey. "Thank you Sergeant" I said pumping out the push-ups.

As JustinB stood up he looked over to the other weapons. He closed his eyes and wished he could go on his first mission and fly his Viper among the stars.

He completed the rest of the weapon training without a hitch. He longed for the turbowash that waited for him.

* * *


I made my way down to the landing bay Alpha to check on the repairs and salvage of all the vipers engaged in the recent battle.

We would be needing all that we could make flyable for when we come out of the jump. The techs who worked on these machines were true miracle-makers. However, I went to one end of the bay to where the disposables were kept. These were vipers that were so totally wrecked and damaged that a few meager parts were all they could get off of them.

I spotted my old ship among the burning, wrecked hulks. I moved over to it. It was lying on its belly in one corner of the area. It was a sobering sight. I must admit, I had never been in a ship with that kind of damage to it.

The top fin was gone along with most of the apex pulsar. A blackened mix of electronics and twisted metal formed the left side of the ship from just behind the pilot's co*ckpit to the rear of the exhaust ports. This was the side that the Cylon blasts connected with just prior to the landing.

Scars and blackened areas were visible around the co*ckpit canopy and near the front of the viper. The front nose was also smashed from the landing. The canopy was splintered and a huge hole in one of the panes of glass was visible from where Amy smashed through to get me out.

I leaned against her and put my hand near the co*ckpit. With a gentle stroke of the smooth metal, I had to say a short prayer to the Lords of Kobol for getting me back safely. Looking at the condition of the ship, I wondered how in the twelve worlds I did make it. I could now understand what Amy might have felt about me dying when she saw my ship. To tell the truth, it frightened me a little bit too. I guess there would be no saving my beloved viper.

I had flown her for quite a few yahrens. She was like my second skin. But now she was gone. I think for a time, I might just stay on the bridge...

After leaving the landing bay to check on the wrecked vipers, I made my way back to the bridge to confer with Cmdr. Sheba.

I still had not had time to myself to get much needed rest after the whole ordeal, so, Sheba seeing that I was a bit rundown, told me I could go to my quarters to get some sleep.

It would be another few cycles before we came out of the jump anyway and not much happens during the hyperspace time.

She noticed my downtrodden demeanor. "Charybdis, what's wrong? You haven't really been the same since you've been back." she said.

I looked over at her and I really didn't know what to say. "Well, let's just say 'woman troubles.'" I blurted out.

She apparently understood what I meant. It had something to do with Amy. "Charybdis, I know this may sound sort of mean, but I feel I have to say it...Don't you think Lt. Amy is a bit...young? I mean, to be getting involved so seriously?"

No one had really asked that of me. I guess they just knew what I felt and what I wanted, or they didn't have the guts to come right out and say it. Amy was young. She was naive to a certain degree. She hadn't seen the nasty side of war upclose and personal. But that was sure changing with each battle we entered. Maybe she needed time to see for herself.

I thought back to my recent conversation with Amy, where she said that she didn't know what to do or what to think. Yup, she was young. Not that us oldtimers know what to do with our lives every centon of every cycle, but at least when we see a chance, we take it if we're smart enough. Not that I was that old to begin with. Just a little older than Amy. We would make a good pair.

Sheba was still waiting for my answer. "Yeah, Commander, she is young." was all that I could say. I dont' know why, but that was all that came out of my mouth. Sheba just nodded expecting a vigorous defense of our relationship, but none came.

I guess I still had some thinking of my own to do too. "I'll be in my quarters if you need me," I told her as I walked out and down the corridor...

I entered the code and entered my quarters. I had only been here for a centon before when I found the necklace and the note from Amy. I had immediately left to go find her and now, here I was again. Alone...

I put the necklace back into a safe box and stored it away in my private safe. I tugged at my uniform and put it away and changed into something comfortable. After using the turboflush, I climbed into bed and fell fast asleep.

I had forgotten how good it felt to lie in one's own bed...

* * *


Near the end of the shift, the Warrior Trainees were starting to feel them effects of the Cycle’s work on the training course. Sergeant Brinfort and company had tried to run, or perhaps, “push-up,” them ragged, but like Warriors, they had persevered. At 07:90, just ten centons before end of shift, Brinfort called them all together.

After speaking about a couple of the weapons, he finally said, “Overall, Trainees, you’ve done passably well. The problem with ‘passably well,’ however, is that it’s just good enough to get you KILLED! I EXPECT IMPROVEMENT. YOU WARRIORS ARE THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE FOR OUR FLEET, SO I EXPECT EXCELLENCE! NOTHING LESS WILL DO! Get some rest tonight. Tomorrow is another long cycle, and we’ll be introducing Session Three tomorrow morning after we take turns completing the obstacle course and each of the stations at the range. Now, is it time to go?”

There was a chorus of “YES SERGEANT”’s, but Brinfort shook his graying head and rubbed the shorter-than-regulation length gray beard that covered his chin as he said, “NO! My chrono shows we have two whole centons left. Drop and give me 25 push-ups. When you are done, you are DISMISSED!”

A short time later, Brinfort had policed the area and found it acceptable, and he dispatched his assistants for the shift. As he was walking toward the exit, Captain Hector stepped out from the alcove where he’d been watching for the last few centons. He said with a smile, “Sergeant, I think half of them honestly hate you. The other half just loathe you.”

Snapping off a salute, which Brinfort returned, “I’m sorry, Sir. I’ll do better tomorrow, Sir. I should have them all hating me before the end of tomorrow’s training.”

“Understood, Sergeant. Just keep working toward the goal. Now, let’s talk as we walk. I’ve got to give the Major an evaluation of how we’re doing so far, so what’s your report?”

“Well…” he said, “it’s like this…”

* * *

A short time later, after a quick shower and change, Brinfort arrived at his small quarters that he shared with his wife of 25 yahrens. He took his wife Karinna, who had joined the Callisto as a cook at the same time Brinfort transferred to the ship, in his arms and kissed her gently.

“How was your day, Dear?” she asked as they sat together, legs folded and hands outstretched, fingertips touching gently. “Did the training go okay?”

“You know how it is—just another day doing our best to keep us safe and defeat the evil menace. We get another shot at it tomorrow. Let’s go get some dinner, then go to bed.”

* * *

Lucian joined several of his squadron mates for dinner in the O-Club, then went by the Black Squadron office to go through his paperwork. A while later, he rose from his seat, and prepared to go to bed. He stopped by the restroom and on the way out, after washing his hands, rubbed his eyes with the cold water. He stared into the mirror for a moment, squinting and relaxing. It was time. Before going to bed, he left a message for Nurse Jarrynn to call him.

* * *


After doing the last 25 pushups of the day, I grabbed my stuff and headed for Brie's quarters. I buzzed at the door, and entered when it slid open.

"How'd it go?" Brie asked, probably already knowing the answer, if I looked as ragged as I felt.

"Annoying and tiring" I said, grabbing some night things and heading for the bathroom. I stopped at the doorway. "That Brinfort tries to mess with your head. I'd forgotten that somehow." I went in and got cleaned up for bed.

I emerged much refreshed but still pretty tired, and I headed for the cot set up for me while I roomed with Brie. I sat down, and looked over at Brie. "Anybody call for me?" I asked.

"No" Brie replied. "Expecting someone to?"

I shook my head. "No, I guess not." I had joined the trainee exercises last minute, so I figured it wouldn't be common knowledge exactly where I was. "Just wondering." I laid back on the cot, and began going over in my mind the things I had slipped up on during the day.


"You needed to talk?" Brie asked Amy. Amy remained silent. "Doubts and fears are normal, you know. It's when you DON'T have the doubts that you're in trouble. If you expect life to be perfect, you'll be disappointed."

"Did you have doubts?" Amy asked.

Brie laughed. "Of course I did. So did Turner. That's why we were so good together."

"Would you do anything differently? Knowing..." Amy stopped.

"...what would happen?" Brie finished the question for her friend. "I think the only thing I would do differently is that I wouldn't have waited. We didn't have a long engagement, but time is so precious. I wouldn't have wasted a micron."

* * *


I sat up on the cot and looked over at Brie. "I thought I had things figured out, you know? I found out that I really don't have anything figured out. About anything."

I got up for a glass of water. "It's like I've got to tear the whole thing down and start it up again. That's a big reason why this trainee exercise is perfect for me right now. It's taken me back to my cadet days, when I was so focused on what I wanted to be."

Brie sat looking at me as I downed the water and walked back to the cot. I sat down heavily. "I saw Charybdis while I was lifting weights".

"He stopped here looking for you" Brie offered.

"I figured as much." I took a deep breath, and let it out slow. "It really didn't go like I figured. Not that I had any idea how it would go."

"And just how did it go?" Brie asked. It was a personal question, but we were tight enough to ask each other anything really. I shrugged my shoulders.

"I'm not really sure. There was so much I needed to get out, but didn't get the chance. Maybe he's too old to understand."

"Now hold on there" Brie interjected. "He's not THAT old. Remember who you are talking to here?" She flashed a smile.

I laughed, and laid back down on the cot. "Sorry" I said. "I take that back. Things are just so unclear. At least I have my focus back on being a warrior. Now if I only could come to peace with myself."

* * *


"Peace?" Brie repeated. "Amy, my dear friend, there's no such thing. If there's anything I've learned in my MANY yarhens of living, it's that. What you really need to learn is how to survive and maybe even be happy WITHOUT the peace that we all long for."

"Amy," Brie continued, "when you decided to become a warrior, how did you do it?"

"I just knew that's what I wanted to be," Amy replied.

"Try to think the same way," Brie suggested. "Don't worry about age or your fears or what other people will think. Try to imagine what you life would be like with Charybdis, and what it would be like without him. Not just now, but ten, twenty, even fifty yarhens from now if we can afford that luxury. Think with your head as well as your heart." Brie stood up and walked towards the door. "I'll give you a little bit of time by yourself. I'm going down to the sick bay to see if I can FINALLY visit Najinn. Everytime I've tried since he woke up I haven't been able to see him for one reason or another."

* * *


"Brie?" I said, and she turned in the doorway to face me. A questioning look crossed her face. "I think I love him", I said finally.

"Of course you do" she replied, " that's why you accepted his proposal of the seal in the first place."

I shook my head. "I'm not talking about Charybdis." After a puzzled look, Brie began to realize what I was saying. "Oh", she said, allowing the door to close again. She leaned against it, looking at me.

"It's one of those wars going on inside me" I said with a slight grin that carried no trace of humor. "I mean I love Charybdis. He was there from the start for me when I came aboard the Callisto. But when the tribunal ripped that all apart, well, Najinn had come into the picture in the meantime."

"I was in love with Najinn for a long time" I went on. "I mean, the idea of him anyway. In my years growing up on the agro ship, I listened to stories about him, the dashing hero of the ship 'Aggie'. It's what first inspired me to become a warrior. I never in a million yahren dreamed that I'd be serving with him." I smiled again at some far off memory.

"We clicked almost from the start. Like we were reuniting instead of meeting for the first time. It was so strange to feel like that, especially since I was still in love with Charybdis."

"After the tribunal, and with things turning out like they did, I turned to Najinn. I was so sure I was leaving the service at the time. And then Charybdis came with that necklace, and I got so swept up with it. I thought I had that special love inside of me to give, but then that stuff happened with him and that wrecked viper. I found out I didn't have that love in me. I thought I did, but it was shaken so easily it scared me. It's not that I don't love him, it's hard to explain really. That whole thing with him waking from the dead, it shook my love, shook my faith, shook my whole life. My reaction to it all was something I never saw coming. And besides all of that, Najinn is still there." I laughed bitterly. "Ever think I'd be this screwed up?"

Brie stayed silent. I didn't really want an answer. "Now you know why I'm so messed up. I love Charybdis. I love Najinn. Can I handle giving myself to either one of them, with things the way they are outside? And if I do, I know I will cause such hurt to one of them." Like I had caused to Adrian, I thought, and like I'm sure I'm causing somehow to Jarrynn. "I can't help but feel like there's something wrong with me. I don't deserve the love either of them have to offer". I laid back on the cot again, breathing deeply, somehow feeling better getting it out, yet still feeling miserable.

* * *


After a busy training sesion the first thing Ensign JustinB could think of was to go and have a Turbowash. He went straight to the Black Squadron barracks without delay. While in the turbowash he lost track of time while soothing the aches and pains.

As soon he was dried and with his clean uniform on, he made his way to the O-Club. He was hoping to meet more of his fellow officers in Black Squadron, to get to know them and them to get to know him.

At the entrance to the O-Club JustinB stopped. 'Time to wind down and have some Fun,'he thought to himself. He walked in and scanned the room and made his way to a group of officers he knew from his training course.

* * *


Rose and I make our way into the Triad court where 30 or so people are there. I look at them and mumble to Rose "What's this?" "This," she says "is gonna be a major butt whipping. I told a few people about our little game. They have you losing to me at 5 to 1." "What happened to it being just a friendly little game?" I asked.

* * *


Rose smiled and giggled as she thought about an answer to Hawke's question and replies, "Just thought that if we have a few people here watching our little game it would make things more interesting. Besides, you aren't afraid of a little competition are you?"

Rose and Hawke continue on inside the arena so that they could get ready to start their little one on one game of Triad. She was definately going to have fun showing Hawke a thing are two when it came to this game.

* * *


I sighed a little. Ok, if it's a little competition she wants, it's a little competition she gets.

"Ok,we're ready." I call out to the referee. The ball shoots out of the wall and I grab it before Rose can get to it. I get around her and score the first point. She gets the ball and I can't get out of the way in time and she plows into me. Loose ball! I try to get to it but she'
s just a bit quicker. She gets to it and ties it. 1-1. We go up to 20 to 19. Then,she has the ball and I elbow her in the ribs and get the ball and I steal it away from her. I make the point. "Hey! Time out." She says to the referee. "What was that for?" She asked me. "What's wrong? Afraid of a little competition?" I ask grinning. "Oh,so that's the way you want to play it,huh? Ok. No fouls from here on out. Anything goes." "Whatever you say." I say smugly. "Time in." I say to the ref. The ball comes out she trips me before I can get to it. 21-20. Grrrrr. What's up with her anyway? The ball shoots back out and I push her out of the way and I go for the point but miss. She's right behind me and she pushes me into the wallboards very hard. I go down with an audible thud. I cough and get back up. I look at the score and it's 22-20. I start limping. Rose comes up to me with the ball in her hands and says "are you ok?" I take the ball from her and say "I'm fine." I go and make the shot. "Hey!" I hear. I stick my tongue out at her.
The score is now 45-30 Rose's favor. I gotta get some points here and now. The ball shoots back out and Rose grabs it. But before she can get out of the way I steal it and make a point. The ball shoots out and I get the ball before Rose can and she starts tickling me! "Hey! Stop that!" I say to her. I accidentally drop the ball and she picks it up for the point.
The score is 49-46. Rose has a confident look on her face. The ball comes out of the wall and I get it. I don't even bother to come up to the hole. I throw the ball at the hole and it goes in! 3 points! 49-49. Game point coming up.


Rose and Hawke both knew that the next point would be the winning point of this game of Triad. Both were pushing each other some while they were both trying to get the better advantage on getting the ball when it came back into the court area. The ball comes out and Hawke grabs the ball before Rose could. The tickling worked once for Rose and maybe it would work again. Rose reaches over and starts tickling Hawke again. "Hey!", Hawke calls out as he drops the ball, "no fair! and what was that for?" Rose giggles as she grabs the ball & runs over towards the hole for her to toss in the ball & win the game.

Just as she was about to toss the ball into the hole, Hawke comes up on her from behind and bear hugs her. Rose drops the ball and when she does Hawke makes a dive for the ball, but Rose grabs it back for he could get the ball himself and she tosses it towards the hole to win the game, but misses the shot. The ball comes back and both Rose and Hawke go after the ball in a mad dash to get it so that they each could get the winning point before the other one could. Rose reaches the ball before Hawke could reach it and she grabs the ball and tosses it towards her hole to win the game. This time the ball went in and Rose wins the game 50-49.

Rose was grinning broadly as she turned towards Hawke and see's his shocked face in what had just happened. She then walks on back over to where Hawke was still standing dumb struck to an extent. "I told you I was going to win and I ment it," Rose says. That you did, Hawke replies as he grabs her to try to tickle her in payback for earlier. "Hey! No Fair!," Rose squels out as Hawke continues to tickle her. Rose starts tickling Hawke back and they both fall to the floor still tickling each other.

* * *


Ensign Eirikhr:
He was Commander Troy's son, the eldest, it was former Commander now, Troy Adamus,Apollus. The New Council Of The Twelve had taken a pretty harsh line on drumming Commander Troy from his command and placing an less able commander in his stead, Commander Troy had led an expedition of the Rag Tag fleet from a near disaster about 5 years after Commander Adama had died on a planet far from The Garden Of Earth and had apparently been choosen to be an God Of Kobol, in aiding and peoples about to be attacked by the Cylons, Commander Adama had journied down to that planet only to find out that the planet was barren and inhabited by several interdimentional Lord Gods Of Kobol. Knowing that he, Adama was dying, the Lord Gods of Kobol gave him the choice that he was to accept, to be a God Of Kobol.

Captain Troy had seen his adopted Grandfather go into a cave with a group of leaders to negotiate how he could help them but did not see his foster Grandfather come back out. It was then that the Cylon forces attacted this planet of "Kaballaria", explosions ripped apart the mountain range where the cave was located, then in the blink of an eye the planet became barren but with and atmosphere one could breath, no dwellings and vegetation, merely rock,sand and some rubble of concrete and rusting steel.

Captain Troy knew his Grandfather was dead, going home to the Battlestar Galactica after a victorious battle waged upon the Cylon Forces did not cheer him, for he had to tell his eldest son Eirikhr Troyus, aged 12 Yahrens the truth, his Great Grandfather was dead.

But now after 10 yahrens Ensign Eirikhr was not fearful as he had been, now 22 yahrens old and with an new hopefor career to start, Eirikhr walked confidently to his reciently assigned quarters. It was sad that Commander Adama had died, but Ensign Eirikhr as a child had a weird dream about Adama, a strange ship of "light" came close to the Battlestar Galactica shortly after Adama's death. Light shone into the room that Eirikhr was sleeping in and he was now in the Lord Gods's Kobolian Ship Of Light.......Eirikhr just knew it!
Young Eirikhr now sat in a room, on a "block of light",composed of light that made up the walls, floor and cealing, a brighter section of light opened in one wall and an being in a garment of white entered the room, this person was tall like Captain Troy, like Captain Apollo, having an hood over "his" head, for that is what Eirikhr though the person was. The garment extended to the floor, walking up to Eirikhr, the being removed the hood with yellow eyeslits in it, there was the face of Commander Adama smiling at Eirikhr......his voice echoed all about the room the size of a section of Shuttlebay, "Eirikhr Troyus, it is I your Foster Grandfather Adama. I am dead but not forgotten, no not forgotten, this place where I am is a ship of the Kobolian Lord Gods Of Kobol, I am one of them now. You will tell your father what happened to me as best you know how, he will understand, he will take command of the Battlestar Galactica for a time.

You Eirikhr Troyus, have a destiny awaiting you, you will become a Viper Pilot and help our peoples, you are young now and perhaps you will not undestand what I talk about but you will remember this dream to tell others that disbelieve. Sheba will understand as may others. (Adama hugs Young Eirikhr)
"I must go, tell Troy not to feel sorrow for me because I am nearer to him than he knows, Eirikhr you will become a very good Colonial Warrior in time, Farewell." Suddenly Eirikhr wakes up in his own room on the Battlestar Galactica, the chime on the door rings, the door slides aside and there is Captain Troy standing there watching Eirikhr in his bed, "Eirikhr....are you awake? I have news about your Foster Grandfather, he will not be comming back to the Battlestar Galactica again."

Ensign Eirkhr takes his duffle bag and places it on his assigned bed in the Ensign's quarters, sighs and looks around, this will be home for quite a while, an new future awaits......many things will happen and there is much to be done!

Ensign Eirikhr is just stowing his gear in the Ensigns's Quarters, young Viper Pilot Cadets are going and comming into the quarters, an comm message is comming over the communications relays in the quarters from Core Command with Captain Brie speaking that Ensign Eirikhr has just been evaluated and promoted to Ensign and assigned to Gold Squadron being posted under her command.
Captain Brie orders Ensign Eirikhr to the "Holodoc" for a physical, odd thinks Ensign Eirikhr, there was nothing wrong before he got off the shuttle to the launching bay of the Battlestar Callisto and he had been checked out before he had left the Battlestar Galactica, oh well, things have to be done to Regulations!

A strange feeling picked Eirikhr's interest and he went to the bed table computer, he made a queiry into the computer and brought up the Holo 3D menu, using his Ensign Access Core Code. He asked for such things as Colonial Date of Yahren, bio, history and such stuff, status of the Battlestar Fleet and the Caprican Settlers's ships and about the Pegasus and the whereabouts of his father, Former Commander Troy.......the hair raised on Ensign Eirikhr's neck as the computer completed the info gathering and Eirikhr's heart beat like a gong struck by an sledge-hammer!

"Holy Frak And Felgercarb, just what is going on here!!!!", Ensign Eirikhr blurts out loud. *'Everything is odd,' Ensign Eirikhr now thinks to himself*,
'Surely this ain't Christmas because it isn't Kobol!!! ', is Ensign Eirikhr's special thought, 'Boy do I, Captain Brie, Commander Sheba and Lieutenant Colonel Charybdis have alot to talk about!'* Now Ensign Eirikhr realizes that the Holodoc will not wait for long and Eirikhr goes to the wall panel and presses the Comm. "This is Ensign Eirikhr, I need to speak to Captain Brie at once after my physical, there is things I think she needs to know about me, Core Command please relay message to Captain Brie as soon as she is able to meet with me." Ensign Eirikhr hurries down to Medicbay for his examination on time.

* * *


The next few cycles passed quickly for the "trainees," but that was probably because they were so tired and so sleepy at the end of each cycle. Major Lucian struggled with squadron matters before the training each morning, and after the training at the end of the shift, he worked on improving the plan for the next cycle. He'd planned to meet Captain Hector each morning for breakfast, but he was so far behind, he nibbled on a fruit filled pastry at his desk each morning instead. He was beginning to question why they were still calling them “fruit-filled” pastries, when in reality, they were now closer to “fruit smear” pastries, or maybe even “hint-of-fruit-hidden-somewhere-inside” pastries.

The third session was to be held in the gym, but it was currently occupied by a large number of Frodarian refugees, so it was moved to the main landing area of Beta Bay. Some mats were placed on the deck, but they were not the standard mats used for exercises and physical training since Lieutenant MaraJade had requisitioned those for some of the Frodarians who were assigned to sleep on the floor in the gym. Soon, the “trainees” were participating in advanced hand-to-hand combat, and the number of injuries began to mount. Fortunately, most were minor bruises and sprains, so the training continued. Each cycle, the trainees would run the obstacle course, work with each of the weapons, and then participate in the hand-to-hand work for two centars after lunch.

The final two centars of the shift, comprising the forth session, was in a room with a number of tables. There were five chairs at each, with four arranged in a semicircle a meter or so back from one side, and the fifth on the opposite side next to an easel that supported a large digital pad. On the second cycle of training, Sergeant Brinfort had introduced the “class” by saying, “Here, we’ll be discussing tactics for assault and retreat. For the types of ground or alien ship type actions for which Warriors would ordinarily be used, those will be your two main actions. You’ll be taking an objective, holding it briefly, and withdrawing. We will discuss long term campaigning, also known as,” he paused, turning to his instructors who shouted in unison, “GRUNT WORK, SERGEANT!” before he continued, saying, “by those of us in the C.I. who ordinarily do it. Break up into groups, and I want one Warrior from each of the recent ground actions on Garrano and Frodar at each table before you guys double up. HOP! HOP! HOP!”

Several C.I. officers participated in leading the groups, along with the Warriors who’d participated on Garrano and Frodar. Some of the senior officers from the bridge came by to help as well. Commander Sheba sent word that she was pleased by the feedback she had been receiving on the course, so she’d authorized its extension for several sectons, interrupted by any periods during which the Callisto would be traveling in normal space within a system. She sent word to Major Lucian to coordinate the extension of the course with Captains Hector and Lazant. Lucian was happy when he got the approval to extend the training, although upon reading the final line, his stomach churned in disgust and he came quite close to losing the half-digested “may be a dot of fruit in there somewhere” pastry. He sent a note to Captain Hector that he wanted to meet him for breakfast the next morning. He and Hector would devise the course curriculum, and then he’d visit Lazant…on an empty stomach.

* * *


After conferring with Cmdr. Sheba about the training exercises that Maj. Lucian was coordinating for Black Squadron, senior staff with approval of Cmdr. Sheba has come to the conclusion that both squadrons will be REQUIRED to attend the full training regimen ASAP!

Maj. Lucian is to take full charge of assigning and coordinating both squadrons with the training personnel.

Good luck to all Warriors.

Lt. Col.Charybdis


Early on the morning before the Callisto was scheduled to end the first jump away from the Frodarian system, Lucian and Hector sat in the Officers’ Club getting a quick breakfast before the start of another long cycle training under the watchful eyes of Sergeant Brinfort. They’d had to cancel for several cycles running due to their schedules and the fact that the advanced training didn’t mean that their regular duties were waived.

"SHE DID WHAT?!?" said Lucian on hearing the news that newly promoted Lieutenant Rose had hit the drill sergeant.

"Yep, she decked him good, for what it was worth," Captain Hector replied with a laugh. "He's been hit a lot harder without it doing any damage, and since he's deliberately trying to rile all of the Warriors to get them to really angry so they'll work to their maximum potential, he felt like he was making real progress and didn't even report it. This training isn't like basic where the Drill Sergeant tears you down and builds you back up again. Here, you can compete against yourself or you can compete against the devil. Most folks actually do better against the devil since they want to prove they can beat him. Notice Brinfort's little beard?” he asked, holding two fingers up to his chin in a V pattern. “Remind you of anyone?"

Lucian chuckled, "I hadn't thought about that, but you're right. If it were a little longer...and maybe a little more pointy...and maybe had a little less gray, it might look a little like the classical devil picture I've seen in video books. Maybe. Still, you said Brinfort didn't report her? How did you get sucked into this?"

"I only found out when one of the other troopers reported it, and now Brinfort's mad at both of us for interfering with his training exercise! Sometimes you just can't win."

"Yeah, and now, I guess he'll be on my case even more, since I've got to talk to her and get her to talk to him," said Lucian as he stretched his sore muscles.

"Yep, you're probably right, Major," Hector agreed. "You're probably right."

* * *

After breakfast, Lucian reported to the senior staff meeting. He’d just heard about the charge to bring all of the Warriors into the training, so when Commander Sheba asked him how it was coming along, he had little to report. He asked that the full Warrior Corps be brought in after the start of the next jump, since the advanced training would be continuing for quite some time.

“Considering that we’ll be arriving in the Pauvwell system early tomorrow, that is acceptable. Make sure you submit your plan by tomorrow’s staff meeting,” Sheba said.

“Yes, Ma’am,” said Lucian, smiling ever so slightly after realizing that the wording of the order clearly indicated that Lazant would not have the last word.

Next, Sheba called on Major CureMode, who was well prepared. He presented his report, saying, “Our analyses are showing the Pauvwell system to be devoid of large planetary bodies, but there is considerable mass, presumably in the form of asteroids, comets, or dust clouds. Due to this distribution, location of the next suitable jump point may be difficult. We recommend two survey patrols in addition to a short range escort.”

“Captain Brie, assemble a four Viper long-range Gold Squadron survey team. Major Lucian, do the same for Black Squadron. Captain Buellah, Silver Spar gets the short range escort. Assemble your teams Squadron Leaders, and have them ready to launch at 01:85 tomorrow….”

The meeting lasted for quite some time, making Lucian late to training, consequently earning him the privilege of doing another 100 push-ups and another trip through the obstacle course. As he struggled along, trying unsuccessfully to break his previous best mark of 4:48. He made a mental note to speak with Lieutenant Rose during the brief lunch break.

Lucian spoke to Lieutenant Anubis during the break later that morning. The medical report he'd reviewed the night before had showed that Anubis was healing at an accelerated rate due to his genetically enhanced systems, and that other than bone scarring, he should be considered healed within another cycle or two.

"Good morning, Lieutenant. How are you feeling?" Lucian asked.

"Well, sir," was Anubis' response.

"Well enough to head up our mission in the Pauvwell system? If so, you're in charge, with Lieutenant Kris as your second. Lieutenant Rose will fly with Kris, and Ensign JustinB will fly on your wing. Nylah is the backup. Think about it, but let me know by lunch. I've got to post the orders."

"Back to work, you two Trainees! Twenty-five push-ups, now," barked the trainer, evidently trying to imitate Brinfort. Lucian didn't think the imitation was all that good, though. The Corporal just didn't have the beard for it.

* * *


Lt. Anubis finished his pushups fairly quickly. He had always kept himself in good shape, as the physical stresses had been all he'd known, quite literally. From the time he was old enough to understand the concept and technique of the pushup, he'd been cranking them out. His time on the obstical course had been decreasing as his ribs healed. It wasn't as complex as some his trainers had come up with when he was being trained initially, but it did pose some new challenges that he had yet to come across. What the battlestar lacked in the complexity of the course, it made up for in originality. Perhaps a spiderweb placed in the second leg of the run would be in order, but for another time. When Major Jucien stood up from his pushups, he glanced over at Anubis, who only nodded once. He hoped that military sign language was going to be a part of the training, and was sure of it.

* * *


Ensign Eirikhr is seated in a com-fitting chair in the hallway of MedLabs and Medibay, he is nervious and abit unsure of what his reception will be after Head Nurse Lt. Holodoc and Lt. Nurse Jarryn does his physical. *Ensign Eirikhr thinks quietly to himself, "Oh boy, the Felgercarb will hit the fan after my Bio-Phys is done and I know what the computer has given me for info, how can anyone on the Battlestar Callisto believe what I will tell them about me, gosh I am quite early. The welcome message from Head Nurse Lt. Holodoc mentioned she was sleeping in another crewmen's quarters at the moment.

That is really none of my business what relationships crewmen build here, this time I have to evaluate how they will respond to me when I tell them what I must, perhaps the only person that will believe me is Commander Sheba or Captain Brie of Gold Squadron, I have to go along those lines for them to sincerely believe what has happened!"

* * *


Holodoc walked into MedLab & saw someone new sitting there in the waiting area. She remember getting a message letting her know that a new Ensign by the name of Eirkhr would be coming by for a physical. Holodoc walks over to Eirkhr & says, "you must be Ensign Eirkhr. I take it that you are hear for your physical." Yes ma'am, Eirkhr replies. "Alright Ensign, come on over to one of the exam tables & we can get started on your physical," Holodoc says.

Holodoc followed by Ensign Eirkhr goes over to one of the exam area's to begin the physical. While Holodoc got the things she needed together for the physical, Eirkhr got settled onto the bed there in the exam area. After getting the things she needed together, Holodoc begins the physical for Ensign Eirkhr.

Several centons later, Holodoc has finished up the physical on Ensign Eirkhr. "Ensign," Holodoc says, "you are cleared for flight statis. I will let Capt Brie know that you are cleared for active duty." Thank you, Eirkhr replies as he gets up to leave. "Ensign," Holodoc says again, "is there something that myself & the rest of the medical staff should know about you?"

* * *


Ensign Eirikhr quietly gets up off of the MediLab Medibay bed and just as quietly removes the lazer pistol from his belt and places it on the Head Nurse Holodoc's tray-table, "Well Lt. Holodoc, I believe that your mediexam was quite thorough, and your quite observant.
Do you think I am an Cylon Human-Clone made for infiltrating the Battlestar Callisto? I am giving you the advantage if I am, turning over my lazer pistol like this Am I not.", *There is a hint of a smile playing around Ensign Eirikhr's pale lips.* Ensign Eirikhr shivers abit before he speaks in a stronger voice, "Lt. Head Nurse, I think that your insturments should tell you that in this Timeline Reality that I am Captain Troy Of The Battlestar Galactica's long lost younger brother that he did not realize he had, in two other time lines I may be various people, but one in the same Eirikhr.

I think that some would prefer it if I were a Cylon Human-Clone than what I am, in a second Alternate Universe about 120 Yahrens or so from now the Commander Of The Battlestar Galactica II defending the New Twelve Colonies Inter-Galactic Federation, and this may be made possible by my actions I take here or lack of them I do here. I think you should call the Senior Officers of the Battlestar Callisto down to the MediLabs conference room and have you and I talk to them, Lt. Head Nurse Holodoc I certainly leave this in your judgement weither you call security on me and I spend my short human existance a pet subject of your experiments, a long time in the Battlestar Callisto Brig, a Lazer Pistol Squad or I serve my time out as what I always wanted to be, and that is a Colonial Viper Pilot of Gold Squadron of The Battlestar Callisto."

"Lt. Holodoc, I think I have known about this set of circ*mstances as soon as I looked at your computers at the Ensign Quarters shortly after I got of that shuttle from the Battlestar Galactica and found that my Foster Uncle Commander Apollo was not still lost or listed as an MIA and that Captain Troy does not have a more important role than he does now, most importantly that you do not know the location of The Garden Of Earth nor the Battlestar Galactica has not found it yet."


Holodoc thought about what Ensign Eirikhr had just told her about himself & thought that it would be a good idea to bring the Senior Staff members of the Callisto in on this. She knew that normally what was discussed regarding a patient would be kept classified, but this the others needed to know about since it would involve them & how things went on a mission should he be assigned to one of the missions.

"Alright Ensign," Holodoc says, "I am going to contact those that need to be brought in on this & have them come down here so that we can all talk about what you have just revealed to me. I am sure that they will have some questions for you since we know very little about you at this very moment." Ensign Eirikhr nods in response to what Lt Holodoc just said. "Now Ensign Eirikhr, Holodoc begins again, "if you will just follow me please I am going to have you wait over here in one of the small conference rooms that have been set aside here in MedLab & I will contact those that are to come down here for the talk."

Holodoc picks up the weapon that Ensign Eirikhr had layed on the instrument tray, then turns & starts walking towards one of the small conference rooms & Ensign Eirikhr is following her not to far behind. They walk into the conference room & just before she leaves & closes the door, Holodoc says, "Ensign, you wait here & when the Senior Staff gets here we will come in for our discussion on things." Yes ma'am replies Ensign Eirikhr.

Holodoc walks out & closes the door & she heads on over to her desk to make the needed call up to the bridge. Once she was seated at her desk, Hololodoc calls up to the bridge & finds leaves a message for Lt Colonel Charybdis.

Message reads as follows:

TO: Lt Colonel Charybdis
From: Head Nurse (Lt.) Holodoc
Regarding: Ensign Eirikhr

Lt Cononel, I have just completed the physical of Ensign Eirikhr & he is ready for full active duty. I am concerned though how some of the others will react to him at the moment considering some information that I was able to find out during the physical & I am requesting that you, Cmdr Sheba, his Squadron Commanding Officer, & any other Senior Staff that could be effected in some way what this new Ensign does come down here to MedLab to have a chat with him. At this present time, Ensign Eirikhr has willingly disarmed himself of his weapon & I have locked up the weapon in my desk for safe keeping until after the talk.

* * *


The young Ensign Eirikhr sits in an plush com-form chair waiting quietly in the small MediLab Conference Room where Head Nurse Lt. Holodoc had left him with the door close, there was no rear door.....that was fine with him, at least the Lt. Holodoc had believed him so far, composing his thoughts now was of the utmost importance to his future aboard the Battlestar Callisto, he was 155lbs in Earth Weight, had light redish-brown hair, he stood 5'9" and had a rather semi-stocky build that was quite well muscled yet he was not an overblown Colonial Giant Benithur, and had abit of an oval face with angular cheekbones ending in a squarish chin, he had a short nose with a medium handle-bar mustache growing directly under his nose on his upper-lip, trimed neatly.

He had a regulation haircut, semi-brush but the hair was cut to about 2 inches from the collar of his Viperpilot flight coat, he wore corrective glareshields for a minor eyesight defect and had rather glacial grey-green eyes, with light brown eyebrows that were thin, sometimes they could be intensive in the way he looked at you. Ensign Eirikhr was a very serious 22 yahren old Shuttlepilot and Viperpilot trainee, much like his older brother Captain Troy onboard the Battlestar Galactica.......the elder brother he had never met, but had seen once in a while and had heard of from his mother Helanna Boxus.

The shuttle flight to the Battlestar Callisto for the first centon had been very uneventful but for the next he had fallen asleep, then when the Shuttlecraft docked the warning klaxon had rang and he woke up quite abit disoriented more than he should have felt, after about 50 Microns the shuttlecraft did dock and the pilot of the shuttlecraft murmured before he got off, "Enjoy your training here on the Callisto.....though we did not know that we were expecting an transfer now from the Battlestar Galactica?" "Yeah", the co-pilot says, "I thought we had an empty flight.....but I guess that they desperately needed the extra trainees on the Battlestar Callisto and your the stuff we need."

The disorientation was a bit more than from sleep, Ensign Eirikhr figured, it was more like being taken from one friendly comfortable enviroment and being thrust into another that he figured he did not belong, it was quite alien to him, he felt differently, had different thoughts, felt concerned for the things he would do, or might not do properly, or the things he need to do might not get done......odd feelings, worst were those of missing time from his life but he couldn't place where the time of about 1 Centon was lost, surely not from his nap, the people looked slightly different and the enviroment of the Shuttlecraft seemed abit different, now this.

Ensign Eirikhr now heard voices approaching the door of the MediLab small conference room and he steeled himself for the opening of the door and what would happen afterward......not a fitting show of a newly Minted Ensign Viper Pilot of Battlestar Callisto Gold Squadron to be, but Ensign Viper Pilots were very adaptable and Eirikhr would surely do his utmost to measure up!

* * *


Captain Brie stood in the doorway, probably letting all that I told her sink in. She knew that I was friends with Najinn, and that I had been having some problems with Charybdis, but she probably never knew that my dilemma ran so deep. It was a lot to lay on her, and I began to regret saying all that I did.

I sat back up and looked at Brie. "Brie" I began in a soft voice, "Don't let any of this go any further. I'm sorry I even spoke about any of it. It wasn't fair of me to lay this on you. I just couldn't resist the need to release what I've been holding in."

I got to my feet for another glass of water. "Know what I'm most afraid of?" I asked as I emerged from the bathroom with a glass in my hand. I sipped a little bit. "I'm afraid that when it's all done with, I'll have nobody." That's when my emotions got the better of the cool facade I tried to hold intact. I ducked back into the bathroom and ran some cold water, washing my face and trying to keep from giving in to the urge to break down.

I emerged again to find Brie standing near the bathroom door. I smiled weakly. "I was getting pretty good at hiding things behind a mask. Charybdis is great at it." My voice trailed off. I just stood there, looking despondant and probably pretty pathetic.

* * *


Brie thought for a moment, letting all that Amy had said sink in. In a way it was ironic that she was the one that Amy turned to. Yes, they were close friends, but Brie had been friends with Charybdis just short of forever and Najinn had just saved her life. She wanted all of them to be happy, although she knew that wouldn't be possible at the moment.

"Being alone isn't all that bad," Brie said, hoping that she wouldn't be making Amy feel even worse. "It beats settling. And if you can't give your whole heart to one of them, it's not fair to anyone, including yourself."

Amy remained silent, her head down. Brie did something that surprised even herself. "You up for a mission?" she asked.


"I need four pilots for a scouting mission," Brie explained. "Getting away, out among the stars, might give you a chance to get your head together. I know that my perspective is always different from my viper. But if your head won't be in it..."

"No," Amy said quickly. "It might be just what I need."

Knowing that Amy could use some space, Brie left. Maybe a little time alone would help.

* * *


Is Mara going to be cleared for flight status anytime soon? Last I heard, she was cleared for light duty, and that was all. Thanks.

Captain Brie

* * *


Have Mara come by MedLab & one of us will give her a final check up clearance to go back onto full active duty.

Lt Holodoc
Head Nurse

* * *


With the beginnings of the preparations for when we would come out of the jump, I ventured to my quarters to work at my desk. So many details, so many things to do... so little time.

After a few centons of sitting at my desk, my mind seemed to wander. I could not get focused on the task at hand. I kept looking over at my cabinet. I walked over to it and opened the drawer. I removed a small box. Once opened, the brilliant jewel radiated light from within. The sealing necklace I had given Amy.

I picked it up and held it in my hand. I couldn't help but feel like we were right for each other. Circ*mstances be damned. To Hades with her indecision. If someone was going to make a choice, then, frack, I'll make it for her. At least, that's what my mind was saying. That's what my heart was saying.

I put the necklace into a pocket in my tunic and immediately left my quarters. I needed to do something right now...
* * *


Major Lucian sprinted to the Black Squadron Office when Brinfort announced that there would be a 20 centon break for lunch. He posted the following:

Initial Black Squadron Orders for the Pauvwell System:

1. System Survey Group:
Lieutenant Anubis, Wing Leader
Lieutenant Kris, S.I.C.
Lieutenant Rose*
Ensign JustinB

* Lieutenant Rose is to report to Major Lucian ASAP to receive additional orders prior to this order being finalized.

2. Backup Wing:
Lieutenant Stadia, Wing Leader
Lieutenant Randrius, S.I.C.
Lieutenant Wendy
Lieutenant Lusitan
Lieutenant Nylah
Ensign Spyder

Backup wing will be on standby, ready to launch in five centons, in case System Survey Group needs help, etc.

He sprinted back to the training room, and on entering 15 microns late, received a stern reprimand from Brinfort, and the customary 25 pushups. Since he was late, he decided he'd have to chew Rose out later (with as much understanding, compassion, and mutual desire to hit Brinfort even harder than she had as he could supress). Despite the fact that he fully understood why she'd done it, he had to give her a stern lecture since her fellow Warriors depended on her and part of the training was determining how much one could take and keep one's cool. He'd explain why he felt Brinfort was being such a donkey's rear, and why she needed to swallow her pride, if necessary, to stand up to him again, this time to apologize.

If she refused to apologize, he knew he would have to take her off the current mission assignment. Rose would be a good Warrior, if the little hot streak they'd discovered didn't end her career before it was really even started.


Lt. Amy, wing leader
Ensign Erikhr

Lt. MaraJade
Lt. Kellyn

In the case that Lt. MaraJade is not cleared by the medical staff, Lt. Kiwi will take her place.

Lt. MaraJade, report to the med lab immediately!

Captain Brie
Gold Squadron

* * *


The Gold squadron mission assignments flashed across my computer screen. Lt. Amy's name was right at the top as Wing Leader!

What the frack was Brie thinking? Sending Amy on a mission right now? and in the state Amy had been in? Not only that, but she was also assigning the new Ensign Erikihr. He had only been onboard for a little while. It was quite strange how we had very little records about him. And what was even stranger was how we had never really noticed him before. Amy might have her hands full with an assignment like this and new Warriors under her wing. It would not be easy.

I summoned Cpt. Brie to my quarters. A few centons later, she buzzed the comm and she entered. I stood up.

"Charybdis, I know what you're going to say, but I think it's in Amy's best interest to get off the ship and in a viper." Brie started before I even got a chance to get a word out. I found it amazing how she could read me so well. I guess Amy hadn't yet mastered that device.

"Brie, normally I don't get that involved with your squadron assignments, you know that, but I have to wonder if it IS in Amy's best interests to send her out there right now. I know we are supposed to keep our private lives out of the vipers and out of the missions, but the fact is Amy has been going through the ringer. Part of leading is also knowing when to say no to those under your command."

Brie thought a micron about the implied statement about her possibly being too close to Amy, then said, "Charybdis, you of all people should be talking. You also know that I would not put anyone in a viper that I did not believe could do the job. I am still the leader of the squadron, am I not?" she referred to the current election cycle of Gold squadron. For all Brie knew, this could be her last decision as leader of the squadron. The final results were to come down at the end of the secton.

"Yes, of course, you're still the leader of the squadron. Look, I know that this sounds strange and most of all coming from me given my closeness to Amy, but I'm not doing it out of selfish reasons. I have to worry about all who go out there and those under her command and the results of the mission. Look, I know that I'm partly to blame for her state of mind right now, and that's why I want to make sure you're making the right decision. The last thing in the twelve worlds you'd want is to get Amy killed out there because of this."

Brie could not believe what she was hearing. Didn't Charybdis trust her? Of all people, wouldn't he know that she would never put the lives of her Warriors in jeopardy without just cause or without making a careful and deliberate decision?

"Charybdis, I stand by my assignments. Amy is ready and she can do it. If you don't agree with that, then you'll have to go over my head and change the assignments yourself, no wonder she can't make up her mind to get sealed to you," she stared straight at me, then realized that she had gone over the line. "Charybdis, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that."

"No, you're right," I said as I walked over to the window. I stared out into the starry sky, which looked swirling and streaky as we were still in the jump. "I can't protect her, nor should I. I guess. Frack, even I don't know any more."

Brie started to backtrack a little. "Charybdis, you should do all in your power to protect her, and me and everyone else aboard. I know it's hard. I lost Turner. I know that he was your good friend too. And I know that the last thing you'd ever want to have happen is to lose Amy, Lords forbid, but we can't stop time. We can't run away and live in some time warp where nothing bad happens. I don't have to tell you all this. You know. You've given that same speech thousands of times. Frack, you just gave it last cycle at the memorial. Amy just needs a chance to get our there and prove herself. She needs to know that she can do it. And I truly believe that she can. Deep down, I know that you do too."

Brie had spoken the truth. I had given that speech many times over. It was just a little harder when you had to follow your own advice. I realized that I could never protect everyone, and unfortunately, when it came to Amy, it almost seemed as if I had to take the totally opposite tack with her. I almost had to let her go on these missions just to prove that I wasn't "protecting" her. Frack! What a mess.

"Brie, you are right about one thing. Amy is a damn good Warrior. Deep down, I know she can do anything she sets her mind to. I guess I just wish that she would make up her mind about..." my voice trailed off. Brie understood about my pain. The sealing. Amy's indecision at the moment.

"Give her some time. She's strong under there. She'll make the right choice, eventually." Brie said.

I nodded and gave her my approval of her mission assignments. I still didn't like it, but there was nothing I could do about it.

* * *


As Brie left Charybdis' quarters, she couldn't help but wonder if she had made the right decision. If she wasn't friends with Amy, if she didn't know all the felgercarb that was clouding the young lieutenant's mind, these were the exact orders she would have given. She couldn't let her personal friendship get in the way.

There wasn't really anyone else that Brie wanted to go on the mission. Skyler, Cain, Eden all needed a break. The mission was fairly routine, although Brie knew better than anyone that there was no such thing. Out of the four wariors assigned, Amy was the senior officer. She SHOULD be in command, anything else would be an insult to her. The last time that Brie had put Amy in charge she had done a commendable job, there was no reason to think otherwise at the moment. And it stood to reason that Amy would be paired with Ensign Eirikhr, Brie liked to have the new recruits with the leader.

Brie knew that if something went wrong, she would never be able to forgive herself. But Amy needed to know that someone believed in her. Maybe this would help her get some of her confidence back. Brie hoped she wasn't making a mistake.

* * *


Skyler got out of his bunk and stretched his arms above his head. He felt like he had been asleep for several cycles. Maybe it made up for all the sleep periods he had missed on the last mission. Walking over he looked at the Squadron Assignments on the board. Amy was leading a mission and Mara was assigned also. Ensign Eirikhr??? Who was that?

"Must have been asleep longer than I thought" Skyler mumbled to himself.

Looking back over the board, he saw that all Warriors would be starting Infantry training as soon as they started the next jump. Shaking his head he flashed back to his early days in the Colonial Infantry. The training on the Galactica had been hard, but he had passed. He had even done well enough to get assigned to the Armor Units. Maybe he would be able to get out of it. Sure it had been yahrens since he had actually been through the training, but it is not something you really forget. Half-smiling, maybe he would try to get out of it after the weapons part of the training. Nothing could compare to being a Viper Pilot, but he sure did miss all the cool toys the ground pounders got to play with.

He ran and grabbed a turbo shower, put on a fresh uniform, and slipped off into the launch bay and stuck a note in Mara's co*ckpit. With any luck now, maybe he would bump into her for breakfast.

* * *


Mara headed out and waited for Skyler outside his barracks! Seeing him she pounced on him and hugged him tight! She was all smiles. He hugged her back.
"Ok what gives Mara? Why you so happy this morning?" he asked as they walked to the mess hand in hand.
"I get to see you again finally after all this time!" She got all giggly with him and blushed.
"What now?"
"Just wondering when we are ever going to be able to take the seal, that's all. I swear we never get time to plan for it anymore. I just wish it was calmer right now. I mean there was the crash (she shudders at the memory), then you got called out to help on that mission on the planet when I almost lost you again! Now we are getting called out? (sigh) When will we get time together again?" she sighed as she looked at her Lt Skyler. "I guess the only good thing is that I get to be with you on this mission. And I get to fly with Kellyn. Haven't talked to her in a while and it seems Amy decided not to quit after all." He just smiled and shook his head at her. Skyler kissed Mara to shut her up.

* * *


After training was complete, JustinB casually walked back to the Black Squadron barracks. When he arrived he was just about to grab his towel to freshen up, when something caught his eye. As he approached, he saw that it was the initial orders for the Pauvwell System.

'My first mission,and I am to be on Lieutenant Anubis's wing'JustinB thought to himself. He then headed to have a wash and freshen up.

When he was finished, he put on a clean uniform. Talking to himself JustinB said, "First I will try to find Lt Anubis to introduce myself and discus the upcoming mission. Then I will go and check out my Viper."

JustinB then left the Black Squadron looking for Anubis.


Rose was already working on cleaning her weapons that she had been assigned during the training session that most of the squadron was going through at the moment when Major Lucian walked over to her after he had finished up his 25 push-ups for being a few microns late. She had an idea as to why he had come over to her station to work on his own weapons, but didn't look up at him at first. "You know about me decking Brinfort, don't you sir?," Rose asks in a whisper. "Yes, I do Lieutenant. What I want to know is why you decked him & if you had to deck him why not wait until after the training was completed?," Lucian asks.

Rose thought about what Major Lucian had just asked her and replies, "He deserved it, sir, simple as that. I know you want more of an explanation, but I don't have one really. I know his type, the kind of man that thinks that women are not worthy enough to be a member of the Colonial Military no matter how hard we work at doing our best just to prove ourselves. My own father is one of them. He doesn't aprove of me being a Warrior in the Colonial Military. My father thinks I should of just kept to myself and not draw any attention to myself. So when Brinfort started coming after me with his remarks, I thought back to when my father would do the same thing to me and would also do the same thing to my sibblings. It was worse when father would drink and I always ended up with the worst of the abuse weather it be verbal or physical. My father's verbal abuse toward me got even worse when I was burned while cooking a meal for my parents and sibblings."

"Rose," Major Lucian begins, "I can only imagine what things have been like for you, but you need to try and your temper under control some, espicially during this training. Use the energy to show Brinfort that he is wrong about you. I would like for you to also apologize to him. I know that it will more than likely be hard for you, but it needs to be done." Rose thought about what Major Lucian said and slowly nodded and replies, "yes sir. I will work on redirecting my energies into this training. I will also try and figure out a way to apologize to Brinfort without him thinking of me being weaker than I already am."

Brinfort had noticed Rose and Lucian talking some while they were cleaning their weapons and he walks over to them. He was unable to hear what was being said between the two, but that didn't matter, for he had caught them talking when they shouldn't have been talking. "Alright you two," Brinfort yells out, "drop and give me another 50 push-ups each!"

* * *


It was just past the end of First Shift, and Lucian was huffing and puffing his way through the obstacle course one last time before the jump ended. He knew his time would be lousy, but he was doing his best to make it as small as possible. It was cycles like this that made him sometimes wonder if he shouldn’t just hang up the jacket and the laser pistol, and settle on one of the other ships of the fleet that needed a good officer or engineer. Maybe the pain was causing the doubts about the age thing. Yes, that had to be it. Ordinarily, he didn’t even consider it, but when one’s lungs were bursting, and the muscles were screaming….

He pulled himself up and over, and upon landing, took off at a sprint, or at least, the best approximation of a sprint he could still make at this time of shift. He was old enough to be the father of a few of the younger Warriors, and his next birthday was now much closer than his last. Those thought made him a little more determined, and he was able to eek out a little more speed.

He crossed the finish line a short time later, and the time call was 4:93, a mere 7 microns less than the maximum. He planted his hands firmly on his knees and sucked in large breaths of the recycled air. Sweat, and water from the swim, was streaming down his face, into his eyes, making it difficult to see.

He didn’t see Brinfort approach. “Trainee, that was one VERY poor presentation,” Brinfort said to him in a low clipped tone so no one else could overhear. “Major, you’re supposed to be the leader of much of this band. When you pull lousy times like that, you’re killing the morale and the drive of your troops. You’ve got to do better. You must set the example. I know the training ends during the time between jumps, but if you want to seriously improve, you need to keep hitting this course at least three times per cycle while we’re in the system. Do better, Major, for your Warriors. They, and we, are counting on you.”

Lucian nodded, “Thank…you…Sergeant…I’ll…keep…that…in mind.”

In a louder voice, Brinfort said, “Trainee, you call yourself a Warrior? That was so pathetic, you’re to knock out another 50 push-ups before you leave. After that you’re dismissed.”

Turning to the others in the room, he said, “Training is now on break until we start the next jump. Decent job Warriors, but I expect better next time. Dismissed!”

From his position on the deck, Lucian saw Brinfort exit. A moment later, he saw Lieutenant Rose run out of the room after him. Hopefully, she was going to be able to force herself to swallow her pride and do the right thing…without hitting him again.

Between push-ups, and despite the pain, Lucian grinned at the thought.

* * *


Rose had run out of the training room where the obstacle course had been set up. She was wanting to get the apology over with as soon as possible. "Sgt Brinfort," Rose says as she catches up to him, "I want to apologize for hitting you earlier like I did." Brinfort stops walking and looks over at Rose and replies, "don't worry about it. Just remember I may not be so forgiving next time. What I want to know is where did you learn to deck someone the way you did me?" Rose laughed a little at Sgt Brinfort's question and replies, "it comes from having to deal with my father. Plus my older brother helped me some by teaching me a few techniques before I entered the Academy." Sgt Brinfort shook his head and smiled a little before saying, "ok Lt Rose, you go relax some. I want to see an improvement in your scores during the next training session." No problem Sgt, Rose replies and heads towards the Black Squadron barracks so that she could get cleaned up some. Rose hoped to be able to spend a little time with Hawke since she hadn't been able to spend time with him much since the Triad game and now it looked like she would be going on another mission soon, so she wanted to spend a little time with him.

* * *


From Ensign Eirikhr:
It had been touch and go at the War Room on the Battlestar Callisto Bridge, the one remark that Science Officer Solon had made about the worst case theory that Eirikhr had made a point of, being an Cylon Human-Clone had rattled Ensign Eirikhr a bit. He would have to have a talk with Science Officer Cureamode Solon and iron things out. It had seemed a reality that they might just simply offer Ensign Eirikhr two choices, 1. To stand and face a Lazer Pistol Squad, 2. To be an experimental Ragdaggy Rat for Lt. Head Nurse Holodoc's experiments......boy the Lord Gods Of Kobol would be alittle displease with that but probably would simply choose another alternate timeliner to take Ensign Eirikhr's place in this timeline. Thankfully Lt. Holodoc was on his side and so was Cureamode Science Officer Solon for the most part!

***Wow, thought Ensign Eirikhr, maybe Commander Sheba had understood after all and Commander Adama.....wait.....God Of Kobol Adama had been right for Ensign Eirikhr to have told everything that he did say, but he would have to talk to Commander Sheba in private to tell her a few things after the Pauvwell Survey Mission was over***, 'Now what was the roster for Gold Squadron?', Ensign Eirikhr thought as he ran fast to the Alpha Bay Ready Room for his briefing, 'Ah Lt. Amy was Wing Leader, I am her wingman, Damn Right Fracking I am going to stick to her like a second Cloaking Skin On The Battlestar Callisto. Second Part of the wing, Lt. Mara Jade/MaraJade? Something tingled at Ensign Eirikhr's mind, "Another Time, Another Galaxy Far,Far Away.....She is, Young Ensign Eirikhr....Someone knew her once and still does, another universe, strange I know but right it is, you in Universe and Reality as your Gods all that the Lord Gods Of Kobol want you to be here......Now." 'What Felgercarbing thoughts.....yes here was the rest of the mission pilots, Lt. Kellyn.....what was the other one, Lt. Skyler?' ***Ensign sincerely hoped that he did not run head long into somebody as he was rushing headlong down the Battlestar Callisto's cavernous corridors
as he neared the Alpha Launching Bay's Ready Room. The sensors scanned him as he slowed down and neared the ID Scan Verification Console........***Frack, Holy Felgercarb I forgot to get my Lazer Pistol from Lt. Holodoc, I sure hope someone notices, I feel naked with out it.*** Ensign Eirikhr puts his hand, palm side down and places his head upon the eyescan molded brow-rest as the medi-security scan did it's work at verifying him. The Alpha Bay Ready Room doors cautiously slid open with the faintest of Klaxon Beep and Ensign Eirikhr steps into the Alpha Bay Ready Room sensing Major Brie, Major Lucian already there at the front raised podium at the large front wall of the room, along with others.

Ensign sees that many of Gold Squadron are assembled and he takes a seat at the back of the room next to a female officer, he notices by her Epilaps she is an young Lieutenant, he courtiously whispers "Hello Lieutenant.....sorry I am late"

* * *


The message from holodoc sounded very strange and from what little we knew of the new ensign, maybe it was something we needed to look into before anything else happened.

Cmdr. Sheba could not leave the bridge at the moment, so the order was given to Nurse holodoc to bring herself and the new ensign with her to the bridge.

If needed, she could call for security to escort them to the bridge. Report ASAP.

* * *


Holodoc received a message back from Lt. Col. Charybdis letting her know that she needed to come up to the bridge with Ensign Eirikhr to discuss things. The Lt Colonel had even mentioned calling Security to have them escort her along with the new Ensign to the bridge should she felt the need to do so & right now she felt it would be safer. Even though Ensign Eirikhr had willingly handed over his weapon to her, she thought it would be safer to have someone else around as they went up to the bridge.

After calling the Security Office & requesting someone from Security to come by MedLab to escort her along with the new Ensign to the bridge, Holodoc worked on a little paperwork while she waited. Once the Officer was there, both the Security Officer & Holodoc went over to the conference room where she had left Ensign Eirkhr.

Holodoc opens up the door & see's Ensign Eirikhr there sitting in one of the chairs waiting as patiently as he could for the others to arrive. "Ensign Eirikhr," Holodoc says, "there has been a slight change in plans. Instead of the Senior Staff coming down here to MedLab to talk, we are going up to the bridge to talk to them since a couple of the Senior Officers are unable to leave the bridge at the moment." Yes ma'am replies Ensign Eirikhr.

Ensign Eirikhr stands up & follows Holodoc out of the conference room & on out of MedLab to go to the bridge. Along the way, Ensign Eirikhr noticed that the Security Officer was following them to the bridge & decided to ask Lt Holodoc about it. "Nurse Holodoc," Eirikhr says, "why is the Security Officer following us?" Holodoc smiled slightly at Ensign Eirikhr's question & replies, "I thought it might be a good idea to have someone from Security to escort us up to the bridge Ensign as an added safety measure." Yes ma'am, replies Eirikhr.

A few centons later, Lt Holodoc & Ensign Eirikhr followed by the Security Officer walk onto the bridge. Holodoc walks over to were Lt Colonel Charybdis was located & patiently waits for him to acknowledge her.


Nurse holodoc and Ensign Eirikhr arrived on the bridge. I looked over at them and immediately noticed that the new Ensign was fidgeting more than a daggit on a sunspot.

"Reporting as ordered, sir," acknowledged the head nurse.

"Follow me into the Commander's war room." I said as I led them into Sheba's command room off of the main bridge.

The summons went out to Cmdr. Sheba and we waited for her to arrive. Major Joey also arrived along with Dr. Curemode. Nurse holodoc also mentioned that she had put out a call to Dr. BKJ.

This was certainly a lot of hubbub for one new Ensign. I hoped that this was well worth the effort.

* * *


Captain Brie just happened to notice Lt. Holodoc walking towards the bridge with Ensign Erikihr, followed by fleet security. Since the new ensign was a member of her squadron, she followed at a distance. She saw Holodoc greet Lt. Col. Charybdis, and then several people, including Erikihr, entered the Commander's war room. Out of duty more than curiosity, she approached the room. "Lt. Col., may I speak with you for a moment?"

As Charybdis left, Brie couldn't help but notice how nervous Erikihr was. "Yes, Captain?" Charybdis said.

"Sir," Brie began, "excuse me if it's none of my business, but if something is going on with one of the members of my squadron, shouldn't I be involved?"

* * *


"Shouldn't I be involved?" asked Brie as the rest of the senior officers entered the room with ENsign Eirikhr.

"Brie, I don't know if there is anything to be involved in. Nurse Holodoc just asked the senior officers to meet with her and the new Ensign. I have no idea what's up. But, he is your new Warrior, so the more the merrier. Come on" I motioned her to lead the way and we entered the room.

* * *


Holodoc noticed that Capt Brie came in with Lt Colonel Charybdis & they had a seat. She wondered where Doctor Bkj was at right then, but figured she shouldn't wait any longer since she knew that everyone present had things that needed to get done. Holodoc stands up from where she had been sitting & clears her throat to get everyone's attention.

"I know this seems odd," Holodoc begins, "but I thought that this was important since it may effect everyone onboard the Callisto. While I was giving Ensign Eirikhr his physical for his flight statis I noticed a few readings that didn't appear to be within normal perameters. The readings that I got indicates that it appears that Ensign Eirikhr has done some sort of time shift. If I am reading some of the scans correctly it appears that Ensign Eirikhr may even be from a different time line. I am unable to determine yet if he is from a future time line, a time line in our past, or even an alternate time line here in the present. I thought that Ensign Eirikhr should exlpain things himself & he should explain it to the you the Senior Officers since you would be the one's to ultimately decided how this situation will be handled." Holodoc grew quiet to see who would speak first about what she had just said.

* * *


What Holodoc had just said made no sense at all to Brie. She knew that there were things in the unviserse that she couldn't explain and that Ensign Erikihr had arrived under very unsual circ*mstances, but an alternate time line? There had to be a different explanation.

What if he was some type of plant from the Cylons? Their latest technology was unknown. Maybe they had come up with something that would change the scanners. Or maybe he had been chemically altered. She tried from her seat to look at his eyes. They didn't look red or glazed over.

Brie's thoughts turned to the upcoming mission. Erikihr was assigned with Amy. Should she take him off the mission? Tough question. If he WAS a spy for the Cylons, this might be a good way to find out. She raised her hand. "Lt. Holodoc, in your professional opinion, would this keep him from performing his duties as a viper pilot?"

* * *


"To be honest Major," Holodoc begins, "I don't know. From what I can tell so far from the readings there shouldn't be a problem with Ensign Erikihr being able to perform his duties as a viper pilot, but I would suggest maybe someone running him through the Viper Simulator just to be on the safe side. Then after that I or one of the others in MedLab can do another check to see if there are any adverse effects. I know all this seems strange, but I would rather be overly cautious on this rather than have anyone unnecessarily injured while out on a mission."

Holodoc grew quiet again to let what she just said sink in & also to see if there were any other questions that might be directed her way.

* * *


Sitting next to Brie I whisper...Maybe when I grow up I can be a Major too!..ha ha. Brie took her eyes off the quiet Ensign enough to say..Yes, you're right Cain "When you grow up". I guess I had that coming. :-\ Brie turned to look at him again, I asked "Is there something wrong?" Brie:"Huh? No, no."

* * *


From Ensign Eirikhr:
The waiting is what bothered Ensign Eirikhr, he had done all he could to try to indicated he was not some Cylon Human-Clone. He had given up his weapon lazer pistol, he had told Lt. Head Nurse Holodoc all that he knew but she had rather laggingly failed to tell the Senior Officers what he had told her, was dead Lord God Of Kobol Commander Adama wrong? Commander Adama had told him when he was 12 years old that Commander Sheba was the right person whom would understand this situation, perhaps the only one! Even his new commanding officer, Captain Brie of Battlestar Callisto Gold Squadron, was looking at him as if he were from another galaxy and not as friendly as she had been before. This gave him much pause, he was getting abit nervious as well, why wasn't Lt. Head Nurse Holodoc speaking up for him now and fielding more of the Senior Officers's questions and why was she indicating that Ensign Eirikhr should be supervised when he was to take more training. Did they think of him as some kind of Cylon Explosive device? ****Ensign Eirikhr clears his throat in the hopes that Lt. Head Nurse Holodoc will hear him and understand his frustration.

* * *


Holodoc had just finished answering Major Brie's question & waiting to see if there were any other questions when she hears Ensign Eirikhr clear his throat some. She looks towards him & notices that he is somewhat frustrated that she has yet to reveal what he had told her down in MedLab.

Holodoc turns back towards the Senior Officers & begins speaking again. "There are a couple other things that Ensign Eirikhr has revealed to me during his physical, that I don't fully understand myself, but maybe someone here will understand what it all means & know what to do with the information. In one time line Ensign Eirikhr is Commander of the Battlestar Galactica II & in that time line they have already found Earth, & in another time line he is Captain Troy's actual son. Here in our time though he is a new Ensign coming onboard the Callisto. I have yet to figure out which time line he should be in at the moment & thought that he should tell more about himself & where he actually come from & when he did explain things in more detail I thought it would be best that you, the Senior Officers, be present for this."

Holodoc then turns back towards Ensign Eirikhr & asks him to tell everyone more about himself & where it is that he actually comes from.


From Ensign Eirikhr:
***Ensign Eirikhr takes a deep breath then for a second composes his thoughts on the matter being discussed in the War Room of The Battlestar Callisto, he rises and thanks Lt. Head Nurse Holodoc for speaking up for him***, "I know that many of you might prefer it if I were some Cylon Human-Clone with some self-destruct mechanism." Ensign Eirikhr says carefully, "But since Lt. Holodoc gave me permission to speak to this assembly of some of the Finest officers in the Rag-Tag Fleet of two Battlestars that may be the salvation of Man Kind, I thought it was important to give you as much background I can.

First of all, I feel that I should point out that I willingly gave my lazer pistol to Lt. Head Nurse Holodoc as a sign of faith that I was acting in the finest decorium of a Colonial Warrior that I know how to be, I learned this from My older Brother Captain Troy/My Father Commander Troy. Yes in a future timeline he will command the Battlestar Galactica, unfortunately Commander Apollo will disappear, his father Commander Adama is dead these many years and I got a chance to meet him in the Lord Gods Of Kobol dimention when I was 12 Yahrens old, better yet in that visitation Commander Adama told me that he was now an Lord God Of Kobol. A few minutes after this I was in my own bedroom quarters of Captain Troy and he walked into my room and told me that Commander Adama had died, that was the alternate universe where Captain Troy was my father.

This experience was no accident, in an alternate universe Strike Commander of Blue Squadron of the Battlestar Galactica, Captain Apollo will be killed by an being called "Diabolis Prince Of Darkness", Apollo will be taken from an planet where he died by the Alternate Lt. Sheba, the Commander Sheba that is sitting before us right now and Lt. Starbuck whom was with her and Apollo at the time and taken aboard a shuttlecraft and they all will be taken aboard the Lord Gods Of Kobol Interdimentional Spacecraft. Captain Apollo will be revived because of the love of Lt. Starbuck,Lt. Sheba, and the Lord Gods Of Kobol.

They will be given the exact coordinants of The Thirteenth Colony Of Earth and will eventually find Earth, Prince Diabolis will be eventually defeated, as crazy as it sounds, Diabolis invented the Cylon Imperious Leader IL series and the Cylon Centurions Cyberotics that have given Us Capricans so much trouble. How do I know all this because Dead Commander Adama told me that Commander Sheba would understand me on this particular item and the fact that I am aboard the Battlestar Callisto mysteriously, am I an Lord God Of Kobol, the answer is absolutely not!

In an alternate universe, some 120 Yahrens in the future I may be the Commander of The Flagship Battlestar Galactica II, we will be defending the New Twelve Colonies Inter-Galactic Federation against the whole Cylon Empire. Why you ask, because Lt. Starbuck did not die deep in Space in his Viperfightercraft in an engagement with the Cylons. He crashlanded on a deserted planet he named "Planet Starbuck", the planet was completely deserted, except for a crashed Cylon Raider that Starbuck had shot down. From 2 deactivated Cylons, Starbuck repaired one he called "Cy The Cylon", slowly Starbuck and the Cylon Cy became friends and helped each other survive on this planet.
Cy was cut off from the Cylon Mainframe and Starbuck was his only companion, Cy sensed that Starbuck need female companionship and heroically marched off and mysteriously found an young woman humanoid female called "Angelanon" in an cave sick from exposiure and she was pregnant, nothing must do so Cy took Angelanon to the shack that he and Starbuck had built, you see Starbuck and Angelanon was now Cy's family, Starbuck an younger brother, Angelanon the mother expectant with child.

Unfortunately Angelanon was an being that was one of the Lord Gods Of Kobol that had done an indescretion with some other Lord God Of Kobol, she had to flee knowing that she was pregnant, some other Lord Gods Of Kobol helped her but were persuied by the group headed by Prince Diabolis Prince Of Darkness.

Starbuck and Cy helped Angelanon deliver an humanoid baby boy, Angelanon died, Cy and Starbuck had already built an 2 person rescue-craft and place the baby Zeeanon in that craft and launched it on course for the Battlestar Galactica. Starbuck and Cy knew that the Cylons might track Cy's Raider Fightercraft, Angelanon had said as much before she died. A Cylon Raider did land after an Centon and Cy defended Starbuck but was killed as he shot 3 Cylon Centurion Cyberotics.

Starbuck reprogrammed the Cylon Raider and sometime later flew away from the Planet Starbuck, after many adventures he would find the Battlestar Galactica and the Rag-Tag Fleet.

Senior Officers, Cy The Cylon had an secret name of "Rothallious", after a few Yahrens and rebellious Cyborgist, called "Thoronallus" whom was totally against the Cyberotic Imperious Leaders would come to Planet Starbuck and read Rothallious's damaged memory banks, he would learn that Cylons and Capricans could live in peace, if the Cyberotics were defeated completely then Prince Diabolis would be powerless, in the alternate universe where I am Commander of The Battlestar Galactica II, Thoronallus comes to me secretly and asks me to allow him to appear before the New Council Of The Twelve Inter-Galactic Federation to speak to them about the Cyborgists joining in alliance with the Colonials to defeat the Cyberotics.......and have a peaceful new coexistance between the Capricans and the Cylon Serpents.

Any questions anyone.......I now give the Floor to you whom may want to question me."

* * *


The people in the room sat in stunned silence when Ensign Eirikhr had finished his story. It was interrupted when Science Officer Solon said, "Wow! That was a humdinger of a story, son." He'd entered the room late, but he had heard Eirikhr's tale in its entirety. “Sorry I’m late, Commander,” he said with his voice cracking slightly. “That disk drive’s giving us a world of information. Too bad we’re getting it about 130 yahrens too late.”

“Thank you for joining us, Solon,” said Commander Sheba. “In short, we have a new Ensign aboard our ship who tells a fantastic tale of an alternate time and place not connected to our own except through the strangeness of fate. The problem is, he only recently arrived from—was it the Galactica or did you call it the Galactica II, Ensign?—while we were in this current jump. Of course, there is no record of any arrivals during the jump, and to make matters even more complex, he claims to be from either the future or from an alternate timeline."

"Yes, Commander, I gathered as much. Sure is a strange tale, but Ensign, you turning into a Cylon clone thinger-ma-jigger is not what would be good for anybody about now, so unless that's what you really are, which I doubt, put that little scenario out of your mind. CureMode, let's parley while they're asking any questions they might have."

The questions for Holodoc and Eirikhr continued for some time. Solon and CureMode slipped to the rear of the room to debate the scientific possibilities, pausing periodically to ask a question, and occasionally asking follow-ups to those posed by the others. Eirikhr was obviously concerned that his story was being greeted with some degree of skepticism, but as the centons turned passed the centar mark, Commander Sheba finally asked, “CureMode, Solon, do you have any insight into this situation?”

CureMode smiled as he said, “Solon’s going to take this one. Sir.”

“We know that there is a scientific possibility that—”

Solon rose from his seat, and as he spoke, he started drawing a series of overlapping circles on the board. Some barely touched, but others were offset only slightly. Then, he drew a side view, showing how they could be offset.vertically as well as horizontally. He began a very simplified analogy that showed how parallel universes could exist. He concluded with a statement that Eirikhr’s story was entirely possible.

“Solon, all of that is well and good, but is there any proof about any of this?” asked a skeptical Lieutenant Colonel Charybdis.

“No, Colonel,” croaked Solon. “There’s absolutely no proof whatsoever. Our current scientific understanding will have to be advanced a long way before we’ll ever be able to prove it one way or the other; however, chances are, the young man himself would be the best proof of all. Let’s do a DNA check. If he’s who he says, and assuming the parallelities aren’t too far apart and aren’t too skewed, his DNA will probably be similar to that of our universe’s Troy. Of course, they could be completely different, or I could be entirely wrong about the whole theory.”

“Nurse Holodoc, how long will it take you to do the test?” asked Sheba.

“Just a couple of centons, Commander. I’ll have Lorna, our Medical Clerk set things up now. I will take Eirikhr back to the Med Lab for the test. I will send the results as soon as they are available.”

“Very good, Nurse Holodoc. A security team will escort you, and will return Ensign Eirikhr to us after you have taken the sample. Let us know the results as soon as possible.”

They left the room, and the conversation continued. Finally, when the results arrived a few centons after Ensign Eirikhr’s return, Commander Sheba said to the others, “I see a young man who appears to exist aboard our vessel under very unusual circ*mstances. The test result was inconclusive, but there were distinct similarities. Since it is getting so late, and since we are coming out of this jump early in First Shift, unless Colonel Charybdis or Major Brie have further concerns, I propose that we welcome our newest Ensign, accept the unusual circ*mstances for what they are, and ask our Science Department to continue to research this, in case he ever decides to go home. Colonel, Major, Ensign? Do any of you have anything to add? If not, Ensign Eirikhr had best sprint to Alpha Bay Flight Ready Room. Major Lucian reported that the joint briefing for Black and Gold Squadrons was starting a few centons ago.”

She paused briefly, to see if anyone had anything else to say before she turned to other pressing matters.

* * *


Lt Kris got her orders and headed to go get ready. ****
I sat there and threw my work out gear in my locker as I pulled out my Flight gear. I grumbled, still obviously disgruntled over the whole obstical course and that "bulldog" that was running it.
"One of these days....geez time never works out for me and Nat. What is he going to think this time? I don't want him to think I am purposely trying to avoid him. Oh man, this is so hard." I sat down and started to write a message to Nat. I heard someone come in and I looked up.
"Do you always talk to yourself, Kris?" Kellyn asked smiling. I laughed, she had heard me going thru my rant.
"Only when I get told I am going on duty. Nah just a lot on my mind I guess. You going too huh?" She nodded.
"So did you really shoot the target in the uh ..." I stopped her as I turned red.
"Yeah I did!" We both busted up laughing.
"On purpose?"
"Nope, I just prayed to the Lords of Kobol that I atleast hit it somewhere. I still couldn't see it very well."
"So what else is on your mind Kris?" I sat down and looked at my note I was working on.
"What else is normally on my mind... Nat."


"Well atleast you have a man to have on your mind"Kellyn replied."I don't know what's up with the men around here.What are you working on anyway?"she asked.

"A note for Nat"Kris said."He kinda told me some stuff recently and I guess I didn't take it very well,but I don't want him to think I am going on this mission to avoid him or anything"Kris explained.

"I'm sure he will understand that.No one is going becuase they want too.Well except for me probably"Kellyn laughed.

"You want to go?"Kris asked.

"Yeah,I have nothing better to do."Kellyn said."So do you love this guy?"she asked.

"I do,but things just never seem to work out"Kris sighed heavily.

"Well then tell him just that.Maybe when you get back things will be better for the two of you."Kellyn told her.

* * *


I sat there and thought on what Kellyn had said about after this mission if things will work out better for me and Nat. I picked back up my pen and paper and thought again.
"Why are you using the old written way?" Kellyn asked.
"Its more personal I think." I blushed as I thought of him seeing this note.
"What do you have so far?" I showed her a blank piece of paper except the words "My dearest Nat,". She laughed at me and sat down with me.
"OK Kris let's get to work on this master piece." So together we worked on the note. It seemed like forever passed and we finally finished it. I took off down the hall to the training room, where knew it would be seen by Nat. I placed it there on his desk in his chair, and looked around. I guess I hoped to see him before I headed out again, but I headed back to the locker room again. I came in out of breath.
"I (gasp) put it on his chair (gasp) and ran back like a chicken!" Kellyn thru a towel at me after I flopped on the bench.
"She's out for the count!" I took the towel off my face and laughed.
"Yeah Yeah, I will say if that woman he was in love with was alive, I would probably be out for the count. Have you ever been jealous of a memory?" I looked at Kellyn and wondered if I was just being silly.

* * *


"Oh I can understand that.I am definitely the jealous type.You think maybe thats why I don't have a guy?"Kellyn asked.

Kris laughed."Maybe you don't have a guy because you keep to yourself too much"

"Could be that too but this isn't about me it's about you and Nat.Wouldn't you love to be there when he finds the note?"Kellyn asked.

"I would love to see his reaction if thats what you mean."Kris said.

"I would go crazy if I had to wait until the end of this msiion to find out.Maybe you will have time to uhh,run into him before we go"Kellyn suggested.

Kris smiled....

* * *


It was getting late in the afternoon, and Lazant had been ranting (Lazant...rant? Hmmm, this could be fun, he thought) about finishing this series of exercises before the end of first shift. Already, some Warriors would be planning their missions that would begin at the start of First Shift tomorrow, and he was still trying to trip up this group of trainees. Two of the three groups of Frodarian pilots had been checked out on the Vipers, and so far the third group was looking good, too. Although their old pod ships were strikingly different, the basic flight operation appeared to be similar (minus speed, maneuverability, take-off, landing, firing...well, maybe not that similar) so the Frodarians had picked it right up from the start. They'd learned Vipers inside and out in the first two cycles, and so far, they'd shown they could fly in the Sims. Adjusting a panel, he returned to the desk in the Control Center. Just before sliding into the chair, he noticed an envelope with his name. Picking it up from the chair, he smiled on recognizing the handwriting, but winced again immediately on realizing that this could be the letter he had been dreading. His revelations of the other night could have been the last straw that would break the sandtrotter's back.

"Flight Control, all is ready," came the call from the Sim Viper leader. He tucked the envelope in his shirt, with plans to read it later. Maybe he'd even get to see her later that cycle.

"Vipers," he called, "launch when ready."

* * *

A couple of centars later, Commander Sheba read the reports and issued the order to assign the Frodarians to Silver Spar Squadron on a temporary basis. Captain Buellah would assign several of them to the short range escort mission that would begin at the start of the next cycle.

* * *


Nat had passed the Frodarians on their Viper Sim training. Launch and landing had been a little different for them, but they seemed to adjust easily, and really excel in out flying and blasting the computer simulated Cylons. Most of the Frodarians would be getting short range flights over the next cycle or two to allow them to complete their certifications.

He planned to hit the turbowash and then find Kris. Since they’d had their heart to heart talk a few cycles ago, he’d barely seen her. If it wasn’t for the fact that they were both extremely busy, he would have suspected that his news had hardened her heart against him, and that they’d never see each other romantically again. Thinking of this, he glanced around to be sure no one was watching him, and then pulled the note from his pocket, and straightened it carefully. Opening it, he hoped against hope that Kris wasn’t just giving him the old heave-ho. He leaned against the corridor wall as he read.

My dearest Nat,

I know that you felt you could trust me with the things you revealed the other night. I just wish I could have been better about it. I should have been more understanding and I wasn't. Nat, I am sorry. It wasn't knowing you were in love that hurt, but how you looked as you talked about her, as if she was still alive to you. I felt as if I was competing with a ghost. You spoke of how strong she was, I found myself comparing to her and I fell very short of being strong. You know it, and I know it. But one thing I can tell you is that I love you and if needed be I would fight for you. I wish I could redo that evening and take things better, but I can't change that. I hope you don't think rash of me over this and well I want things to work out for us Nat. I hope you want the same thing.

There is some bad news. I found out I am flying second in the upcoming mission and well that is why you have this note instead of me. Right now I am in the locker room getting ready, and it hit me. I don't want you to think I am avoiding you. It just seems we never get much time together that's all. I want you to know I will be thinking of you as I head out. Maybe when I get back if you want, we can try that dinner again that was planned so long ago for us in your room. The choice is yours.

Yours Always,

The “L” word!

She’d used the “L” word, and surprisingly, he hadn’t felt panic. In fact, he thought, it felt right. He’d known for some time that he loved her, but he could not bear the thought of saying it, out of fear that she would not be ready to hear the words or face the reality of it.

Frustrated and exhausted, Nat slowly sank to the floor. He put his head in his hands in disbelief that they would be kept apart again. He thought, for only an instant, that he could go to Major Lucian and ask to have her taken off the mission. Of course, when Lucian asked why and Nat responded that he just wanted to spend time with her, Lucian would probably laugh hysterically at him even as he busted him back down to Cadet, or even worse, Enlistee. No, she needed the mission to continue to build her skills and her confidence. She should go and Nat would do nothing to stop her or screw up her life.

He read the note again before rising to continue on his way. He was now sharing his room with three of the Frodarian Warriors, including Captain Jorlan, so he had no desire to return to it. He swung by the Black Squadron barracks to see if he could see Kris for just a moment, but he was informed by one of the Warriors that the primary and backup teams for the upcoming mission were currently being briefed. Knowing that it would take a while and that they would need their rest when it was over, Nat thanked her and left. He went to the O-Club for another semi-tasteless meal, and while sitting there, wrote her a short note:

Dearest Kris,

She is long gone. I realized and accepted that long ago. Today, you compete not with her, but with my own doubts and uncertainty. My foremost desire is to never hurt you, yet it seems that every time I turn around, I’ve done it again. Please forgive me frequently as I try to do better and learn to accept the fact that you do love me despite my stupid streak.

Go with the Lords of Kobol. Accomplish your mission like the true Warrior that you are, and then return home safely. I look forward to seeing you then.

All my love,


With some real coaxing topped off with the promise of a centar of personal Viper Sim training, he was finally able to talk Lieutenant Starwing into leaving it on her bunk. A tired Lieutenant Nat returned to his quarters and promptly fell asleep, despite the noise.


We were still gathered around waiting on Cmdr. Sheba when a bridge officer came in and summoned me out to the door. He whispered the news that had just come across...Brie had just been elected leader of Gold squadron again!

A smile crossed my face. I nodded to the officer and turned back into the room. I called Brie over and she came over to me.

We stepped outside of the room. "Brie, the news has just come in, you've been elected Gold squadron leader again. And with that, you are officially promoted to the rank of Major. Congratulations!" I said as I threw my arms around her to congratulate her. It was well earned.

She stood there about looking shocked. She smiled as I waited to see what she would say...

"By the way," I mentioned to Brie as well, "make sure you get me your decision of who will be Second-in-Command of the squadron."

* * *


Brie had tried her best to put the election out of her mind. She had run Gold Squadron the best that she could, and if she was re-elected then that was a vote of confidence from her warriors. In her mind she had prepared herself for moving to the bridge, something she didn't really want to do. Along with another yarhen as Gold Squadron's leader, she had just received a promotion. It was a lot to process.

She realized that Charybdis, her dear friend, was waiting for her to say something, but her mind was blank. "So," she said at last, "does this mean I get a raise?"

"As far as Second-in-Command goes, Cain has done an admirable job for the past two yarhens, and I see no reason to change. Now, about that raise..."

* * *


Commander Sheba came into the room, and upon seeing Brie, smiled warmly and extended her hand. "Congratulations, Major," she said, "on both counts."

Major Brie couldn't tell for sure, but she got the impression that only military decorum was keeping Sheba from walking up and hugging her.

Sheba took a few moments longer than usual to come to the point due to the good news and the ensuing pleasantries. Soon, however, she turned to Charybdis and said, "Colonel, let us make this quick. The latest reports on the Pauvwell system is that there are enough asteroids floating around that we may be in extreme danger throughout our stay in the system. We must do our best to make sure we don't stay long. Let's meet as soon as we're done here.

"Now, about this young Ensign...what was his name? I must have misspelled it. I couldn't even find him in my database."

CH. 14 Dodgeball


Senior Flight Officer Solan stepped to the front of the briefing room. In light of how closely the squadrons had been working together recently, Majors Brie and Lucian had agreed to have a joint briefing in Alpha Bay’s Ready Room Number 1. Both survey groups would be launching from Alpha Bay anyway, since most of the Black Squadron Vipers had been temporarily housed there after the battles in the Frodarian system due to the extensive damage taken in the battle to Beta Bay.

Solan was about half the age of his uncle, Science Officer Solon, but other than THAT, they had few similar characteristics. Solan still had a full head of dark hair, and a thin moustache. He was relatively tall and powerfully built, and he rarely ever wasted time on pleasantries. Instead, he tried to arrow straight in on the point, whereas his uncle had rarely ever been accused of doing that. As soon as Major Lucian nodded to him, he was into the briefing.

“From our long-range observations, the Pauvwell system consists of a small to medium sized reddish star surrounded by two bands of asteroids,” Solan said, pointing to the map being displayed on the large vid screen. “We’ve detected no large bodies indicative of planets. We believe there are numerous comets and rogue asteroids based on anomalies that have been noted in the analyses.”

“We’ll be coming in about here. There may be some small tag-along asteroid-type debris, so we’ll watch for this immediately on arrival. If it gets bad, we will delay survey teams launch until it clears. Once you’ve launched, you are on comm silence, except short-range ship-to-ship may be used, sparingly. On the way out, you will operate as conservatively as possible to conserve fuel. Don’t forget that! If you run into anything, you’re on your own; use your judgment.”

He talked specifics for a few more centons, but paused to glare when Ensign Eirikhr entered the room and had a seat. “Ensign, on this ship, and in my briefings, you will be on time, or you will be out an assignment. Understood?”

Eirikhr was saying, “Yes, Sir!” At the same time, Major Lucian, who didn’t know Solan very well, said, “Senior Flight Officer Solan, I’ll take the responsibility for him on this one. It was arranged with Major Brie and Commander Sheba. I’ll brief the Major and the Ensign on what they missed when she arrives.”

Solan nodded and continued, “Our objective is locating a jump point that will take us to the Axces System, which on our star chart, is here. There may be multiple jump points, but as always, there will only be one really good one that will get us there in the quickest time possible.” Switching screens, he continued, “Gold Squadron will take the ‘right side’ of the system. Our objective is a suitable jump point in this vicinity, here,” he said, circling his laser pointer on the screen. “There may be lots of crap floating around out there, so be careful. Be on alert for any ships in the system. There will be great hiding places here, especially for pirates and marauders, if there are any in this system.

“Black Squadron, you’ve got the ‘left.’ Your objective is believed to be in this area, which borders Gold’s objective. Once you’ve run your scans and done your calcs, the teams will combine for the return trip home. Gold Leader drew the straw as mission commander for the return trip. If there have been no signs of life or technology discovered, you’ll return to the Callisto as quickly as possible while conserving fuel to the maximum extent possible.”

He looked around the room and said, “That’s it. Any questions?”

* * *


From Ensign Eirikhr:
Ensign Eirikhr raises his hand to be acknowledged as Senior Flight Officer Solan looks at him, standing on the Ready Room Podium, "May I have permission to stand up and address you Senior Flight Officer. I have a question." Senior Flight Officer Solan looks with narrowed eyes at Ensign Eirikhr, much like a Caprican Scientist examining an Dagget for Ratallium Capricaious Disease. "Well yes you may address me," Senior Flight Officer Solan says in an icy voice, "I give you something for guts but make it good." Ensign Eirikhr snaps to attention from his seat in the back row and respectfully salutes Senior Officer Solan in the best Caprican Military Academy Decorium, "First of all I appoligize that I am late and it Will Not Happen Again, Secondly I Learn From My Mistakes.
I would like to ask what happens if we encounter a smaller Cylon Taskforce in the Pauvwell System near the star where Gold Squadron will be looking for a Jump Point for the Axces System amongst the space debris that Gold Squadron will investigate on the Right Side, will this interfere with our Survey Mission Sir?"

Ensign Eirikhr remains standing next to his chair.

* * *


I sat there in the briefing room, still stunned that the Major was asking me to be second for the Black mission. My mind raced as I thought of what all has happened in the past few sectars on the Callisto. Suddenly I heard something that made me laugh.
"If you find yourself in a bind, just ask Lt Kris to tow you back! I hear she's good at that. Just ask the Major!" the room busted up laughing. It was Lt MaraJade.
"Yeah Yeah laugh it up cuz if it's you Mara, you will have to find your own way home! Remember Black is left Gold is right! I am not hauling my cookies to save your tail if all you need is a tow. Plus I have raised my towing rates! I don't think you can afford them!" I couldn't help teasing back at her. I looked at poor Major Lucian and I shook my head as I smiled at him. I knew it was going to be a long time till we lived that one down. The room was dissmissed and I was nearly ran over by my twin as she came in with someone's blaster. At that point I didn't want to know. I walked over to where the Major was.
"Sir, may I ask you a question?"
"Sure what is it lieutenant?"
"I am honored that you picked me to be second in command for this mission, but can I ask why you did? I don't want to sound like I am questioning your decision, I just... am curious that is all. Sorry I asked."

* * *


Lt Jarrynn sat there monitoring Lt Najinn as he rested peacefully. Still with in her she hoped that one day he would let her in his heart, but resigned that the only words he would call her was "friend". Her heart heavy with that, she went about going thru the medlab. She came across a blaster and looked around. Going thru the past centons of patients Jarrynn found that the new Ensign was there. She took a look at Najinn and saw he was ok and left a tech in charge of watching him. Plus she knew Holodoc was there. So she took off in a sprint to the briefing room. She nearly took out her twin and as funny as it is to see them together at times, this was weird for Jarrynn for she felt weird seeing her twin like that. She shook it off, thinking she was just drained and exhausted. She didn't sleep much since the planet mission. She saw the new ensign and walked up to him. Tapping him on the shoulder she cleared her throat as she held out his weapon.
"Ensign I think this is yours?" He looked flustered as he took it from her.
"Don't worry Ensign, it happens to the best of them. Good luck on your mission. Watch out for Lt MaraJade. She's a fiesty one. Soon to be sealed to Captain Skyler!" Jarrynn headed over to Major Lucian.
"Sorry it took me so long to get back to you Major, I understand you wanted to talk to me?"

* * *


Solan stood there with a grin on his face similar to that of the proverbial cat with bird feathers sticking out its mouth.

"SOP--standard operating procedure, Ensign. I suggest you read up on it. For a quick review: If they're larger or smaller in number than your force, and they haven't discovered you, you follow discretely, find their base of operation, and report back to the Callisto without being seen. If they're smaller in number and you've been located, you TAKE THEM OUT! If they're more numerous and they see you, it's up to the mission commander. Whatever happens, you don't ever lead a large force back to this Battlestar if it appears that said force would endanger this ship. Next?"

In the back of the room, Major Lucian looked at a young Lieutenant questioning her orders and ability. He said, "Lieutenant Kris, examine your question. You wonder why? Your wondering is exactly the reason. Instead of wondering why, you should be asking yourself, 'why not?' You must prove to yourself that you can do this. You gain experience and confidence by doing something, sometimes over and over. If you don't think you can do it, you've got two choices: try and do, or give up and walk away. I have confidence that you'll do the first. Go get some sleep, and don't prove me wrong tomorrow."

"Thank you! Major!" said Lieutenant Kris as she turned and rushed toward the door. Moments later, on seeing Kris and Jarrynn collide, Lucian laughed. Nurse Jarrynn gingerly handed a laser pistol to Ensign Eirikhr, and after a brief exchange under the glaring watch of Senior Flight Officer Solon that neither seemed to notice, Jarrynn approached Lucian.

Lucian replied, "Yes, Nurse Jarrynn, I want to schedule an eye exam. I've noticed that I've had a little difficulty seeing clearly recently, and I want to get this taken care of now before it gets worse."

* * *


Some thing about Ensign Erikhr's story just didn't sit right with Brie. Some people seemed to believe what he was saying, but Brie didn't. It was just too strange to be true. She had seen the look on Lt. Col Charybdis' face, realized that he had doubts as well. Using Lt. Holodoc's suggestion that Erikihr spend time in the sims before going on a mission as an excuse, Brie decided to make a change.

"Ensign," Brie said, trying to get his attention.

Erikihr approached Brie. "You don't believe me, do you, Major."

"It's not my job to believe you or not," Brie said, avoiding an answer. "My job is to take care of Gold Squadron. Since it's been recommended that you spend time in the sims before going on a mission, I'm sorry but I'll have to replace you."

"I understand," Erikihr replied, obviously disappointed.

As Brie left to find Kiwi and brief him on the mission, she decided that maybe she should stop putting off that visit with Najinn. He might be able to fill her in on Cylong brainwashing.


"Sure anytime you are ready come on down. I will get you in and see what is going on." she said with a smile. She rubbed her shoulder from where her and Kris bumped into each other. Lucian still chuckled.
"Is it weird having her on board?" he asked.
"Sometimes. It's weird having one period. It takes some getting used to when you see a reflection of yourself a lot. And I didn't know she was going on the mission since she just came back from one. I guess that is why I was caught off guard. I mainly came down to return the new ensign's weapon since he left it in the medlab. Anyways thanks."
"Whatever you said that made her smile. It's been hard to see her smile lately except when she mentioned the shooting range and where she ended up hitting the target. And I agree with Amy. I think all the girls on board would love to get their hands on a greeting card with that on it when ever they are scorned by the menfolk here." She winked as she laughed. "did you know that she really didn't intend to hit the target there?" The new ensign came over and looked at Jarrynn rather funny as if he was trying to figure something out in his head.
"Ensign, Lt Kris is my TWIN! Yes there are two of us running rampant on this ship. NO we are not clones. Yes we are individuals. And she is the one to watch out for not me! No matter what she says! Yes you just saw us together. No I can not change my clothes and hair color in a micron." Jarrynn was so used to getting these questions that she just automatically rambles them off to people who look at her and Kris like she was getting from the new ensign. Turning back to Major Lucian, who was chuckling.
"I take it you get questioned a lot?"
"All the time for all our lives so far. So when are you heading down?"

* * *


"Jarrynn, after the mission launches at the start of First Shift, I'm meeting with our Warrior Training Team, and then with Commander Sheba," said Lucian. "I'll swing by right after lunch, say 05:00, if that's all right with you? For now, I'm going to talk to Major Brie and Eirikhr, then go ride herd on our mission personnel to be sure they are well rested in the morning." Chuckling again, he said, "Can you do me a favor? Ask Nurse Holodoc to lay off any pranks tonight, at least with respect to the survey team members, okay?"

He didn't say it, but he planned to get some sleep himself as soon as he could. They said goodnight, and Jarrynn was on her way. Lucian shook his head thanking the Lords that the twins had separate careers. If they wore the same uniform type and he had to tell them apart every day....

He saw Brie across the room with Eirikhr, whose face had a pained expression. Lucian went to find out what was happening.

* * *


After the briefing ended, Rose headed out to get something to eat in the mess hall and then relax some before heading off to her bunk to get some needed rest before the mission that she would be going on soon. She hadn't seen Hawke in awhile and wondered if he was working or not. Guess she would just have to wait and see since she didn't know where to find him at the moment.

After a short walk back up to the Mess Hall, Rose goes inside and over to the line to get something to eat. Once she had selected the items she wanted, Rose went over to one of the empty table she was able to find after searching the room some. Rose sat down at the table and quietly ate her dinner alone. Once she finished her dinner several centons later, Rose got up and headed out of the mess hall. She wasn't ready to head back to the barracks yet and go to bed. So she decided to go to the oberservation lounge and sit and think for awhile while looking out the windows.

After a little searching, Rose finds the oberservation lounge and walks inside. She then goes over to one of the couches near the windows and sits down pulling her legs up to her. While she was sitting there, Rose looks out the window and begins thinking about various things that have happened over the past few cycles.


Frome Ensign Eirikhr:
While still in the Alpha Bay Ready Room, after all the other Colonial Warriors are rushing out after the Pauvwell Survey Briefing for the Pauvwell Survey Mission, Ensign Eirikhr is hailed by his commanding officer, Captain Major Brie Of Gold Squadron, she tells him some devistating news......he's darn well pulled from this mission because (A) Captain Major Brie thinks he is a real Cylon Humanoid-Clone, (B) Ensign Eirikhr may be what everyone believes, a Baltar-like traitor from somewhere unknown, (C) Ensign Eirikhr picks it out of Captain Major Brie's expression........He's been brainwashed by the Cylons and sent here by them to Infiltrate the Battlestar Callisto! ***My God, has the Lord Gods Of Kobol and Commander Adama got me into, thinks Ensign Eirikhr.***

In a low disappointed voice Ensign Eirikhr intones in clipped Colonial Cadet Academy Decorium, easily recognized by this bullish-headed Alternate Captain Major Brie, "Captain Major do what ever you think is best for your Gold Squadron. I will obey your orders in this matter, if you wish me off this mission, fine, you will post someone else in my place that is your decision and only yours not mine..........but as an Colonial Warrior Ensign First Class Cadet Graduate I have some rights too as you well know, first you have not stated any true reasons why I am ordered off this mission, however if I were even to state what I believe you think about me, you would have me residing in the Callisto Brig's cooler for insubordination to a superior officer. Ma'am I am too honorable to say that too have not given me permission to speak freely and I will not in this situation.

It is because of you, Commander Apollo, Commander Sheba and Lt. Commander Athena, that I am here on the Battlestar Callisto in this timeline, the late Commander Adama had such high hopes in you, me and others......was he proved wrong?" ***Ensign Eirikhr sighs***, "It is pretty clear that Commander Sheba will not interceed in this matter so I have a bit of a salution to your problem of my believability.......before I take the Viper Simulator training I will go to the MediBay and have Lt. Head Nurse Holodoc and Science Officer Solon take samples of my brain tissue and have me put voluntarily on the Hypnoscan-Brain Wave Scanning Equipment to check if I have ever been brainwashed by the'am I trust that will be sufficient for your fears?" Ensign Eirikhr notes Major Lucian comming over to talk to them, he whispers to Captain Major Brie, "You better inform him of your decision now?"


Listening attentively to the briefing from the back row, a smile came across Ensign JustinB's face. This would be his first mission and he was looking forward to it. Even though it is just a survey mission he was hoping that there was action. Not that he was gun-ho, but he was eager to put his training into practice.

At the end of the briefing, JustinB went to the mess hall to grab a light meal. Afterwards he decided to go for a walk and see if he could find Lieutenant Anubis. JustinB ended up at the observation lounge and saw a Lieutenant sitting down who was at the briefing. “Hi there” he said as he sat across from her, “I am Ensign JustinB.”

“Hi, I am Lieutenant Rose,” Lieutenant Rose said. “Ma’am, I see that we are rostered as part of the Black Squadron contingent of the survey team. Just wondering, any pointers for the mission, as it is my first mission?”

“A good sleep before any mission is essential, remember your training and stay close to Lieutenant Anubis but be alert,” Rose said. “Thanks ma’am, and thank you for your help,” JustinB said as he got up.

He then headed for the Black Squadron barracks to get some good sleep for the upcoming mission. JustinB then hopped in his bunk and had a relaxing sleep.


From Ensign Eirikhr:
Captain Major Brie says noting to Ensign Eirikhr's words, perhaps the lesson from one so young has not impressed her, perhaps Ensign Eirikhr's words from his Foster Great Grand Father has finally broke through the very ice walls that Captain Major Brie has built up around herself that she had when Ensign Eirikhr's mysterious arrival had spawned. At any rate Captain Major Brie stalks off to her duties and leaves Eirikhr alone in the empty Alpha Bay Ready room,what ever the reason, Ensign Eirikhr had to get through to someone.......this knowledge could be a curse and a living-death to those stuck in these cursed Fracking Book Of The Word Altered Timelines.....he quickly notes that Major Lucian is walking towards the Alpha Bay Ready Room with a body language that he saw the interplay between Captain Major Brie and Ensign Eirikhr.

***While Ensign Eirikhr thinks and sulks his mind wanders.........No! Not a gain.......Eirikhr's body stiffens, automatically he is staring off into space much the same way That Commander Sheba had been doing a few many Microns ago, his Spirit Mind leaves his body enveloped in a Golden Beam Of Light passing through dark cooridors past alternate timelines and alternate universes..........destination the Lord Gods Of Kobol Dimention.........there is no sensation of death only a sense of well being, love and compassion.......but Ensign Eirikhr's Spirit Mind is not fooled, it is angry and hurt that the Lord Gods Of Kobol would put him in such a situation. Then the ship is there, Ensign Eirikhr's Spirit mind enters a vast realm of Golden Lighted walls, he is in a small-vast room, Golden Walls all around like clouds but more substanctical that Blastithick Steelite.

He sits again on an Golden Chair-block as a golden portal opens at the front wall of the small-vast room, a familiar figure walls through the portal followed by another, the first is taller than the second but Ensign Eirikhr recognizes him even with the Golden Light Gown and the hood over his face with the full green eyeslits staring at him. Lord God Adama.....the other? What does Ensign Eirikhr care, Adama will introduce him soon enough.***

The first figure takes off the hood, and it is the face of his familiar Foster Great Grand Father the Late Commander Adama, "You have done well Ensign Eirikhr..........much you have given have risen their hopes.......I thankyou.", Adama intones a bit amused.
"I have done well, well I do not think so Adama!!!!!", shouts Ensign Eirikhr, "What have you done to me......why have the Battlestar Callisto think I am some sort of Cylon Human-Clone, the other half like Captain Major Brie think that I am a POW having been brainwashed by the Cylons and then you say I have done well.",sputters Ensign Eirikhr now in a lower voice very indignantly.

"We did not tell you because you could have effected the outcome of their decisions Eirikhr, you are much like my son Zack is and was.....please remove the hood Son, Eirikhr needs to see you.", murmors Adama to the hooded figure...........the figure raises it's hands to the hood and removes it and there is Lt. Zack, Adama's younger son standing there. A stunned Ensign Eirikhr can only gape in astonishment, though he has never met Lt. Zack, in this dimention it seems everyone knows everyone else.
"Ensign Eirikhr I am sorry we have placed such a burden on whom can help you is Commander Sheba, the other doubter is Lieutenant Colonel Charybdis, but he is like you, a changed man. Yes I can tell it from your expression.......Charybdis was once a man of abit of evil in another alternate timeline, but he changed, in this one he had a visitation with us and in the course of his life he wound up onboard the Battlestar Callisto given another chance by my father here.", Lt. Zack smiling at Ensign Eirikhr's confusion.

God Of Kobol Adama looks at Ensign Eirikhr with the most fatherly expression, "Time is short Ensign Eirikhr and you must be returned. You have a visitor and must greet him, farewell."

***With that Ensign Eirikhr's Spirit Mind is zapped back into his body and he is in the chair in the empty Alpha Bay Ready Room about to meet Major Lucian.*****

From Ensign Eirikhr:
As Ensign Eirikhr sits in the empty Alpha Bay Ready Room he notices with disappointment that Major Lucian hesitates as he nears the briefing room then changes his course towards the Officers Quarters corridor of Black Squadron, ah it is possible that Lucian will nip off for 2 Centons of sleep, yet Ensign Eirikhr will wait right here for him. Eirikhr does not feel up to going back to sleep in the dorm Ensign's Quarters, nor does he feel like eating right now in the Battlestar Callisto's Enlisted Crew's Mess Halls, why, it is because of the reception he recieved and the fact he doesn't want another Spirit Mind Encounter of the Adama Kind right now.

From Ensign Eirikhr:
While still sulking abit in the empty Alpha Bay Ready Room, a Centon and a half passed the young Ensign. He realized the scientists that Captain Major Brie had thought about having go over him would arrive and more security might escort him to the MedLab Bay again.

What would be the results of the tests that Dr. Cureamode and Dr. Solon find now, Ensign Eirikhr knew better than most, inconclusive about being a Cylon POW, not on record of Data Base of Rag-Tag Fleet, Ensign Eirikhr never existed in this timeline, now he suspected that he would be picked apart by an special psychologist sometime perhaps that was a personal friend of Captain Major Brie's.....oh he could here her say to her favorite friend, "I have this special job for you......we mysteriously picked up an Ensign by the name of Eirikhr and I don't believe his story about being from an alternate timeline. I think he is simply an Caprican POW that has been Brainwashed By The Cylons!!!" "Oh well in that case for you Brie, I will make him my special project.....interesting it will be a challenge to pick this Reject's mind could take yahrens to do but we will find out the truth.", says Captain Major Brie's psychologist friend.

This time Ensign Eirikhr would be much less than coopportive and willing to please than he had been before,was for sure, would Major Lucian actually come down to the same Alpha Bay Ready Room to talk to him or would Major Lucian be like that Virgo Bull-headed Captain Major Brie and simply chalk up Eirikhr as some crazy Ensign that was "outtolaunch" and merely forget about him.....that was the danger......Eirikhr would not get near a Viper as long as Captain Major Brie was commanding the Flightwing he had chosen to fly with.

Ensign Eirikhr has stupidly made a number of mistakes, the first believing in LGK Adama that Captain Brie might be different in her views and values, next he had voted her to Captain Major because of some sense he had of whom she might have been in a different timeline, thirdly and lastly he had choosen The Gold Squadron because of the thinking he would be more excepted here because this squadron had seemed the right choice! Now where was the support and the commaradiery that he had heard of in his altered universe, he was an man out-of-touch with the other pilots and crew of this Battlestar Callisto.....everyone was afraid of him for what he "might be"....rather than for what he was. If things stayed the same he might as well stay here untill someone came for him and they would come down here alright and have him examined again.
One bright spot though, this Lt. Jarrynn, whom was a twin of this Viper Pilot Lady Lt. Kris, had come down to the Ready Room out of concern for him to deliver his lazer pistol and she had said, "Don't look so happens to the best of us." Well she was friendly atleast?


Majors Brie and Lucian had walked a short distance down the corridor together. Brie said she'd removed Ensign Eirikhr from the survey team, but she said she'd have to explain later because it was so complicated and unbelievable that she wouldn't do the story justice. They'd agreed to meet for breakfast after the launch, where she'd explain as best she could. Lucian nodded and said goodnight.

He needed to track down his squadron's mission personnel, but he decided to speak briefly with Eirikhr. He walked back into the empty room and saw the Ensign standing there looking forlorn.

"Come now, Ensign, it can't be that bad," he said in the best upbeat voice he could manage.

"Excuse me, Major, Sir! I didn't hear you come back in. I thought everyone was gone, Sir," said Eirikhr.

"Ensign, it's late and I've got things to handle, but I want you to know something. It looks to me like whatever you laid on Major Brie's got her really confused. I could tell she hated to pull you off this mission, but she's got to do what's best for this ship and for her squadron, in that order. There's no best for me or you in there anywhere, understood? You just do your best, and give her a chance to sort out whatever this problem is. Don't be too disappointed. You'll get a mission soon, I'm sure."

"Yes, Sir!" said Eirikhr with a hint of a smile. "But, Sir--"

"No 'buts' on my ship, Ensign. Go to bed. Get some rest. Start over again tomorrow. I've got to go. Goodnight."


From Ensign Eirikhr:
Major Lucian had taken time out to return from his nap to meet with Ensign Eirikhr at the Alpha Bay empty Ready Room, Eirikhr realized that he did not have to meet with Eirikhr if he hadn't of wanted too.
Major Lucian had briefly talked to Captain Major Brie and then talked to Eirikhr, maybe Eirikhr's decorium spouting-off had done more for Captain Major Brie than what Eirikhr had imagined......Lord God Of Kobol Adama may have been right after all, perhaps he had broken through Cpt. Major Brie's icey walls and gave her some good information........Ensign Eirikhr had to defend himself and his abilities to help even though he was in a time and place of not his choosing. Major Lucian's words had put a new life in his step and his mind and a sort of Spring to that livelyness that he considered he had been hasty to have thought he might have to resign his position of Ensign Of Gold Squadron and sign on with Major Lucian's Black Squadron.

Ensign Eirikhr now had atleast 3-4 people that he could count on that were on his side no matter where he came from and what timeline he had been thrust into.....he was hungry and tired so he decided to go to the Enlisted Crew's Galley And Hall, have some chow and proceed to the Ensign's Dorm Quarters and get some shutteye and maybe intermingle with the Crewmembers of the Battlestar Callisto after all, things were looking up!
While not perhaps being overly overjoyed about having to take new medical tests and Viper Fightercraft Simulation tests again, he would do so if ordered and even work with the scientists Dr. Cureamode and Dr. Solon, as long as they did not make a labrattius of him.


It was dark in the small quarters. Soft breathing continued as if someone was asleep, although the only occupant was wide awake. The reason for the simulation was two listening devices that he'd discovered earlier in the secton. Rather than remove them immediately, he'd left them in place so he could use them to his on advantage when the time came. Unfortunately, now was not the time.

He rolled noisily on the bed, sliding a hand down the side. He silently pulled a small microfiber patch from the bottom rail, where he'd placed it at bedtime when he was placing his boots by the bed, in case there was a visual monitor he'd missed. He reached over, and placed the slightly sticky side of the patch over the end of a small driver he'd stuck in his pocket well before bedtime when he was still rereading the reports. That one report still bothered him several sectons later. He'd track her down in the morning, and gather more information, but he'd need an excuse to carry his questions to the Med Lab without anyone knowing. Therefore, he reached to the device on the little table by the bed, silently inserted the padded driver in one of the slots, and loosened slowly. He left a couple of threads in place, figuring that this would take a while to work through, so when the accident occurred, he'd look as surprised as anyone around him.

Several centons later when the patch was reapplied to the bottom rail, he rolled over again, and in the process, slid the driver back in his pocket. As he drifted back to sleep for another centar or so, he wondered...


After the meeting was over, I asked to meet with Cmdr. Sheba.

"What are you thinking, Charybdis?" was the first thing she said once we were alone.

"I don't like it, Commander. Some things our new Ensign said were right on the money. About the beings of light, your meeting with them yahrens ago. It makes me want to believe him, but as for the rest, not even the beings gave us any type of information as to what he was saying. Alternate timelines, a future with new colonies and new battlestars? He also supposedly knew all about the meetings with the beings, but if that's so, why didn't he know about my meeting with them recently? It seems like the information that you and I had received from the beings was consistent, and he even stated the same, but his information goes way beyond anything we have ever been allowed to receive from the beings. It just doesn't make sense...and I don't like it."

Sheba thought a moment. "I know what you mean. I was thinking the same thing. But we can't disprove it. Who can say that what he is saying is not real?"

"I'm not saying it can't happen, Commander, but I believe for the good of the current mission, I think Ensign Eirikhr is still quite an unknown quantity. We may not be able to disprove what he is saying, but we also can't prove it. Not only that, but he is flying wing with Lt. Amy on this mission." I responded.

Sheba raised an eyebrow knowing what my last statement meant. She knew I was worried that the new Warrior would be flying alongside Amy. But she also knew that my caution went much further than just worrying about my recently betrothed.

I continued, "I think it best that Eirikher be taken off the mission and work with Dr. Curemode and Solon to try and find a solution to what is going on with him. The last thing we need right now is another distraction like this."

I awaited to see what Sheba would say...


"Talk with Brie. She is Gold Squadron Leader, and I don't want our first act of her new term to be our undermining her authority; however, giving her the recommendation for her consideration is our duty to this ship and the fleet."

Charybdis nodded and started to speak, but he paused, seeing that Sheba was leaving something unsaid, so he asked, "Commander, are you...?"

For just a moment, he watched her staring out the portal into the vastness of space, with a sort of dreamy expression on her face. Turning fully toward him, she once again adopted her typical expression, and said, "Yes, Charybdis, I'm fine. I'm just considering that young man. I want this solved, not only for us, but also for him. Let's solve this so he can go on with his life, whatever that may be."


Major Brie posted the following:

Change in the upcoming mission for Gold Squadron;

Lt. Amy, flight leader
Lt. Kiwi

Lt. MaraJade (SIC for the mission)
Lt. Kellyn

She knew that it might be slightly uncomfortable for Amy being flight leader, since Kiwi could have been the new leader of Gold Squadron, but Brie wasn't about to change that. She wanted the mission to change as little as possible.

She went to the med lab, where she was finally allowed to see Najinn. She stood there, silently, not really knowing what she should say.

Najinn started to laugh just slightly. "It's about time," he said with a smile.

Brie grabbed a chair and sat down next to his bed. "Hey, I've been out trying to get re-elected. I've been promoted to Major WITHOUT having to make that move to the bridge." She paused for just a moment. "Thanks to you."

"Don't thank me, I didn't vote," Najinn remarked.

"You know what I mean. You saved my life. Thank you."

"I'd do it again," Najinn said.

"Don't!" Brie exclaimed. "You've spent enough time in here lately. Although I do realize that you were just trying to get through your probation without having to work with the Black Shirts."

"I guess you've got me all figured out."

"Captain Jorlan is here," Brie told him. "We brought back almost 400 people. Jorlan hates me more than ever, and I don't think he's too thrilled with Sheba either."

"What about...." Najinn started and then stopped.

"Amy's pretty confused right now," Brie said. "Physically she's fine, but her head is a mess. She's going on a mission, it might give her a chance to think. I can't really tell you anymore than that, because I don't think that she even knows."

"Thanks," Najinn said.

Brie changed the subject. "Listen, I need a favor. There's a new ensign that just joined Gold Squadron, Erikihr. He's telling some pretty weird stories, things about alternate timelines and parallel universes. At first I thought that maybe he was altered, but Holodoc would have picked up on that. My guess is that he's working for the Cylons, maybe a brainwashed POW. I was wondering if maybe you could talk to him, see if you can pick anything up."

"I guess I could try," Najinn said, "but I can't make promises."

"Thanks," Brie said. "I'll let you rest. I'll try to set up a meeting, find some reason that Erikihr would need to come and see you." Brie stood up and walked towards the door. "And Najinn, thanks again."


"Alright Second in command! Yes! I love this already!" Mara said as she read the posting. She was in a good mood since she was released to go back to duty. She spent time with her newly promoted Captain Skyler and then after razzing Lt Kris and Major Lucian in the briefing room she was having fun!
Still she needed to talk to Brie and Amy to catch up on what all was going on. PLus she needed to grab Kellyn and talk over the mission since she was Mara's wing.
At this point in time, to Mara things were looking pretty good.


I had managed to bump into Brie as she was leaving MedLab. I caught her attention and called her over.

"Brie, I saw that you changed the mission assignments. I want you to know that the Commander and I didn't question your decision, we're just playing it safe with our new Ensign, until we know a little bit more. Frankly, I'm glad that you came to the same conclusion."

Brie nodded, "I know. I started thinking that same thing myself. This is a strange system we're entering and throwing a brand new ensign out there is bad enough, but with the stuff Eirikhr is saying? this...I don't know," Brie wondered.

"Stay close at hand. You might want to have him evaluated by Rev. Mars as well. Erikhr seems to be in good spirits and cooperative, so maybe that might shed a little light on the situation. And make sure that everything he says is written down. We need to look over what he's saying. Also, have Dr. Curemode and Solon on him as well. If what he's saying is true, then there might be a whole other set of problems we got to deal with. Just think, there might be a whole other Brie in another timeline out there somewhere!" I tried to tease her a little, but the weight of the situation didn't carry it too far. Brie smiled a bit but I could tell she was thinking about it.

I headed back for the bridge to monitor the launching and the preparation for the mission. I wasn't too sure about this timeline business. I couldn't believe that there was another one of me somewhere out there. A parallel universe? It was too much to conceive of. "Only one life at a time, only one at a time..." I told myself as I made my way down the corridor.


As Charybdis walked away, Brie couldn't help but wonder if he was going to question every decision she would make from now on if Amy was concerned. He could deny it all he wanted, if she hadn't already changed the assignments he would have asked her to. For a moment she wished that Charybdis was in love with someone in Black Squadron instead. It would sure make her job a whole lot easier!


It was getting quite late when Lucian finally tiptoed to his bunk in the Black Squadron barracks. He'd told all of the Black Squadron mission personnel to go to bed earlier, but he'd been delayed by thoughts about the training plan and about the mission. He'd been surprised when Brie told him that the new Ensign had been pulled from the team. "Unusual circ*mstances," had been her term. Lucian had asked for her to fill him in over breakfast after the team was launched. When he reached his bunk, he glanced at his chrono and saw that if he were asleep at that moment, he would get about 2.8 centars of sleep, again. Less than three centars had become a near regular occurence for him. That wasn't enough for a Warrior, but unless the Lieutenant Colonel or the Commander found out, or unless his performance slipped, he'd get by. Peeking toward a nearby bunk as he climbed into his own bed, he allowed a tired smile to flash across his face. Anubis lay in his bed, sleeping. If the Lieutenant caught him again, he knew he'd face another lecture. Within moments, as the chrono's alarm counted down to 2:79, Lucian was fast asleep.


As the centons counted down to the end of the jump, the call went out to all Warriors aboard the Callisto. All hands were to be ready for anything that lay ahead.

The flight crews were called and the alert klaxons sounded. They were to be ready to launch any micron.

The hustle and bustle of activity increased as the timer came to an end. 5...4...3...2...1...---------

A rush of engines and a slight jerk was felt aboard the massive ship as screens and scanners came alive. From the bridge, it was an impressive sight. Everything seemed to be working smoothly, until we saw what was around us.

Warning klaxons blared. Small jolts were felt. Metallic thuds were heard around the ship. Unlike anything we had yet encountered. "What the frack?" was the only thing I could utter. Suddenly, Lt. Aegina surveying the scans from around the ship reported that small chunks of debris, probably rock, were hitting the ship. Scans indicated that we had entered a system with heavy asteroid and mineral debris. It was a very dangerous situation.

Commander Sheba watched intently. "Increase energy shields, now!" she barked. It would protect us from the smaller ones, but we were to be vigilant of the big ones. The ones that could cause a lot of damage.

"Report. Any damage?" I asked. A bridge officer did a quick scan of the ship and found small breakages of antennas and things of that nature so far, but nothing major. "Get small crews to work on those and tell them to be careful." I responded.

THe officer went on, "Damage is relatively minor, and is NOT to engines. Repair crews are dispatched, Colonel."

"Good. Tell launch control for long-range Vipers to standby. Launch when ready. Also, survey teams are to maintain long range comm silence, since we don't know what is present. Short range ship to ship communication is okay." I took a look over at Sheba who was standing there watching everything take place. She didn't like this and she returned my gaze with a shake of her head. She nodded her approval of the orders to launch.

I gave the order, "Short range escort team launches first. And be careful out there." I didn't have to tell them, but this was the first time we had pilots flying into asteroids. My mind came to Amy. She was on one of the long-range missions. What a damn bad mission for her to be on right now.

"Frack" I muttered under my breath...


Anubis runs through his pre-flight check, and aside from a few minor things that were easilly fixed (and letting the crew chief know about them) he assembled the Black Squadron warriors going on the survey.

"For those who do not know me, I am Lt. Anubis. Ensign, you will be my wing. Lt. Rose will fly with Lt. Kris. Do NOT leave your wingmate. That will not only get your wingmate killed, but you as well, as I am sure you already know. I will expect a tight, close formation. Stay alert, and stay alive. I want to see no acrobatics, and no unnecessary use of the weapons systems on your vvipers. Is that clear, Ensign? We are to concerve fuel, and be unseen. We will do so. Are there any last minute questions before we prepare to launch any farther?"


After checking out his Colonial Blaster, JustinB was assembled with the rest of the Black Squadron Survey Team.

Lieutenant Anubis introduced himself and to JustinB he turned and said that he was to be on his wing. He told the group how he expected them to conduct the mission. 'No acrobatics and unnecessary use of weapons,' JustinB thought to himself after the comments were aimed at him. But from what he had heard, some acrobatic flying was essential.

JustinB knew that the first impressions on the first mission could make or break a Colonial Warriors career. So all he had to do was stay alert and follow orders. He looked at Lt. Kris and Lt. Rose when there was a brief silence for questions. “Sir, Which Viper is mine and do we know how dense the Asteroid field is?” JustinB Asked as he snapped to attention.


Lieutenant Darnoe, second in command of Silver Spar, was leading Quicksilver flight, the short range escort team. Quicksilver was composed of six Vipers, three manned by long time members of Silver Spar Squadron, and the other three by Frodarian Warriors who had recently joined the Callisto. This would be there first mission in Vipers, although Lieutenant Resonat in Training said that all were full qualified and excellent pilots. Captain Jorlan, the leader of the Frodarian contingent, would be with the group.

On the bridge, Lieutenant Colonel Charybdis nodded to Geenie. She said, "Quicksilver Flight, launch when ready."

Moments later, six Vipers shot down the launch tubes and entered space. "Watch you scanners for debris, everyone," said Darnoe, "since it's as thick as...well you know."

Ensign Yurvi, a young Frodarian, said, "Never have seen I rocks like this near Gastonovia. Everywhere they are. Dodge, dodge, dodge."

"Quiet, Ensign," commanded Jorlan. "Speak when spoken to only."


An asteroid approximately 20 centimeters in diameter streaked in, silently and deadly. It hit Yurvi's ship directly in the co*ckpit, breaking through the canopy, Yurvi, and the Viper in less than 1/20th of a micron. The broken Viper tumbled out of control.

"YURVI!" called Jorlan, but it was too late.

Darnoe was quickly on the comm, "Quicksilver Leader to Homebase. We lost one to one of these damnable rocks. Recommend that all Warriors wear sealed envirosuits just in case. It wouldn't have done Yurvi any good though."


Major Brie was watching from the bridge as Silver Spar Squadron launched. After the Black and Gold flights launched she would be having what passed these days as breakfast with Major Lucian to tell him the story behind Ensign Erikihr. She looked forward to hearing his opinion. She knew that the new ensign didn't think that she liked him. It wasn't that, she didn't know him well enough to like him or dislike him. She had decided to pull him from the mission the micron that Lt. Holodoc had recommended that he spend time in the sims before going out in an actual viper. His being pulled had nothing to do with his story. When Holodoc and Commander Sheba cleared Erikihr for a mission, he would be assigned. It wasn't personal.

Brie was pleased with the progress of the new Frodarian pilots. Although she knew that she would never get along with Jorlan, part of her felt responsible for the people that she had led back. She had promised Commander Tolar that she would take car of his people, and she intended to keep that promise.

The debris in the area worried Brie. She was standing in the back, trying to stay out of the way. She didn't want to look too comfortable there, or else Charybdis would start teasing her about saving her a place on the bridge. She could see him from where she was standing, see the anxiety on his face. She remembered the feeling, the fear that something would go wrong and the one you loved the most would be lost to you forever.

The Silver Spar pilots had launched and had run into trouble. Brie watched as Yurvi, a Frodarian ensign, was hit by an astroid and was killed instantly. Brie glanced at Charybdis, saw the terror on his face. She knew he was thinking about Amy.


Rose had not met Anubis before the assignment posting went up earlier on who would be on the mission. She could tell that Lt Anubis had been doing this sort of thing for awhile and that she could learn a few things from him as they worked more together. Rose just hoped that she would be able to do as good a job at staying close to Lt Kris and protecting her backside as she had done for Major Lucian in the previous mission she had been assigned to go out on.


Major Lucian stood in the back of the room with his right arm tucked across his chest, semi-supporting his left elbow. His left hand was cupped over his chin, allowing the fingers to cover the grin on his face. Lieutenant Anubis was doing a great job preparing the team, so Lucian was enjoying the show from the rear. Lieutenant Kris and the others looked resolute in their desire to get the job done, and Lucian was prepared to let them do it on their own. He'd already talked to each of them individually and was sure that they would all do fine. He turned to Lieutenant Stadia who was standing next to him and said in a low voice, "How's your backup team? Everyone ready to go just in case?"

"Yes, Sir, all's in order. They're scheduled to be here shortly. We'll be here on stand-by as ordered."

"Well done, Lieutenant. For all of our sakes," Lucian whispered, "I hope you don't have to launch, but if so, be ready at a moment's notice. Listen closely to what Anubis is saying. If you go, you'll be giving a similar speech to your team."

"Wilco, Sir," said Stadia, smiling. She refocused her attention on Lieutenant Anubis.

"Excuse me, Major, message from the bridge," said one of the Techs.

A few moments later, Lucian walked to the front of the room and said, "Excuse me, Lieutenant. I'm sorry to interrupt your briefing, but there has been a little change in plan. One of the short range Vipers was hit by debris just after launch, and the pilot was killed. We've been ordered to go to envirosuits with the modified flight helms. That way, if your ship breaks up on impact, you've at least got a chance. Black Squadron's mission specialist, Phrynix, will be arriving to help outfit you as soon as he can get over here from Beta Bay with the necessary equipment. Be careful, folks. I want to see you and your Vipers each back here in one piece. Lieutenant Anubis, sorry for the interruption. The floor is yours."

Lucian decided to wait to see them off in their launch. He suspected that Major Brie was doing the same with her squadron's team. Whatever, breakfast would have to wait.


Upon hearing about the envirosuits I couldn't help but moan. I just had gotten rid of one from the moon mission and now I have to put it on again. I continued to listen to Anubis and yet in the back of my mind I was having a fit. I know that the suits are made to save our lives but I was beginning to wonder if I should just wear one permanently since I just shed the last one a cycle ago. (Oh well) I thought (it is for my own good. But I don't like it. I just crawled out of it! bleh) I sighed a deep audible sigh and realized that Anubis heard it and he looked at me with a raised eyebrow. I just shrugged and looked away. I knew he would question me later but at this point in time I was not in the mood to hear him question me. I could hear him now scolding me for being so down on this thing that could save my life. And to hear we are up against asteroids and debris was not my idea of fun. I could think of many other things for fun. In fact that training course was looking better and better as each micron passed. Oh well, its gotta be done I thought. And if they think I am qualified enough for it then I can't let them down.


"Ensign, yours is the one right behind mine in the launch tube." At that point, Major Lucien interjects with the news, and Lt. Kris groans.

"I do not have to tell you that this is a potentially deadly situation, and that is without thinking of the possability of this being an inhabited system, by anything. Keep your wits about you. If something is headed for you, by all means, get out of it's way. For those of us who were on the previous mission, we are fammilliar with the workings of the envirosuit, and why we wear them. And I am quite certain that the Sergeant in charge of the training course will remind us of that yet again. I would reccommend stretching before we climb into our Vipers while we wait, as flying through debris is very taxing on the body. Let us begin."


Black Squadron Mission Specialist Phrynix had arrived with the carts full of equipment, griping about being glad that this was the last time he'd have to visit Alpha Bay for a long time to come. All of the Black Squadron Warriors had already been instructed to plan to land in their home Beta Bay unless they received other instructions. Repairs were far enough along that the bay was considered fully operational, although there were still numerous non-critical items being repaired, replaced, or otherwise abandoned.

"'Frantic' Phyrnix looks even more harried than ever," whispered Kris to Rose as he started his brief instructions. They'd all been over flying in envirosuits in the Training Academy, but it was one of those more unpleasant experiences that most Cadets soon tried to block from their mind. Phrynix went through a speech similar to that the Gold Squadron's Mission Specialist Fenmarnas had completed with her team some centons before. They'd suited up quickly, but all were concerned about decreased maneuverability and vision.

"You won't be able to move quite as well as without it, but these were specially designed for use in Vipers, so they are quite flexible. The helm is similar to your standard Viper helm, only enclosed, self contained, and better insulated," Phrynix said.

Concluding he said, "Remember, stay hooked to your ship's supply at all times unless you are literally blown out of the co*ckpit. There are emergency release valves at both ends, so if either is pulled out, you won't lose your supply. You pop the hose, POOF, it switches within twenty microns to your self contained supply. You don't have to do anything except STAY CALM. If you can, reconnect the hose like this," demonstrating the manuever for what had to be the sixth or seventh time, "to conserve your personal supply. If by some chance you are adrift in space, you've got about a four centar supply. Stay calm, and people have been known to stretch it to five or six centars. If you panic...well, DON'T!. Any questions?"

Following a few questions and answers, he said, "That's it. Helms under your arms, let's get moving to the launch bay. May the Lords be with you all.


From Ensign Eirikhr:
Ensign Eirikhr has learned much since his talk with (Captain?)Major Lucian, he cannot isolate himself and must take what ever comes along as the Want Of A Colonial Warrior Ensign....what was important was the fact he realized he could eventually make new friends both male and female of the fine crewmembers aboard the Callisto.
He had now, 4-5 friends and aquaintances already, he was quite a bit taken back himself in this more pleasant experience. But now he had to get down to business.....sonic shower in the Ensign's Dorm Quarters, dinner in the Enlisted Crewman's Mess Hall...intermingling, heaven-forbid a nap of a 2 Centons then possible retraining on Colonial Viper Simulators, reporting at the MedLab for Psychological and Medical Testing as well as talking to Dr. Cureamode and Dr. Solan.

Ensign Eirikhr makes quick work of an sonic shower by getting a clean tunic, warriors pants and accessories out of his Academy Duffle bag, storing his clothes in the locker nearby his bed and excess accessories in the drawers of the night table with the computer interface/Info/CommSet on the left side bulkhead of his bed cubicle. This done he goes to the stalls of the sonic showers and has a good sonic shower as well as a robotized massasage, then a workout on the mini-gymnaisium equipment next to the Sonic Shower room. Ensign Eirikhr takes about 20 Microns here then dresses in his clean clothes and leaves messages for Captain Major Brie, Major Lucian, Dr. Cureamode, Dr. Solan and Senior Flight Officer Solan that he is taking R&R for 2 Centons and will be ready for duty after that, he notes he will be having dinner in the Enlisted Crewmember's Mess Hall....he asks what his duty assignment should be and where he is expected to report to next.

This finished Ensign Eirikhr goes to the Enlisted Crewmembers's Mess Hall for dinner.


Part of my pre-mission ritual was spending a few minutes at the archives. Not ever being on the 12 worlds, I find it interesting to go back and find a piece to carry with me as I go out to defend all that remains of what we could take with us.

As I flipped through the files, I came across something that was so close, like it was written for me. A slice of someone's soul, someone I could never know, but yet I now knew them intimately.


Cold glass
Breath steaming the windows
Clock blinking “2:40 am”
Can’t even say why I’m here

Physical ache
Though physically fine
What makes a person this way
Just because someone is no longer near

Words to songs
Heard countless times
Now cut like daggers
Aiming to tear the soul apart

Why keep listening?
It’s part of what’s left
Something to hold onto
When there’s nothing left of the heart

What does make a person this way
When there’s no reason it should be so
People should be made of stronger stuff
Not wispy like breath in the night air

Or brittle as cold glass


I walked into the mess hall for a quick bite to tide me over, when I saw someone I did not recognize. I figured that it might be the new ensign, so after getting a tray of food, I walked over to his table.

"Hi" I said, extending a hand. "Are you Ensign Eirikhr?"

He stood, nodded, and shook my hand.

"I'm Lt. Amy" I said. "We were almost wingmates." We sat down together at the table. "Don't be discouraged. You'll be flying in no time. It took me quite a while to get a first flight, and that was just a routine one. This one sounds like it might be less cut and dried."

I lowered my voice a little. "I saw your file. I had to, since you were still on the mission at the time." Eirikhr looked at me, not knowing what to expect. I continued on. "If it's true, it's fascinating! I always believed in multiple dimensions and universes. I always thought that there was a better one out there. This one really blows sometimes."

"It's an awful lot to take in all at once" I said, referring to the story in his file. "But it does explain how you got here when we are still separated from the fleet."


Back on the bridge, the hustle and bustle was taking place. No one, it seemed, was standing still. It was made all the worse when the Frodarian pilot was killed right after launch.

"Get a rescue CORA out there fast. Keep it tethered to the Callisto." I barked.

It was right then that I felt it. A bit of a twinge in my throat. It didn't feel right. Over the following few centons, my head seemed to be getting hotter while the rest of my body was getting colder.

Something was not right. A slow crawling pain crept up my back and in my chest. It wasn't a sharp pain, more like a general uncomfortable ache, a sore feeling all over my body.

"Frack" I muttered, "not now. What a time to be getting ill."

But I knew it was going to get worse. Many of our Warriors catch "colds" all the time and are treated relatively easy by the doctor, but usually they require a couple of cycles out of commission. "Not now" was all I could say.

I moved over to the war room where Sheba was. As I came in, I had to tell her the bad news. "Commander, I'm afraid that I'm coming down with something. I don't feel too well."

Sheba saw I was serious. "Are you sure, Charybdis? Now is not a good time. I need you on the bridge."

"I'm pretty sure, Commander. I wouldn't be at my best. I'll get a treatment shot at MedLab and then I'll rest in my quarters. With your permission."

"I really don't like it, Charybdis. Get some rest and get back to duty as soon as you can."

I nodded and left. I headed for the MedLab for someone there to give me a quick shot and then I would get into bed in my quarters. I could turn on the commlink to hear communications from the bridge and from the missions so I could keep up to date with how things were progressing.

But at least for a cycle or two, I was going to be out of commission...


Looking over at Ensign Eirikhr, he sure didn't look like a crazy person. I hoped that his story was true, and that he could help us somehow. We could use help, and yet we had to be so careful about who's help we could trust.

"We've been separated from the Galactica and the fleet for some time now" I continued. "I miss my family a lot. They are on the main agro ship. That's where I grew up. I'd give anything to find them again."

I nibbled at the food, wary that the time was near when I'd have to report to launch bay. "If all your file says is true" I advised, "The best thing is to go slow. I get the impression that you know of a time when humans will be in position of strength. We are anything but that right now. Hunted, trying to find the fleet again..." I sighed. "But give us a chance to understand what is happening with you. Every decision we make here and now must be the right one, or we could all be doomed. If you are as you say, you could be the best thing to happen to us in a long while."


From Ensign Eirikhr:
When Lieutenant Amy got her food tray and approached him, Eirikhr was a bit confused, however after meeting with Major Lucian and the spouting that he did have to do with Major Brie, some of Eirikhr's own personal doubts of being able to fit in with the Battlestar Callisto were beginning to slowly melt away. At first suspicion was plastered on his face as Lieutenant Amy called him by name,
of course he ackknowledged himself and for some reason, shook her hand warmly. She sat down and started talking about herself, she was reading up on his Info files that had been apparently been posted and loged as matter of record in the Master Frame Callisto Computer Banks. Yes the Pauvwell
Survey Mission was not so routine, it was infact dangerious.
Perhaps like Major Lucian before her, Lt. Amy was really trying to be friendly and understanding of him.....when she said that she had taken an interest in his reports of being from an alternate universe, which was extreemly interesting to her, that a person like him whom was outranked by her on some planets atleast 4 times over might be able to help the Callisto and if he was what he said he was, "might be the best thing to happen to the Crew Of The Callisto in a long time", in this case she outranked him atleast twice, made even more doubts flow away. Suspicion gave way to an pleasure of the same sort when Major Lucian had talked to him to take things as they came.
A guileless grin split his face and he again felt the same warmth of commaradiery that Major Lucian, Head Nurse Lt. Holodoc,Lt. Nurse Jarryn and another person had given him.........this was surely unflagging friendship that he needed even if he might be from a universe far removed from theirs, but he was not going to waist it.

He looked at Lt. Amy, this time he intently listened to what she had to say and the bit of hardness and lonelyness went away from his icey grey-green eyes replaced by wonderment and better humor at this enchanting young woman Viperpilot Lt. Amy.
The Battlestar Callisto was in an unfriendly universe, they were hunted by the Cylons, seperated from the Battlestar Galactica for well over several Sectars and had not been in contact with her probably for several Solar Monitrons.......the Battlestar Callisto was damaged and moral was low.......they had to be careful about whom to trust and whom to care about, Amy herself was lonely and missed her family on an main Agroship that was with the Rag-Tag Fleet, most importantly all decisions that the Crew of The Battlestar Callisto made had to be exactly the right ones in this time and place, there was no place for complaciancy and foolish triflings.....this could mean the destruction of the Battlestar Callisto itself.

For a few Microns, Ensign Eirikhr munched at his food in thought and then began speaking quite readily to Lieutenant Amy, "Lieutenant you seem to be the 6th new friend that I have made and I thankyou, you have told me more information with what you have related to me than the 3 Centon briefing that I had in the War Room today,
yes I miss my friends and family on the Battlestar Galactica and please join my club on that.
I would like you to think of me as your trustworthy friend, yes that scrubbing I got being pulled from this Survey Mission made me very disappointed because I thought that Major Brie did not trust me. I think I was very hard on myself and her as well and I spouted off at her because she attacked my confidence to believe I could have aided you on your mission, she cast her own personal doubts about me on me and her own misguided fears upon me and I had to defend myself with words against what she was saying. She was treating me as if I was somehow to blame and an bad presence to be examined and investigated solely because I came from another timeline that she could not understand.....I gave her wisdom from The Lord God Of Kobol Adama and his younger son you know that while I was in the empty Alpha Bay Ready Room shortly before I met Major Lucian, I had a Visitation with Lord God Of Kobol Adama, he said I should trust in Major Brie and even Lieutenant Charybdis.....I will and I will obey her orders for me because I need to trust

I am a man removed so far from his enviroment and universe that he once knew and trust in another one so different yet so similiar that it is very unnerving for me to accept, beings that I did not believe in before seem to like zapping me into their not me but my Spirit Mind Lieutenant Amy......I go into these Statis Seizures, of staring off into space, daydreaming you would term them......I suspect your Commander Sheba knows all about me being Zapped to the Lord Gods Of Kobol Dimention and to their ship......she must have them as well as I do. Meeting Lt. Zack was astonishing for me and it was even somewhat awe-inspiring, Lt. Zack, Commander Apollo's brother is now an Lord God Of Kobol and he told me I am not alone here on the Battlestar Callisto.

Lt. Amy if you take anything with you into this Survey Mission Of the Pauvwell System, take some advice from me......I want you to comeback from this mission so you can talk to me more about what we were talking about just now. You have abilities to help you survive in this mission you are about to go on. Believe and trust your fellow wingmates, seek their judgement when you must, give them scholarly advice when you must.....use all your senses, and even then you will find, like I found you have more senses than you realize....but you must survive out there to return and talk to me.....if not you may become another Lord God Of Kobol that Zaps me back to their dimention to council me.......Lt. Amy I could not bear that thought!"

Ensign Eirikhr finishes his meal and rises and extends his hand to Lieutenant Amy in an first stage of the traditional yet rare Colonial Handshake, the complex handshake untill now has only been performed by Commander's as a last farewell before they go into battle now Ensign Eirikhr uses for a sign that Lt. Amy will come back to him and befriend him after her mission, Lt. Amy completes the last stage of the Colonial Kobolian Handshake and Eirikhr makes a request of her, asking her to allow him to kiss her on the cheek, she accepts and he does gently, saying he has not had normal contact with anyone since he stepped onto the Battlestar Callisto.....this is not a relationship but merely a friendship.


I shook hands with Eirikhr and accepted his friendly kiss on the cheek. He struck me as feeling quite isolated and from what he had told me, he really was. He gave me quite a lot to think about. It was an awful lot to take it all at once.

"Eirikhr" I said. "I can only tell you what I know about the world I live in. Have faith and trust in Major Brie. She's very well respected, and has been leading Gold Squadron for a very long time. She's never steered us wrong and is only looking out for the best interests of the squadron. I've learned to trust whatever she decides."

I turned to a more personal subject. "And do not hesitate to trust Lt. Colonel Charybdis. His family has had a rotten apple or two, but he's the kindest, most caring man I know. I'm probably closer to him than anyone, and I can tell you this about him with a 100 percent guarantee."

"They are good people, but they carry a burden of deciding the fate of the precious few people we have left. Because they may seem wary and pulled you from the mission, don't take it as anything against you. We just can't afford a mistake, or to take anything at face value. We've had our hopes raised and crushed many times. Just take it slow, and allow them time to figure out what to do."

"When I get back we can talk more. I'm dying to know if there are any alternates of me out there!"


From Ensign Eirikhr:
Ensign Eirikhr realizes that this is much for Lt. Amy to take at one meeting with him.....he is much greatful for more information about Lt. Colonel Charybdis and Major Brie.

"Yes Lieutenant Amy you are right and I am wrong about Major Brie, also Lieutenant Colonel Charybdis because Lord Gods Of Kobol Adama and Zack told me as much. It is a little hard for everyone to not jump to conclusions about me here because as you pointed out that is more or less a wary beast that watches. I will take it slow and I am trying to do as Major Lucian says."

He is quite sorry about having to leave Lt. Amy now and tells her so......he has 1.45 Centons of rest comming and now being abit tired after a great meal well rest comes next with Duty Assignments when he will check in with Major Brie. "Lt. Amy, I hope you don't mind if I leave first, I have some sleep to catch up on and some things to checkup on, look I am sorry about that Frodian Pilot dying, but please remember what I told you.
I would very much like to have you as a friend and a good one at that, you probably are in relationships right now so I won't ask for a date or anything and a friendship will do me just fine......please survive your mission." Looking greatfully at Lieutenant Amy, Ensign Eirikhr gets up and puts his tray in the TechVat Food Disposal System and strides out the doors of the Enlisted Crewmembers Mess Hall whistling merrilly.


After seemingly endless continual cycles of work I actually have a free day off. I get up and grab something to eat. I grab my workout gear and head down to the weightroom. After my workout I turbowash and dress. I begin wondering about Rose and how she's doing. I hadn't seen her since the triad game I lost. I heard she was on some assignment. Just then a dart of some sort ricochets off my locker. I dive for cover and wish I had my service sidearm. I get a glimpse of the person. About my height and wearing a cloak,glove and a mask.The person takes off and I shout "Hey! Get back here!" I take off after him/her. I turn a corner and there are 2 more people in masks and cloaks. These 2 are pointing blasters at me. "Ooops, sorry. I must have made a wrong turn." Just as I was going to turn... BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ... I feel my knee give out. I get down to one knee and I feel something heavy on the back of my neck. I give into the darkness.
I wake up and I can't see. I must be blindfolded. I try to move my hands and legs but they too are bound.
"I told you to only WATCH him,you idiot, not confront him directly!" I hear skin on skin like someone getting punched.
I hear footsteps coming toward me. "Officer Hawke." I feel a shake. I moan a bit to let him know I'm coming around. "Officer Hawke,we need to know something. Is it true that you want a certain Major from Gold squadron dead?" "Who are you?" I asked. "I'm asking the questions here. Do you or do you not want Major Brie killed?" "Yes. I do want her killed." I replied dryly. "Why?" "Because she took away my first command at Froder Epsilon." I said. "From what we heard you got into a fight with a tech." "Damn right I did. I didn't know what he was doing to my ship!" I explained. "And when you came back from Froder you decked Brie?" "I was going for a Black Shirt that was with her. I missed. Ooops." I said. "Look, I want Brie killed. Plain and simple. Can you do it or not?" I asked. "Oh we can. But we need certain....Assurances and favors first." "What kind of assurances and favors?" I asked. "That will come in time. At our choosing. Will you do it?" "What choice do I have?" I asked. "What choice,indeed. Oh, by the way. If you talk about this to ANYONE that little girl you've been seeing lately, Rose,is it?, will become another unfortunate casualty. Understood?" I gulped hard and mumbled "Yes." "Good night." Some kind of gas came into my face and once again I gave into the darkness.

I woke up in my own bed. Was it all a dream? Was what a dream? I couldn't remember all of a sudden. I KNOW there was something to remember. But what?


"And Brie, watch your back. Something just doesn't feel right." While standing on the bridge, the words that her husband had said in her dream came back to her. Something felt.....strange. A feeling on the back of her neck, like she was being watched. She turned, not knowing what to expect. There was nothing unusual, the bridge crew coming and going and a couple of Black Shirts. She turned back, but couldn't shake the feeling that she was being carefully observed.


Captain Urdea sat up on the edge of his bed, swinging his ‘good’ leg and the small extension of the left over the edge. After taking the prosthesis off the small table next to the bed, he inserted it into the mated embed on his leg, and he touch the quick release button, locking it into place. He followed his usual morning routine almost to the letter, so anyone monitoring the two listening devices would think nothing was out of the ordinary.

He had time to visit the Enlisted Mess Hall before reporting for duty. Although he ate in the O-Club at times, he often ate with his security force members, always working to build that comradery that others were working so hard to destroy. He encouraged other Fleet Security officers to do the same, so that most ate two meals a day with their enlisted men and women.

He joined Lieutenant Proteus at a table for their morning discussion. Several other lieutenants joined them, along with a few of the sergeants, and it was a lively discussion of the problems due to the ‘damned Frods,’ ‘fracking Frogs,’ and worse. Proteus put an end to that language saying, “If I hear another one of you refer to our guests the Frodians by any of these terms, you’ll be scrubbing the Fleet Security office from top to bottom with a detailing brush, right Sergeant Whitcher?”

Whitcher replied, “Yes, Sir, to my satisfaction!”

Proteus and Whitcher smiled, but Urdea knew that several of these men and women would revert to their typical ways as soon as they left the table. It was a type of ugly discrimination that sometimes rears its ugly head when one group affects another group. He’s seen it occasionally in the Colonies, but in the fleet, with many ships of refugees competing for both prestige and supplies against many other ships of similar refugees, it had taken on a competitive edge in the early yahrens of the Fleet. As people slowly moved around through the fleet and as most aspects of the shortages and forced rationing were overcome through the yahrens, most such rivalries reverted to a more good-natured competition. Urdea suspected that in the case of the Frodians, their presence made the job of the Fleet Security officers more difficult, and in doing so, they made themselves targets of the officers’ dislike, and in some cases, hatred.

After breakfast, just before the Callisto emerged from the jump, the morning staff meeting was held in the Security Hall. Assignments were distributed, with the main order of business being to keep order among the Frodians scattered throughout the ship. Just as the group was breaking up, a few centons after the Callisto had emerged from the jump, Sergeant Whitcher announced, “What rotten luck! One of those poor Frodian Warriors just got himself spread thin over the system by an asteroid through the co*ckpit! The Bridge is reporting lots of rocks out there, and now some of the Frodians who just heard about it are threatening to storm the bridge for answers.”

Lieutenant Proteus ordered Lieutenant Skon, Sergeant Winculas, and her officers to the scene. He went as well, just in case more troops were needed to deal with the situation.

Sergeant Winnie called to Officer Hawke, “We need you near the Bridge now, Hawke. Don’t be late, and whatever you do, don’t pull your laser pistol. We’re trying to take care of this peacefully. Winnie, out.”

* * *


I walked along, still muttering about the enviro suit, with Lt Rose as we headed to the launch tubes. Once there I ran into LT Kellyn and Lt MaraJade. I walked over to them and lightly punched Mara in the arm.
"Hey take it easy out there! I don't want to have to come and get you. ok? And no fancy fly work? You can get killed out there so play it safe!" Mara punched back a little harder than I thought she would.
"Yeah yeah mommy goose. Just watch your own hatchling! You come back in one piece too! Being in sick bay is not fun! No one comes to visit you." She smiled. She was right. She didn't get many visitors while she was in there. I looked at Kellyn and smiled.
"Keep her in line will ya? And if she gets too annoying just ignore her!" Kellyn laughed as Mara grabbed me in a head lock. "HEY! Watch the hair!!!!!!" I squealed! Lt Rose was laughing too. Then we all got serious. "We lost one already, so no one needs to remind you how important it is not to fall asleep! Let's get out there and back. NO stunts or hero work! Just safe and straight." We headed to our vipers. I looked at mine and sighed. Atleast this time I was going to be in something I knew! Poor thing looked banged up and fried in places but I knew after this mission she would look worse. I heard Kellyn shout over to us,
"May the Lords of Kobol keep you safe!" I waved at her.
"You too Kellyn! See you on the flip side!" I climbed in and reached in my pocket for the note that Nat left me. I read it again and smiled. I put it back. I just hoped I would see him again. I heard the oh so familiar voice from core command...
"Vipers launch when ready...."


Rose couldn't help but keep laughing some as she got into the viper that she was using for this mission. She hoped that she would be able to make some long lasting friendships onboard the Callisto here the way that Lt's Kris, Marajade, and Kellyn had with each other. The only two people she had the chance to really get to know at the moment was Hawke and Head Nurse Holodoc when she went down to MedLab that first time and then while she was a patient after the last mission. Rose had gotten to know Major Lucian and a few others a little, but didn't really know anyone well enough yet. Hopefully sometime soon that would change and she could build some long lasting friendships.

Rose went through her pre-flight check like normal and just waited for word from Lt Kris on launching. While she was waiting, Rose began thinking about Hawke some. She hadn't seen him since their Triad game and had hoped to be able to spend some time with him and talk with him some before her launch on this mission, but she didn't get the chance. Hopefully by the time she got back she could spend some time with Hawke.


Feeling a bit uncomfortable in his envirosuit, JustinB ran through his pre-flight system check. 'I might as well do this by the book, as these are the times where we are not in a rush to launch, 'he thought to himself. Looking around he could see Lt. Anubis climbing into his Viper. He could also see Lt. Rose in deep thought.

News of the destruction of a Quicksilver flight Viper made JustinB think. ‘Concentration and luck will get us through this mission and maybe a bit of acrobatic flying.’

'After this mission, I will hopefully get to know my fellow Black Squadron members and for them to know me. Please may the Great Lords of Kobol protect us while we are out there.’ JustinB thought looking down the Launch Tube.

JustinB waited with baited breath as he waited for the orders to launch.


It was just before launch.

A private channel line beeped on Lieutenant Anubis' comm. "Major Lucian to Lieutenant Anubis."


"Lieutenant, you know your task. There is a place for understanding, patience, and second chances, but this is not it. Any hesitation on the part of you or your wing members will get them, and possibly all of you, killed. Be calm but firm with your wing members, and bring them all home safely."

"Understood, Sir."

"May the Lords be with you on your journey. Out."

* * *

Seeing that time was running out, he spoke briefly to each of the other three, telling them to be sharp, watch and listen closely, and to go with the Lords of Kobol.

As the Vipers blasted down the launch tubes, Lucian prayed for them to accomplish their mission and return home safely. He watched a nearby monitor for a centon, but as the ships were lost in the distance, he turned and headed to the O-Club for breakfast with Major Brie.


"Launch When Ready" came a voice over the headset. JustinB hit his turbo button and launched. He wanted to let out a loud 'WooHoo' but didn't. As he cleared the Launch-Tube, JustinB was startled at the situation he and the rest of the Squadrons were in. Thousands of different sized asteroids going in every direction.

"Holy Frack" JustinB said in disbelief. "Cut the chatter Ensign," Lt. Anubis said, "Stick tight, but don't get yourself killed and that goes for you to Kris and Rose." He got a trio of "Yes Sir."

Lt. Anubis then put the Squadron on its assigned course.


From Ensign Eirikhr:
When he and Lt. Amy are finished talking
it seems that an mutual friendship has been forget between two interesting aquaintances, he barely knows Lt. Amy and she does barely know him....yet its's as if they met in the proper timeline and onboard the Battlestar Galactica where Ensign Eirikhr had come from. Or better yet when he actually did transfer over to the other Timeline Battlestar Callisto with all the proper computer processing done, the shuttle cleared for both Battlestars and him in his new position as Ensign Viperpilot Squadron member for Gold Squadron. Ensign Eirikhr realizes that Lt. Amy needs to go soon to the Viper Pilot Callup in Alpha Bay so he does not talk to her longer than neccessiary.....he has to get some Shutteye in the Ensigns's Dorm in the Barracks of Gold Squadron.....ah he can snooze 1.45 Centons before duty assignment and he sincerely hopes there will be no Enounters of The Lord God Of Kobol Adama Kind for awhile.

Heading back to Gold Squadron Barracks to the Ensigns Dorm Quarters to his own bed cubicale, he glances at the Computer/Info Comm/3D Set. Suddenly he notices something, while in the bowels of the Battlestar Callisto normally shielded from the outer hulls, he did not feel the bangs and bumps that the Bridge must have felt when the debris from the Pauvwell System hammered the Callisto....alump came to his throat, a Frodian had been killed in the very first sortie out from the Battlestar Callisto........Lieutenant Colonel Charybdis is sick in MedLab Sickbay...... ? This can't be right, Darn sleep would have to wait untill Ensign Eirikhr went down to meet him and talk to Lieutenant Colonel Charybdis.

Ensign Eirikhr hurries to the familiar MedLab Deck and into Sickbay where he immediately talks to Head Nurse Lt. Holodoc and Lt. Nurse Jarrynn, "I know that it is highly irregular......if it is ok for me to talk to Lieutenant Colonel Charybdis, if he wants to talk to me I would want to?? Can you ask him?"


Head Nurse holodoc lifts her head up from some papers and sees Ensign Eirikhr asking if he could talk to Lt. Col. Charybdis.

"Well," holodoc explains, "I'd let you if I could, but he isn't here right now. He had a treatment for simple staph infection and he's gone to his quarters for some much needed rest. But I can tell you one thing, he didn't look too good. I'd give him a little more time before you go see him."

"Thanks, Nurse holodoc," the young Ensign replied.


From Ensign Eirikhr:
Ensign Eirikhr's still lingers a bit in the MedLab Sickbay talking to Head Nurse Lt. Holodoc, "Nurse know my situation.....ah my being out of time so to speak, you did not detect anything abnormal in Lieutenant Colonel Charybdis's readings especially concerning timeline Reality Scans did you.......I do not want anything, and I mean anything effecting Lieutenant Colonel Charybdis because I was placed in this timeline because of the Lord Gods Of Kobol! Sometimes I feel as if I should steal a Viper and head off into deepspace like Lt. Starbuck thought to do on various occasions.....but he never actually did, and probably would never do.

Now I am going to get some shutteye in the Ensigns's Dorm Quarters at Gold Squadron Barracks for 1.45 Centons of sleep and that is where I will be if anyone needs me, I report for Duty after that, I am glad that Lieutenant Colonel Charybdis's infection was not serious."
With that Ensign Eirikhr thanks Head Nurse Holodoc and leaves MedLab Sickbay and heads up to the Ensigns's Dorms for some well need sleep.


I entered the launch bay to find the other members of the team already there, ready to go. We had been briefed as best as we could for what we would encounter out there, and all that was left was to get it done. Looking down the bay toward the landing area, I could see that entire end bathed in the redish glow of the sun in this system. It seemed fitting that it would be red, the color of danger and trouble, nearly a blood red...

I walked up to Kiwi, Marajade, and Kellyn. In spite of the circ*mstances, it was good to see Mara again. It had been so long, it seemed, since those crazy days when we first had met, and took the O-club by storm one very fun cycle. She still had a sealing to plan, and we never seem to get the time to get it rolling. I pushed down the thoughts about sealings. Now wasn't the time to stir myself up about my own troubles.

"Guys" I said. "You've heard we already lost a pilot out there." They all nodded that they had. "Stay tight, and follow the mission plan to the letter. We aren't losing anyone on my watch. Let's go."

We moved with purpose to our vipers. Kiwi walked along side me. It occured to me that I knew next to nothing about my wingman, which wasn't a good feeling. But Major Brie knew what she was doing with the assignments, and I trusted her completely. Though we had never teamed up before, I knew Kiwi was a great pilot.

I hopped up and into my viper. MY viper! It was back, ready to go again. The dice hung like old faithful as I lowered down the canopy, listening to the familiar whine and click as it sealed around me. The enviro-suit made getting completely comfortable out of the question, but I did the best I could. I powered up the turbos, and waited for clearance from core command.

I looked to my right at Kiwi, and returned the thumbs-up he gave me. Beyond him I could see Mara and Kellyn also ready to go. I switched on my comset. "Remember, keep radio contact to a minimum. Viper to viper only as necessary."

My last minute instructions were interrupted by core command. The familiar words of clearance came across my com, and momments later we were in space.

I immediately could see the trouble we faced. It seemed like asteriods big and small we everywhere, floating randomly around the system. In the distance, the red sun cast an odd glow on each rock as they turned and tumbled. I banked right, Kiwi right with me. We cautiously headed for the area we were to survey, hoping to make this as quick as possible.


From Ensign Eirikhr:
As Ensign Eirikhr walks back to the Barracks Of Gold Squadron for his 1.45 Centon sleep in the Ensigns's Quarters to his bed cubicle, his mind wanders back to Lieutenant Amy. As he gets undressed to his Caprican Barish Sheepskin underwear and climbs into his bed he thinks of the young enchanting woman Lieutenant Ensign Eirikhr now sets his Chronograph alarm timekeeper he almost sees Lt. Amy walking down the launch bay with her fellow Gold Squadron Wingmen and Wingwomen, talking to them casually then more insistantly as each arrive at the Viperfightercraft Launch Tubes.....she tells them various things about their briefings and special notes about what not to do "out there", and about what they should do, and especially to becareful.

One Frodarian Pilot had already been lost on Black Squadron's run during their Suvey Mission Launch and Lieutenant Amy wasn't going to add one more pilot's name to that list! Strange, Eirikhr thought as he drifted off to sleep, his senses were abnormal, it was almost as if Lieutenant Amy was being seen through the Comm Interlink Computer Mainframe of his Desk Terminal Set.
******Now he got a dreamy sense of Lt. Amy climbing into her Viperfightercraft, the other pilots of her wing group climbing into their's, the Launch out into a blackness and the deep reddness-bloodyness of the crazy asteroid belt of the Pauvwell Starsystem...........reddnesssssssssssssss..........No! Blackneeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssss........Spirit Of Mind Leaving his body.............Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not this way.............**************** There is a vast blackness enveloping his sleeping form on his bed, only he is in his complete Ensign's Uniform, sidearm and assorted secret devices of defense hidden in his uniform within easy reach, now he is lying on his bed in complete blackness there is no sense of the Battlestar Callisto around him, a blood-red beam of light surrounds him and he is being drawn by this beam of light that is the consistancy of blood coursing through a human body, into a black corridor that is death and chaos unchained, Ensign Eirikhr feels his body being assaulted by billions of red-hot knives which thrust through every molecule and atom of himself, only his Spirit Of Mind is not pierced. His form bounces past alternate universes and timelines of reality, once he crashes into one and is pressed flat against it as if against lazer proof TransparathickSteel.

Vibrations of this alternate timeline reality assault him with the reality going on inside, the Battlestar Galactica and Battlestar Callisto have reunited in the Thirteenth Colony Of Earth Solarsystem and are engaged in a last pitched battle with the entire Cylon Armada, the battle is not going well, Planet Earth the third planet out from a star that is a small-sized one around which 9 planets revolve, is hopelessly ancient and truely "uncivilized". The Thirteenth Colony Of Earth is over 7,000,000 Yahrens behind the Capricans of the former Twelve Colonies and will remain so, they have know knowledge of the battle that is taking place a few million miles away from their planet and when the Cylons finish destroying the Battlestars Callisto and Galactica they will destroy everything that Humanity has build up on Earth in their mere 75,000,000 yahren old history of the Civilization of Sol Earth.

The red-light beam jerks Ensign Eirikhr's body away from this alternate universe and drags him towards a dimention of far reaching blackness and elemental fires which appear to be burning themselves out, to a huge red ball which is blood-red, the size of 100 Battlestars or Cylon Basestars.......Ensign Eirikhr is sucked into this Blood-Red Ball, which is a spacecraft of somesort, but instead of golden rays, walls and cloud-like chairs, Ensign Eirikhr is deposited into a Blood-Red Room with walls the consistancy of real sticky blood. The Bloodied Beam desposits him harshly onto a chair-block of a bloodred material that feels like billions of Caprican Blood-Eater Worms knawing away at a dead body, yet Eirikhr's Spirit Of Mind is still shielded from this horror......Eirikhr is calm and strangely patient about this summoning from this other "Anti-Dimention".

An Bloody-Red portal opens and an Cylon Serpent enters into Ensign Eirikhr's uncomfortable room, but not just any Cylon Serpent of some 10,000,000 or 30,000,000 Caprican Yahrens ago, no, it is Prince Diabolis, Prince Of Procyon/Cylon the heir to the Fourteenth Lords Of ProCylon.***************************************************

"Greetings Ensign Eirikhr, you know who I am.", the Cylon Serpent says. "You have been in the company of the Lord Gods Of Kobol and Procyon-Cylon for awhile and now you will reside with me for a time.", chuckles Prince Of Darkness Diabolis, "Oh my did I disturb your sleep Young Eirikhr.....I am sorry about that and how was your journey here........a bumpy ride I trust? Oh I have a surprise planned for your little new friend Lieutenant Amy and her Gold Squadron Pals, but I will not leak the surprise to you, those Damn Lord Gods Of Kobol and Procyon-Cylon give you too much information for your own good. Why, because 'they love their children', Eirikhr!"
The Prince Of Darkness gloats again, "So you met my dear Commander is she? Well she nearly fell into my powers as you already know.....tell her I still love her and I want to sire my own from her and if she doesn't come to see me well I may visit her! She would really like that."

Ensign Eirikhr for the first time stares down the loathsome Prince Diabolis Cylon Serpent, now he is not intimidated by this Prince Of Darkness Diabolis, Ensign Eirikhr now realizes many things that Diabolis has now clue as to how Eirikhr could possibly know. Eirikhr draws his lazer pistol, activating it and aiming it squarely at Prince Of Darkness Diabolis. Ensign Eirikhr rallies the Spirit Of Mind with in him with the same compassion and love as he sensed in the Lord God's Of Kobol Realm Dimention.....the elements are all around him.....their force and impact upon him bannishes the Anti-Dimention threatening to attempt to consume his lifeforces.

Ensign Eirikhr's eyes turn an eirrie
grey-green instantly as unimaginable forces now enter him, his body now seems to glow a bright green as if he is surrounded by an auorura of immense power. Ensign Eirikhr smiles warmly at Prince Of Darkness Diabolis, "Well yes you have decided to make me a visitor here.....but I can leave anytime I want. Oh Commander Sheba is well and she will not ever be comming here and you will not be making any appearances on the Battlestar Callisto any time soon.", he notes in a very pleasant voice, "I know Lieutenant Amy and she can take care of herself......don't sell Gold Squadron down the river yet Diabolis. They have to be willing to give their Spirit Of Minds to you but they don't even know who you are. If they did they would track you down and finally get you off their backs....wouldn't they? ?

Oh Diabolis, your father and mother tells me to give you warm wishes and your brothers and sisters,aunts and uncles, and grandparents do too, the Fourteen Lord Gods Of Procyon-Cylon says that you will be meeting them sooner than you might wish especially when the timelines and both Dimentional Realms Converge and Diverge."

A look of almost horror and fear crosses Prince Of Darkness Diabolis's face, "How do you know that Human? You have no powers here, no diminion as I do.....How Do You Know This!!!!!!!!!!!!!", cries a startled and menacing Diabolis. Then calming somewhat Diabolis intones faint humor of the pressing Darkness that he thinks would scare Eirikhr, "Oh foolish Infant Eirikhr, thou alwise, please Council me upon my evil ways? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would you think me so foolish that you believe you have powers vast as mine now? !!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ensign Eirikhr sighs, "Oh but shall we see Diabolis, farewell.", calmly Ensign Eirikhr points his lazer pistol at one of the blood-red walls and blasts it. No puny lazer beam lances out but just the love and compassion of the Lord Gods Of Kobol for Mortal Humans of the Rag-Tag Caprican Fleet, infused is all of Diabolis's bloodred ship and the walls start glowing Gold-White.

Diabolis now cries out in terror, "Mortal How Can You Be So Strong, You Are Not Evolved.......I Command you to Stay!!!!!!!!!!", but Prince Diabolis Of Darkness is impotent as he was on the Bloodied Planet where Starbuck and Apollo first found him and his control is not what he claims it to be, a Golden White beam envelopes Ensign Eirikhr and zaps him back to his bed on the Battlestar Callisto just as his chronographic alarm rings with a parting word from a stunned Diabolis, "We will meet again Mortal!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Urdea checked the cycle assignments on the computer and was surprised to find that Lieutenant Amy was heading out on the system survey. Knowing that he would not be able to speak with her prior to launch, IF she wasn’t gone already, he said a little prayer for her and the others to return safely, and for any family of the poor Frodian. He left for his morning rounds, and decided to swing by the bridge to check on the situation there.

He didn’t make it. About halfway there, the quick release mechanism on his prosthesis mysteriously failed, and he was barely able to keep himself from pitching forward head first. Being unable to repair it while sitting on the deck, he asked a couple of the crew, who had seen the accident and rushed to his aid, to assist him to Med Lab so he could find out what was wrong.

Nurse Holodoc, thinking that the Captain was injured, rushed from her paperwork. She was relieved when Urdea pointed to the artificial leg tucked under his arm. With Urdea sitting on an exam table, she started to exam the connector and soon said, “It’s loose, and a screw is missing.”

“Here go, Ma’am,” said one of the escorts, giving Nurse Holodoc a screw connector he’d found on the deck near Urdea. Both crewmen had been watching intently, but after a brief “Thank you,” Holodoc shooed them out of the Med Lab and back to their regular duties.

“Thank you, gentlemen,” called Urdea as they departed.

“I’ve never seen one of these fail before,” she said, looking for but seeing no evidence that someone might have loosened it in a deliberate attempt to hurt the Captain.”

“Did it just fall out?” Urdea asked. “I’ve had it for a long time, and Doc checks it ever yahren during my physical, but I don’t think she’s ever checked the connectors. It’s usually just examine the fit and function. You know, make sure the nerves are properly aligned with the servo controls, etc. There’s no telling how long it took for that to work its way out. Think you can fix it, Nurse Holodoc? I would appreciate it.”

“Of course, Captain. I’ll have it fixed up shortly.”

He turned to the audio control on the exam bed, and turned on a piece of classical music, with some resounding crescendos. The volume was not up very far, but it should still be enough he thought. “Nurse Holodoc, hope you don’t mind. I love the classics.”

“Just not too loud. We don’t want to disturb any of the other patients. Fortunately, right now, we’ve only got Lieutenant Najinn and a couple of minor cases in here.”

“Of course, Ma’am. The current volume should be adequate to cover our conversation.” She looked at him questioningly, so he continued, “While you’re doing that, let me ask you a couple of questions. Have you ever heard of a drug that will wipe out short term memory? I’ve checked every source that I could find over the last couple of sectons, and I’m to the point that I don’t believe such a thing exists.”


Major Brie watched as four members of her squadron launched, saying a prayer for their safe return. She hoped that Amy was up to the challenge. She stayed for a few microns, and then headed to her breakfast meeting with Major Lucian.


"Captain," Holodoc says, "I haven't heard of any drug that would do such to person, but I can check right quick to see of there is anything shows up in the medical computer system to see if there is any record of it." Please do, Urdea replies. Holodoc sits Urdea's artifical leg down momentarily so that she can check the medical system about the drug he was asking her about. She then walks over to one of the consoles to check to see what if anything she could find out.

After doing some searching in the medical database, Holodoc was unable to come up wtih anything. She walks back over to where Urdea was patiently waiting. "Captain," Holodoc begins, "I was unable to come up with anything in the medical database. If it hasn't been used in the last several yarhens then it would not be in the database. I will have to do some more detailed searching using the drug & treatment books. As soon as I find anything I will let you know." Thanks, replies Urdea.

Holodoc continues to work on Urdea's artifical leg some & gets it to where it will work properly for him again. "Here you go Captain," Holodoc says, "that should fix thing right up for you. Should you have any more trouble with your leg just come back here to MedLab or call me & I will come to where you are to fix the problem." "Thanks again Nurse Holodoc," Urdea says, "I appreciate all your help." Urdea gets down off the exam table & heads out to continue his duties.

After Urdea left, Holodoc cleaned up the exam area some & then went over to pull out the drug & treament books to see what she could find out about the drug that Captain Urdea had asked her about.


Holodoc was about to begin a new search when Captain Urdea walked back into the Med Lab.

"Good job, Nurse Holodoc. It's working well," he said. "Thanks again. By the way, if you locate anything, please call me back in for a 'consult.' Let's keep this just between the two of us, and Doc if you need her input, for now, okay?"


Holodoc looks up from what she was working on & replies, "will do Captain. We definately don't need to be starting a panic around here with any of this. I will let you know as soon as I find out anything." Holodoc returns attention to the search of what Captain Urdea had asked her about the drug that would erase a persons memory.

Late into the cycle & many books later, Holodoc finally finds the information that she has been looking for since earlier in the cycle when Captain Urdea had come by for a visit when his artifical leg needed a little work. The area around Holodoc's desk looks like a tornado has hit it with all the books she had been looking through & tossed aside & pulling out another book to begin searching again. The information about the drug was found in one of the books that had been published a little over 20 yarhen ago & most of the drugs in the book were no longer in use since some of the ingredients needed for the drugs were now hard to come by at the moment.

Holodoc marks her place in the book & closes it until she is able to talk with Captain Urdea. She then calls Captain Urdea & leaves him a message asking that he come back into MedLab for a consult so that she could check his artifical leg to make sure that it was still doing alright for him. While she was waiting for Captain Urdea to arrive, Holodoc went about checking up on Najinn & the other patients that where there in MedLab.


Captain Urdea stopped a short distance down the corridor from the Med Lab. He maneuvered the prosthesis expertly, the servos doing as the nerve synapses demanded. Nurse Holodoc had done a good job undoing his handiwork, so when he entered a moment later, he said, "Nurse Holodoc, it looks like you took care of the problem. Thank you so much."

"Captain, why not let me have a look at it to be sure. Just put your foot up here on the table. I know how much you enjoy music, so let's enjoy some together." She turned the volume up slightly so their voices would be masked.

As she bent forward to look at the prosthesis, Urdea asked, "Well, Holodoc, did you find anything of use to us?"


"Captain," Holodoc begins, "I was finally able to find something about the drug you had asked me about earlier. Right now the area around my desk looks like a war zone due to all the books I searched through in order to find the needed information about the memory erasing drug. The drug hasn't been in production in a little over 20 yarhen now, so that is why I had a hard time finding any information on it. A lot of the items needed in order to produce the drag are now hard to come by since they are either not produced much if at all or not produced at all any longer. I do have the book still with the page marked should you want to look over the information that I found on it."

Holodoc continued to check over Capt Urdea's artificial leg some while she let what she just told him sink in some. "One other thing Captain," Holodoc says, "I have yet to figure out how to modify something that would be able to detect any resedue of the drug. The only thing I can come up with is maybe some handheld device but I wouldn't know how to do the modification."


The music was up a little loud, intentionally, to cover their discussion.

"Thanks, Holodoc. I knew you'd come through. Where's that article?" asked Urdea. He quickly scanned through it.

"Hmmm...I'm not even going to try to pronounce that name...ah! Street name of 'Wype'...developed as a sleeping agent, found to have effects on psychosis...erases short term memory, often permanently, unless significant stimuli are presented...interesting chemical properties...Ah-HA! We should be able to modify one of those handheld spectrographic devices to detect it. Very good, Holodoc! May I borrow this book for a little while?"

"Sure, Captain, just return it when you're done," she said, smiling.

"Will do. Let's keep this to ourselves for now, alright. We're going hunting, and I don't want anyone to know who is in the crosshairs on our side if we can help it. Oh, and thanks for fixing the old leg."


From Ensign Eirikhr:
Ensign Eirikhr quickly puts his clothes on in the Ensigns's Dorm Quarters at his bed cubicle, he realizes that his dream was no dream but it began as such but was changed by the manipulations of Prince Of Darkness Diabolis in his own Anti-Dimention. Lt. Amy, Gold Squadron and Black Squadron will be in serious danger from Diabolis's "surprise"......whom could stop them only he and perhaps Commander Sheba!
But not with machines, that was slow and it could alert the Cylons in the Pauvwell Starsystem waiting for the Battlestar Callisto and bait their trap. No Commander Sheba and he, Ensign Eirikhr would have to use their minds Spirit Force and replay perhaps 40-50 Microns of time in this timeline when Lieutenant Amy and Gold Squadron launches and is just a few Microns out into space of the Pauvwell Starsystem.....if he delay then Gold Squadron and Black Squadron would be destroyed and the location of the Battlestar Callisto would be relayed to all the Cylon Armada everywhere.

It would only work if Commander Sheba got out the Medallion Sealed Kobolian Stone of the Lords Of Kobol that Cain had given her before he took the Battlestar Pegasus and his crew to deepspace. It could work if Commander Sheba reinforced Ensign Eirikhr's Spirit Of Mind, because Eirikhr realized he was an Emmissary Of The Lord Gods Of Kobol now and he could never leave this timeline again untill the Timelines and Dimentions converged and diverged. Ensign Eirikhr would reinforce Commander Sheba's Spirit Of Mind and act as an directional antenna, or she could for him, the hard part was convincing her to use her powers of the Spirit Mind and grow as he had.
He quickly contacts the Main Frame 3D Computer Comm/Info Link Set and places an emergency message to Major Lucian, Major Brie, Lieutenant Colonel Charybdis also to Commander Sheba.

Eirikhr sets the message on highest priority and words it as follows, "Lt. Col. Charybdis,Major Lucian, Major Brie, Commander Sheba,
From Ensign Eirikhr:
If you want to save Black Squadron and Gold Squadron on their missions into the Pauvwell Starsystem, believe what I have to say. Both Squadrons are in danger from Diabolis Prince Of Darkness and the Cylon Taskforce that has perhaps hidden some ships in the Pauvwell Starsystem waiting for such a Recon Survey. Cylon Serpent Of Darkness Diabolis zapped me into his dimention and said he had some sort of surprise waiting for Lt. Amy and her "little group of Friends", I won a minor victory over Diabolis and zapped myself back to my bed cubicle at the Gold Squadron Barracks, my dream happened exactly 1.33 Centons ago.......only Commander Brie and I with the help of her father's Medallion Of The Seal Of Kobol can replay time and alert Lieutenant Amy to her danger through Our Spirit Of Mind Link.......this is no Joke, Commander Sheba will understand!"


Commander Sheba was in the process of sending a memo to Lieutenant Colonel Charybdis, suggesting that it might be necessary for the Callisto to clear a path through the asteroid belt to the jump point. She suggested that the squadrons might put together Warrior teams for the duty, just in case the jump points for the Axcian system were near the asteroids as the preliminary calculations were indicating. One wing from Gold and one from Black would probably--

Just then, she received urgent word that Ensign Eirikhr needed to talk to her right away. "What now?" she asked.

Ensign Eirikhr quickly told the short version of his tale, excited that the flights might be in danger. When he concluded, Commander Sheba said, "Ensign, few people in our fleet have any experience dealing with such things, and for those few who have, they are typically at special moments under extraordinary circ*mstances. Your experience may be like that. Cherish that experience; however, we must be careful never to want these experiences to continue so much that we allow our mind to open up to influences such as that of Count Iblis." In a lower voice, she continued, "I was weak once, and it nearly cost me...everything." She paused for a brief moment, then continued, "We could want that warm, glorious feeling so much that we might be led to believing that we feel it when it is in fact, something totally different. Therefore, we must be strong, Ensign, and face our daily reality on our own."

Eirikhr started to speak, but Sheba said, "You have done your duty, Ensign, and I will keep it in mind. Now, there is a good chance there will be another mission in another cycle or so. If you want to be included on the team, you might consider speaking with Major Brie and hitting the Sims for systems and flight checkout. I'm sure she could set it up with Lieutenant Resonat in Training. Dismissed, Ensign."

She returned to her memo as Eirikhr exited the ready room.


Major Brie was wondering if her breakfast meeting with Major Lucian was still on. She hadn't heard differently, but so much has happened since they had first scheduled it. She had to eat, so she headed to the mess hall, thinking that she would probably see Lucian there. She made a stop, sending the following message to Lieutenant Resonat. "Lieutenant, a new ensign, Eirikhr, has recently joined Gold Squadron. I'd like him to spend some time in the sims ASAP before he's assigned a viper. The harder the session, the better. Let me know when. Thanks. Major Brie."

Meals were nothing to look forward to on the Callisto anymore. All the frills were gone, they were down to the basics. Brie took some food and a cup of very light brown coffee and found a seat in the back. A moment or two later Lucian came in and joined her. "Want to trade?" Brie said before he had sat all the way down.

"Excuse me?" Lucian wondered, not knowing what Brie was talking about.

"I'll give you Amy for, let me see, Kris maybe?" Lucian remained silent, and Brie grinned. "I'm kidding, Major. It's just REALLY hard to have Charybdis' girlfriend or ex-girlfriend or whatever she is these days in my squadron. He's second-guessing every decission I make lately, and it's getting on my nerves. But that's my problem, I guess. That's not what we're here to talk about."

"I met Ensign Eirikhr," Lucian said, broaching the subject.

"What was your first impression?" Brie asked.

"He's lonely," Lucian responded.

"If he keeps it up he'll be even lonelier," Brie said. She told him Eirikhr's tale as best she could. She tried hard to not put her own slant on it. She knew that some people would believe what Eirikhr had to say, and some, like herself, wouldn't. She didn't want to sway Lucian.

After Brie finished Lucian was quiet for a moment. "That's quite a story," he said at last.

Brie took another sip of very weak coffee. "To be honest, I don't believe him. I'm sure that HE believes what he says, but it's too strange for me. He knows that I don't believe him, and that makes him think that I hate him, but I don't. He was pretty upset about being pulled off the mission, but I did that on Holodoc's recommendation. If he does well in the sims, then he'll get his chance."

"If he's not from an alternate timeline, how would you explain him?" Lucian asked.

"My first thought was that he had been smoking plant vapors," Brie replied, "but that would have showed up in his physical. My new theory is that maybe he was a Cylon POW, he's been brainwashed into believing what he's said. He could have attached his shuttle underneath the Callisto during that last battle, before the jump, which would explain how he was able to arrive under such mysterious circ*mstances. I want him to talk to Najinn, see if he can pick up anything since he knows all about being a Cylon prisoner. But Najinn is still weak, I don't want to jeopardize his recovery. And if Eirikhr wasn't a Cylon POW, then my guess is that......well for now I'm going with my brainwashing theory."

"What is somehow his story is true?" Lucian wondered.

Brie smiled once again. "Then all the Bries in the other universes don't believe in me either."


Bland wouldn't do justice to the "stuff" on Lucian's plate. Tasteless would be getting close. Now he understood the "black market" that had developed for seasonings and spices. Yuck!

"Brie, Nat will do a good job finding out his capabilities in a Viper. He'll let you know. If Eirikhr can fly, follow orders, do a good job, and kill Cylons, as far as I'm concerned, he can be from any of the 9 Hells of Tarturus, Hades, or any of those other nasty places that I'd rather not visit. He seems like a nice guy, just confused about the circ*mstances in which he's found himself. I sure wouldn't want to be in his shoes. Of course, you've got all those potential look-alikes to worry about, so I'm sure you wouldn't either," Lucian said, chuckling. "Really, let's try to give him a chance, as long as he's lucid. Are you having him visit Doc or Reverend Mars? They might be able to detect mind alteration."


From Ensign Eirikhr:
After his warning message was delivered Commander Sheba told him to come to the Bridge Commander's Ready Room, no guards this time, no other officers, just alone himself.......atleast it was a "sure" step up for him.
Unfortunately Eirikhr was sure Commander Sheba was angry or something, perhaps at his disturbing her under these unusual circ*mstances......she was right in one sense and wrong in another. Did she not battle Diabolis in her own way........did not Commander Cain give her his Medallion Seal Of Kobol? He would have had, for her to develope her strong mental powers, they were indeed strong so much so that he could not detect them himself, or she had more finer shielding mentally than Eirikhr did himself.....and he realized he was so much a novice in these matters even though he had been choosen as the Lord Gods Of Kobol Emmissary perhaps over and above Commander Sheba.

The warning he had given her had fallen on about 75% deaf ears......the talk she had given him about ,"being careful about these unknown encounters with The Lord Gods Of Kobol and one should not really wish for them to happen often", was pure rubbish! Oh Commander Sheba commented off-handedly, "we might want the warm good experiences to continue and be lead to believe that the experiences were one way when they could be totally different", was true enough by itself.....but Sheba had to know that Ensign Eirikhr was experiencing what only she and he had experienced, along with Captain Apollo and Lieutenant Starbuck, and perhaps Lieutenant Colonel Charybdis.
The living Day To Day Reality was fine for Ensign Eirikhr except the Lord Gods Of Kobol had changed his reality from his own Realistic Timeline of a much friendlier Battlestar Galactica and Battlestar Callisto into Lt. Amy's Callisto where Eirikhr was doubted ridiculed and discounted as fool......worse yet untill the dimentions and timelines converged and diverged.....whom knew how-long, he was stuck here.

He was walking down the corridors of the Battlestar Callisto back to his Gold Squadron Barricks
Ensign Dorm Quarters determined to get his required 0.45 Centons of sleep to be ready for the Sim Viper Training as Major Brie wanted it and be ready when Lt. Resonat ordered him to the Training Sim Deck, another thought struck him.
There was only one person in the whole Battlestar Callisto that might believe him and even help him, this was Lieutenant Najinn, Major Brie's injuried friend and psychologist resident......Eirikhr had noticed his name in the Bed Table Computron Holo 3D Set before he had gone to bed. On a hunch he decided not to go to bed directly but now headed to the MedLab Deck to MedLab and Sickbay. He had noticed several people into the Sickbay and now he would have a talk with Lt. Head Nurse Holodoc to see if he could talk to this Lt. Najinn and see if Najinn could help him......he would tell Najinn everything!

Ensign Eirikhr hurries down to the MedLab, goes in and quickly walks up to Lt. Head Nurse Holodoc's desk. Ensign Eirikhr smiles warmly at her, "Lt. Holodoc this is getting to be a habit......first I thankyou very much for allowing me to speak in the War Room, you didn't actually have to do that.....but it saved some people's bad perceptions of me in some respects, now I fight a battle of partial disbelief. If it was my wish I would want to be sent back in my own time line.....but Lt. Amy thinks I am an asset to you and I can help the crew of the Battlestar Callisto....she says I am just what you need.
Lt. Holodoc there is only one person here next to Commander Sheba that can understand me, Sheba will not right now and she discounts the warning I sent her, you should know that the Lord Gods Of Kobol have taken me to their dimention twice, and Prince Diabolis has take me to his dimention once. If you want to you can run a series of tests on me right now but it should be pretty clear that I have dimentional-shifted.....a friend of Major Brie's is here called, I think, Lieutenant Najinn. If he is well enough and wants to talk to me, I would like to talk to him.
I have to get some sleep afterward and then go to my Viper Pilot Sim training and anything else Major Brie,Lt. Col. Charybdis and Commander Sheba can dream up."


Whirling, a-twirling,
Countless rocks, swirling.
Tumbling, a-bumbling.
In the silence, mumbling.
Warriors Four plus four more,
Closing together, dodging debris,
Nearing the jump point, all would agree,
As they twist and grumble, buck and jerk,
Dodging these rocks, was really hard work!


It had only been mere microns since launch, and yet my body already ached and my face was coated in sweat. I had never encountered such a rotten place to navigate a viper through. It required constant adjustments, quick acceleration followed by deployment of braking flaps, over and over and over...

Twice now I had to squeeze off a laser shot to destroy a small asteriod the would not cooperate with me. I'd seen Kiwi do the same, and from a distance I could see Mara and Kellyn in the same trouble. I resisted the urge to radio them. None of us needed the distraction, and we were to keep contact to a minimum anyway.

We inched onward, and I kept a wary eye on my scanner. Somewhere in this mess was the gravity well, and the sooner we were onto it, the sooner we could end this survey. The scanner was irritatingly silent, and so we continued.

It was Mara that first noticed the change, and her voice cut into the silence of my co*ckpit. "Lt. Amy" she said, "I'm detecting a different pattern to the flow of these asteriods. Do you see it?"

I looked hard, trying to see what Mara had observed. I was a bit ahead of her, so my scanner was the first to verify what she had seen with the naked eye. "Good work Mara!" I replied, switching the com so I could speak to all three vipers in my command. "My scanner is picking up a disturbance. Could be the gravity well. Something has or is influencing the path of the asteriods in the sector ahead. Lock scanners forward and shout if you pick something up."

It wasn't much, but it was there, a slight change in the scanner readouts. We inched onward, deeper into the asteroid field.


Lt MaraJade and Lt Kellyn were flying along, dodging the best they could. The vipers were bumping along and had a few hits to them. Kellyn got Mara's attention by firing off a set of vollies to break apart an asteroid. Mara looked over and held up a thumb to see if she was ok. Kellyn nodded and thumbs up back then brushed her hand across her brow as if to say "whew!"
They continued on and Mara looked at her scanner and saw something weird and notified Amy on the comm but kept it minimal due to orders. She looked back over at Kellyn's viper and made a motion to keep her eyes open. We just kept flying along not sure of what we were really looking for.


From Ensign Eirikhr:
As Gold Squadron inches slowly forward in the Asteroid Belt Of the Pauvwell Starsystem looking for the Gravity-Well, Ensign Eirikhr has gone to the MedLab Sickbay insearch of Lieutenant Najinn. As Eirikhr is talking to Head Nurse Lt. Holodoc to allow him to see Lt. Najinn, a sudden throbbing pain sears through his head, Ensign Eirikhr screams out in pain and falls to the floor as Lt. Jarryn and Lt. Holodoc starts to get up from their equipment and desks about to assist Ensign Eirikhr.
"Nooooooooooo, Not to happen this way I must stop this........i must stop this....neeeeeeeedddddheeelllllppppppppppppppp!", now mumbles an agonized Ensign Eirikhr, "You nurses stay where you are.......if you want to help me move me over to Lt. Najinn......he is the only one that can help me! Gold And Black are in danger, AAAAAAAAAAAaAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....I am wrong, wrong I was foolish.........Najinnnnn hear me........", Eirikhr now clutches his head. "Holodoc and Jarryn you must put me on an trolly bed next to Lt. Najinn.........only way to save Gold And Black!", with this Ensign Eirikhr half rises clutching his head while Nurses Holodoc and Jarryn now begin to rise, one heading for the Trolly Bed and one to grab Eirikhr's arm and lift him up on the Trolly Bed and wheel it towards Lt. Najinn.


Due to all the dodging of the asteroids, it seemed like the Black Squadron Team had been flying for centars. Lt Anubis was scanning ahead, while Ensign JustinB was scanning ahead but also towards Gold Squadron's area of search.

So far the Vipers had only taken relatively minor damage. Off to his left JustinB could see that both Lts. Kris and Rose were in a more denser part of the field, which required the occasional blast of their lasers.

Just when he thought he had the direction of the asteroids figured out, two of them collided sending one straight towards JustinB, “Velgercarb” he muttered as he squeezed of three shots of his lasers. But the asteroid still half the size of his viper still came towards him. Just as he was about to let go with a couple more laser shots, four laser shots came from over his left side. It was Lt Anubis. Some of the debris hit the canopy and caused a little crack. “Are you alright Ensign?” Anubis asked. “I am fine Sir and thanks, but my canopy is slightly cracked, but it should be ok,” JustinB replied.

JustinB continued to scan ahead hoping to catch a glimpse of a sign that would point to the gravity well as they went deeper into the system.


Anubis' nav computer is only capable to showing what's happening, not predicting the movements of those bodies near him. However, his mind is capable of tracking and plotting the various bodies in the area, and avoid collisions. It's the ones that collide together that cause problems. Anubis is able to, though his predictions, steer clear of the asteroids with ease. In keeping with the asteroids, Anubis pulls a small sheet of paper, and plots their courses, keeping one eye on the paper, and the other on his trajectory. He hails JustinB on ship-to-ship laser. "Cover me." He quickly sees a pattern emerging, then gives JustinB the signal for "Stand Down."


I turned up my co*ckpit's cooling system. It was really feeling stuffy inside. Being on edge continually since launch was taking it's toll, but I hung in there knowing that we were on to something.

Off to my left, I caught a glimpse of the Black Squadron team. We were both closing in the same particular area, the one my scanner indicated might contain the gravity well and a possible jump point.

I watched my screen as the indicators danced with blips and spikes, showing that something was indeed here. It was hard to separate the information, since the thick layer of asteriods mixed up the read outs. What might be a pure indication of a jump point under normal conditions could turn out to be nothing out here, once the information was properly processed.

One thing was certain. In the area we were approaching, the asteriods behaved differently. Something had changed their paths. The existance of a gravity well could account for it, but also a great collision of some kind could also do the same thing. The readouts began to show an increase in metallic content, which could mean that the asteriods might be made up of an increasingly rich mix of metals. Under normal conditions, a mining expedition could yield a rich return, but alas no mining team would be able to get safely close enough.

I was near enough to make contact with the Black team, and decided to risk it. I needed to know what they had learned so far. Comparing notes could help us both.

"Gold leader to Black leader" I said, switching my com link to hail Lt. Anubis. After a moment, I heard Anubis reply. I tried to keep it as condensed as I could.

"Anubis, we're converging on your vector. I'm getting some readings, indicating a possible gravity well ahead. Also tracking unusual asteriod activity, like what a gravity well could produce, or maybe a collision of some kind, like maybe the break up of a small planetiod. Richer metallic content the closer we get. What do you make of it?"


Anubis keys his comm. "Confirmed. Projection indicates the strong possibility of a gravity well suitable for jump. Gold Leader, look tp port."


I sat there in my viper as we confirmed meeting up with Gold. I counted them and saw them all there. That made me feel better. I was worried about Justin though. I wanted to get him back to the ship and soon with that cracked canopy. I hesitated using the com link but knew it would be the only way to let my intentions be known to Anubis.

"Lt Anubis, should we be heading back then? If not we might think on it seriously or get someone to get Ensign JustinB back soon before more damage is done to his viper. I don't want to be held responsible for any lives more than I have to."

I waited to see his response.


JustinB was trying to make himself comfortable, when he heard on the comlink about him being escorted back to the Callisto. He knew that his canopy was cracked, but he was determined he would not leave this mission if he had his way.

"Lt Anubis, Sir, My viper and I are quite alright," JustinB said with confidence, "I've worked out how to determine the trajectories of the Asteroids. I request permission to stay with the Squadron. I will inform you ASAP if I need to get out of here."

'Hopefully, the Lt will see things my,'JustinB thought to himself.

He looked towards the Anubis's viper expecting an immediate reply, when out of the corner of his eye he sees a bright light. By the time he turns his head in the direction of the light he sees nothing. 'There it is, but a long way off,'JustinB whispers. Just slightly to starboard off in the distance something is reflecting light.


Lt Kris got on the comm link
"Ensign Justin, if you experience ANY problems let us know immediately so we can get you taken care of!"
Lt MaraJade shook her head. She knew that Kris must be getting worried about that cracked canopy. Then again she could understand. Out here was not the place to be crippled. Then her scanner beeped and Mara saw something that didn't look right.
"Lt Amy look off to the left. What do you see?" Silence crackled then I heard her voice.
"It's part of a ship!" Then she made a motion to move forward to look.

We headed in and found there were parts of ships mingled with the asteroids. I looked at Amy to see if she saw them too.
"Do you think it was the asteroids that destroyed them?" Mara asked.
"I don't think so." Amy replied.


After recieving the message from Lt. Kris, Ensign JustinB was annoyed at himself at being hit by the asteroid debris.

'They all should be concentrating on the mission, but they are concerned about my well being,' He thought to himself,
'From now on I will make sure it doesn't happen again.' His first mission and he nearly screws it up. 'I guess the first round is on me once we get out of this Sysrem.'

He had also heard Lt. MaraJade's sighting of ship wreckage in the asteroid field. JustinB focussed on taking readings on the suspected jump point. Although he could not help in seeing the odd piece of charred metal debris. He flew his viper with care, so not to add himself to the graveyard as he saw it.


"Hawke,report to the bridge and don't be late. And whatever you do don't pull your pistol." Winnie had said to me. "Aye." I replied. Don't pull my pistol? Why would I want to? I got up from the mess table and reported to the bridge. I couldn't help but thinking that something happened,but I couldn't figure it out. Maybe I'll go to Holodoc and see what it is after my shift.

I make my way to the bridge and report to Commander Sheba. "Officer Hawke reporting as ordered,Ma'am."


"Officer Hawke, good of you to join us," said Commander Sheba, pointing to the war room. Hawke detected a hint of "finally" left hanging at the end of the sentence, but he'd made the best time possible to the bridge.

Captain Urdea was sitting at the conference table with a medical book, a beaker with some fluid, and a small pile of electronic devices. He was tweaking one of the devices, activating it, and then dipping a strip of paper in the beaker. Finally, after a couple of attempts, a small green light activated on the device, blinking softly. Lieutenant Skon was seated at the table next to Urdea, looking puzzled.

"That should do it, Commander," Urdea said with a grin. Skon still looked perplexed.

"Excellent. Now, gentlemen, you've been called here--"

"Sorry, I'm late, Captain--OH, Commander!" said Sergeant Winnie, rushing into the room with a box which she shoved across the table to Urdea. "That's everything on your list."

"Thank you, Sergeant," said Urdea. "We're here because we have a situation, and I don't want it to get out of hand until we know how widespread the problem is. Based on a discussion with Nurse Holodoc and some litmus strip tests, we believe some of our officers may have been exposed to a chemical toxin of unknown origin. Officer Lolly may have perished from exposure to this chemical, possibly encountering it during his rounds. We are concerned for the safety of all of our officers, so, with Commander Sheba's approval, I'd like to assign Sergeant Winnie and Officer Hawke to use a couple of these small electronic devices to scan the lockers of each of our Fleet Security Officers."

"By all means, Captain, proceed," said Sheba.

"I've programmed them to detect the signature of the chemical. Unfortunately, it looks like it will be a slow process, and will take a couple of cycles to get through all 120 some odd officers in our force. You are to report your progress every two centars to Lieutenant Skon. If you have any positive readings, you are to report them to Lieutenant Skon and to me so I can examine the situation and determine whether or not there is a need to report the situation to the affected officers. Any questions?"

"Yeah, just what is that thing?" asked Hawke.

"It's a hand-held spectrometer that looks like it's working right. Don't touch anything except the on-off button. If you touch anything else, you'll be getting positive readings from no telling what, and you'll miss any positives that you should be getting. Anything else? If not, get started."

A couple of centons later, after they were gone, Sheba asked, "Captain, if I didn't know better, I would have thought you'd have been assigned to Counter-Intelligence long ago to mislead the Cylons instead of your own officers. For all of our sakes, I just hope you know what you're doing."

"Me, too, Commander. Me, too."


Doc pushed the cart filled with the small boxes into Med Lab. She was glad to be back on the Callisto. She had been called to the orphan ship regarding a virus that seemed to be spreading among the children. Upon discovering that the virus was quite contagious she quaruntined herself on the orphan ship hopeing to contain the illness and not bring it within contact of any warriors. She had left a note on her desk in Med Lab so that Holodoc and Jarryn would know she would be back as soon as possible. Coming up with an antidote for the virus had taken longer than she had hoped but all the children were fine now and non of the adults had contracted the virus.

Holodoc greeted her warmly and Doc was pleased to show her waht she had been working on while she was away. "I've made up these first aid kits to be supplied to all vipers.
Please help me check them and make sure that they all have the correct supplies in them." Doc and Holodoc went to work checking each box for the following:

2 pkgs. lg adhesive bandages
1 pair sissors
1 pair tweasers
1 triangular bandage
1 pkg. sterile pads
1 pkg. non-adherant pads
1 pkg. adhesive bandages
1 pkg. 1inch x 4 yd bandage
1 pkg. 2inch x 4 yd bandage
1 roll waterproof adhesive tape
1 tube antiseptic ointment
1 tube burn ointment
2 sterile eye pads
2 pads ammonia inhalant
2 packaged cleansing towels

"I have also completed a phamplet called "First Steps to First Aid" which will accompany each of these kits. It should guide our pilots in what to do if a patient is not breathing, is bleeding, in shock, has burns or broken bones, has been poisoned or is in shock. It also had information on cuts and abrasions, puncture wounds, dislocations and sprains. I tried to cover most thing that might happen on a mission. At least this should give them some insight on immediate response to any wounds incurred untill they can get them to the lab or a Med Tech arrives."
All we have to do now is get this cleared with Brie and the others. Then I will feel much better about our guys being out there." Doc smiled at Holodoc who nodded in agreement.

I also had an idea about a project that us girls here could waok on. Thought it might bring us closer together working on someting that has nothing to do with medicine. What do you think of this. I thought we might try to either put on a musical show. Either singing or playing an instrument or both. Seems to me we need some entertainment around here. We could put out some feelers and see if anyone on board plays an instrument. Perhaps with some practice they could perform as a band or if we get a good response an orchestra. We could also have a chorus or individual performers. The other thing I was thinking off is putting on a play. I think we might have quite a few people interested in that. Anyway, I thought after we get enough people together we would decide what type of play to perform. Soooo, what do you think?"


I realized that Doc BKJ had been busy for the last several cycles, but she had returned to duty in the Med Lab.

I had been feeling OK since my last bout with the strain of influenzon that had confined me to my quarters for a couple of cycles. I had just barely been able to get up and around and be back on the bridge, but I still couldn't shake a bad sore throat. The timing was terrible too, what with our warriors out on the dangerous mission in the asteroid field.

I decided to see what Doc would say about it and have her look me over.

As I entered the Med Lab, I went over to Doc's office. She smiled as she welcomed me in and shut the door behind her. I told her how I had felt chills and had suffered severe headache pains during the last cycle, but I was now past that. However, I still had a lingering sore throat that made swallowing very difficult. It felt as if my throat aperture was almost shut with swollen tissue.

She had me sit up on the table as she looked into my mouth. I wondered how bad it was...


After listening to Charybdis explain his symptoms, Doc asked him to open his mouth so shee could take a look. "MMhuhm, it looks a little raw in there and slightly swollen." From the way it felt Charybdis thought it was more than just "a little" swollen. You know, from what you have told me, this sounds alot like the virus they had over on the orphans ship. I was hoping that we had contained it there. I had better make up another batch of the anti-virus and put the word out for all personnel to get innoculated.
As for yourself, I'm afraid you are going to have to ride this last part out. I will give you some cough syrup which you can take to coat your throat at night. It might help you sleep better. As for other suggestion, drink lots of cold liquids, a salt water gargle might help, or perhaps drinking tea with lemon or honey. I have a vaporizer that you could borrow and use during the night. They help sometimes. But I'm afraid that's the best I can do for you at this point. Taking the shot would be of no use to you as you have already gone through the worst of it. If you use some of the suggestions I've given you, it should be just a couple of days and you should start feeling better. However, should your throat continue to bother you please get back to me. But I really don't think you will need to do that."

Doc hoped she had made him feel better by letting him know that although his throat was very sore it wasn't anything to serious. So she thought why not ask him about the first aid kits. "Charybdis, while I've got you here there is someting I'd like to show you." She walked over to the cart where the kits were and brought one over handing it to him. " Remember how I was so concern about our pilots having some kind of first aid training?" Charybdis nodded. " Well, I've come up with a way that all our pilots can be able to handle first response aid to any wounded warrior. This is a kit which contains most of the materials needed to treat several types of wounds. I've also written a phamplet explaning what it is that they need to do. This could be crucial in saving someones life before they are able to reach a med tech or bring them here to Med Lab. I'd like you to take one of these with you and read it and look it over. My first instinct is to insist that a med tech be aboard for each mission. However, if you would allow me to put one of these in every viper. I may reconsider.


Lieutenant Swensson was worried about “his” pulsar cannon. He thought of it as his baby, with all of the other assorted weaponry being the baby’s toys. It had been out of service ever since the battle in the Frodar system, and a crew of Engineers and Techs had been swarming over it making repairs ever since. The latest estimate on time remaining was unacceptable; it had merely said, “Unknown.”

Swensson had visited the electronic control room, and after receiving no satisfaction, had headed down to the Shop to pursue it there.

“Aye, Mon, e’s a mess, and the boys are going as fast as they can ter fix it,” reported Chief Gruber, the Chief Shop Tech. “We program someting for production, and e’ works for a while, but then we’ve got to start all over ‘gain. Ef I didn’t know better, Mon, I’d tink someting was tweaking wit our program. Me best guess is that we’ll have the rest of the parts produced wit-in the four er five cycles, and den you’re lookin at anuder cycle er two ter get ‘er all installed.”

“Chief, I want a guard on that computer console now. Get Fleet Security to send someone down here. The guard doesn’t leave that post even to go to the turboflush without another guard in place, understood? Good. Let’s get this thing done. I don’t know if we have another secton to get this done.”

“Aye, right to it Mon,” said Gruber.

* * *

“I can’t believe it! Some of our folks may have gotten into some poison and we didn’t even know it. It’s a wonder we’re not all dead,” said Sergeant Winculas to Officer Hawke a couple of meters away.

Modo and Lolly’s personal effects had been recycled since they had no survivors. Winnie played the hand-held scanner’s light over Lolly’s locker, but received no indication of the poison. She wasn’t surprised since the locker would have been sanitized when Lolly’s items were removed. Still, Captain Urdea had said to look.

Hawke, looking at Modo’s locker suddenly said, “Hmmm. This is interesting…”

* * *

Ensign Eirikhr sat in the SIM Viper running through Lieutenant Resonat’s checkout program with five Cadets who were getting close to completing this phase of their training. Some of the controls were slightly different than Eirikhr had used in the past, but Nat assured him that the controls in the current Vipers matched these exactly.

“Let’s run through the next one, Ensign, Cadets. Stick together.”

* * *

Commander Sheba wasn’t happy with Swensson’s report, but then again, Swensson hadn’t expected her to be. With the pulsar cannon still out of service, if a path had to be cleared through the asteroids, it would take a lot more effort, including the use of some Warriors in Vipers. The danger would be incredible if pieces of rocks were flying in all directions.

“Lieutenant Swensson, please send in Lieutenant Colonel Charybdis on your way out.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Sheba looked at the chrono. The survey teams should be on their way home now. She hoped that they'd found the jump point and that the asteroid belt wouldn't be in the way. That, she knew, was probably just wishful thinking.


Swensson poked around the bridge but did not have any luck locating Lt. Col. Charybdis.

He asked Lt. Aegina at one of the control consoles. After punching a few buttons, she replied, "He's checked in with Doc BKJ at Med Lab. Do you want me to call him?"

"Well, Cmdr. Sheba said she needed him on the bridge. You might want to let him know."

The message went out...


From Ensign Eirikhr:
Late that shift Ensign Eirikhr sat on a control Couch of an SIM Viper,in The Sims Viper Training Deck Training Center that was taught by Lieutenant Resonat. 'This is a major step up for me!', thought Ensign Eirikhr, 'If Commander Sheba and Major Brie can have such faith in me then LGK Adama was right.....Commander Sheba and Major Brie have finally come to terms with whom I am rather than whom they thought I was. My The Great Gods Of Kobol I owe it all to Major Brie's friend Lt. Najinn.'
*** Part of Ensign Eirikhrs mind once again replays out the painful incident where he collasped in the MedLab some centons ago.......there was a war going on in his mind as well as a terrible war going on outside being fought by the Lord Gods of Kobol and Diabolis for the souls and minds of Black and Gold Squadrons........Eirikhr had done his best to warn Commander Sheba, he had busted through long established Protocal, tried to remind, worried over, fretted about the welfare of nearly everyone on the Battlestar Callisto, yet nobody took his warnings seriously enough untill he had gone to the MedLab in search of Lt. Najinn, the only person on the whole Battlestar Callisto that might understand him, Lt. Najinn had not even know him and Ensign Eirikhr had not known what to expect......but when events were set in motion......*** *** Things could have been much worse, there was a time where Ensign Eirikhr thought he would die in a near comatose-state lost in the battling thoughts of good entities and those that were completely evil, however Lt. Najinn had bravely got patched into Ensign Eirikhr's 1/3rd of mind not fighting the war and had comforted him and supported him......saved his life had happened and Lt. Najinn knew now more about Ensign Eirikhr than most onboard the Battlestar Callisto. Eirikhr knew Lt. Najinn would be his lifelong friend as would some others and one that was still out in the Pauvwell System, Lt. Amy, no matter weither Eirikhr came from another timeline where he might have never met Lt. Najinn***

***Checking out the Viper SIMs with Lieutenant Resonat's checklist and going through the first few phases of the SIMs Viper Pilot training course brought back both good and bad memories for Ensign Eirikhr,
he had been training first at the age of about 13 Yahrens old for Eirikhr by his mother Helianna Boxius. He had been taken to a slightly modified Shuttlecraft and in no-non-sense teaching he had learned the ropes of survival in a shuttlecraft, no motherly affection here, the facts of life that every serving civilian should know and respect.
First was Shuttlecraft SIMs training in a half sized co*ckpit of what a real Shuttlecraft was like, for a boy of 13 Yahrens old this was demanding training, if he misbehaved Mom got tougher, his rump got swatted good and he lost priveleges of watching Uni-Comm Inter Rag-Tag Fleet Holo 3D shows on the VidScanner at home, even worse he had to take remedial classes at Battlestar Galactica Teen Cadet School.
Now there were some 75 Classrooms and Eirikhr Boxius had to take lessons in 5 different classrooms with about 100 bullies he had to contend with, however his Mom taught him the rudiments of fighting as any Freighter Captain might know and he survived....but the nightmares and torment about his "Low Class Civilian Upbring" would plague him for the rest of his life. One bully that had some Classed Parents had even hacked into some confidential school records and found out about Eirikhr Boxius's ties to his "Foster Brother"
Boxie-Apollo. The slander and torment he had recieved when such material got tossed around was almost more than he could bare, Mom couldn't be told and he had to endure fights and the sexual-inunendo from teen-girls that he might have wanted to date.......eventually the administrators found out what this UperClassman had done and what was going on, talking to Helianna Boxius they quietly hushed up the matter........Commander Adama had come down to the school and had a stern talk with the other boy's family and the boy himself, the bully was sent to another class room with another instructor and an reprimand on his record, but Eirikhr knew that he had an enemy in that bully for life! By this time Boxie was an adult with 8 Yahrens more than Eirikhr did himself.

Boxie had changed his name to Troy and was taking his first few years at Viper Pilot Training School Colonial Warriors Academy on the Battlestar Galactica, he knew nothing of Eirikhr Boxius and had only bumped into Eirikhr Boxius a few times but had not recognized his younger brother......yet Troy's father Strike Commander Captain Apollo did, so did Strike Commander Spar Gold Squadron Captain Sheba did, as well as Lt. Brie and Lt. Cassiopiea did indeed and Lt. Colonel Athena did as well, there were rare times that Apollo,Sheba,Cassiopiea,Brie and Adama visited his mother Helianna Boxius and Eirikhr treasure those times........

At about 16 Yahrens old, Eirikhr Boxius had completed his schooling and had signed on to the VPTS Colonial Warriors Academy on the Galactica where he had entered as and Freshman Cadet Recruit.....then had began rugged training from Sheba,Apollo,Athena and the Training Instructors..........5 Yahrens Eirikhr had trained and he gained much knowledge on how to fly then later gotten his wings. He had graduated in his altered timeline 94th from an school of 1,556 student Cadets and had recieved his Ensign Graduates Epilaps Insignia.***

*** Snapping back to the present, Ensign Eirikhr also remembered the recess of a few phases ago that he had talked Lt. Resonat on a break that he had, "Why do you do this so hard and fly a Viper Sim with such a chip on your shoulder and are a bit suspicious of the other Cadets Ensign Eirikhr?", Lieutenant Resonat wanted to know. "Well you know I may be from another timeline......I checked some of the bio info, you are a friend of Major Brie after all Lt. Resonat.", Ensign Eirikhr replied, "Are you interested in who I am rather than whom you might think I might be?" "Well I have heard some things, yes, much about you....but it matters little to me that you might be from somewhere else in timelines.", Lt. Resonat looked at Ensign Eirikhr compassionately not at all like his hard-as-nails persona when he instructed, "Please tell me who you are and what your life was like in the other timeline? I really want to know."

With that Ensign Eirikhr tells Lt. Resonat about himself, it feels much warmer in the Viper SIMs Training Center for Ensign Eirikhr and he trusts both the Cadets and this instructor easier and improves on his Viper Pilot the next new phase nearing the end of the Viper SIMs Lieutenant Resonat reminds Eirikhr and his classmates, "Let's run through the next one, Ensign and Cadets. Stick together."***


From Ensign Eirikhr:
The next phase of the final training was much more intensive as Lieutenant Resonat put the Cadets and Ensign Eirikhr through their paces, the No-Win Situations were very real enough, there was the painful battle of The Twelve Worlds where the 6th Battlestar Fleet made stupid choices of negotiating with the Cylons instead of being ready for their tricks, some of the Cadets even manned the mockup consoles of the several Battlestars to choose from, but Eirikhr prefered to fly in his Viper Simulator blasting Cylon Raider Fightercraft to atoms.
It was hard, in one simulation, some Battlestars got off some Viperfightercraft and Eirikhr was made group leader after some of the Flightleaders had bought it.......Lt. Resonat took pity on nobody, protraying the Cylon Imperious Leader and the Cylon Armada, Resonat was true to form.

Ensign Eirikhr's flight group was from the Battlestar Phoenix, much like Starbuck and Boomer before him, Eirikhr leads the Cadets in a last ditch attempt to turn the Cylon Armada tide, 250 Viperfightercraft launched from the Battlestar Galactica and the Battlestar Phoenix.....Battlestar Atlantia destroyed and fully nearly all the rest. "Oh boy," Ensign Eirikhr complains as he and 15 Viperfightercraft Sims take on 75 Cylon Raiderfightercraft, " we go again! Guys try to stay outside of their kill zone-scans but inside just in the outer far limit, drive them crazy with your manouvers when you get them in your aim Blast Them!" Suddenly eight Cylons engage first, "Ok You bunch of snivelling Daggits here we go." From then on the fighting is fast and furious, Eirikhr tries to keep a cool desplay of proffessionalism on the outside when he is communicating with the Cadets as flight-leader but inside he is a burst of the Elements and such deep revenge is in his turbo lazers!

Slowly the terrible ache comes into his hands,arms shoulders, 1 Centon turns into 1/2 more then 2 Centons, the manouvers of Man and Viper are matched much like an group of planets orbiting an large sun in an solarsystem. Some Cadets in Ensign Eirikhr's flight group are 'electronically killed', the group gets smaller as the Cadets have to leave the sims, only Eirikhr's skill and resourcefullness gets him out of trouble that even an full Colonial Warrior First Class would have some problems with, the Battlestars Phoenix and Galactica survives as the Cylon Raiders even press their advantage.......unfortunately the Battlestar Galactica must go back to Caprica to try to save the starsystem. The Phoenix still survives incredible odds, the battle waged stretches into nearly 3 1/2 Centons. Finally Commander Adama sends an transmission to the Battlestar Phoenix that they must withdraw, he has landed on Caprica and that there is nothing to save, the Phoenix is to round up all remaining Vipers and go with the Battlestar Galactica into deepspace to lead the Rag-Tag Fleet to safety.

Ensign Eirikhr lands his damaged Viperfightercraft Sim on an landingbay of the Phoenix as he and 75 other demoralized, discouraged Cadets exit from the Sim Chamber just as 75 other Cadets exit the Sim Battlestar Galactica Chamber, this time a smiling Lieutenant Resonat meets them all in the Sim Conference Briefing Room, "Welcome gentlemen, very good.....yes you have suffered much but you have to learn what true defeat means before you can understand how to rise above that defeat.", Lieutenant Resonat says somewhat gently, "My congradulations to Ensign Eirikhr.....our Flight Leader Of Gold Squadron Battlestar Phoenix!" "But I lost more than half of the 250 Vipers......I didn't win!, cries an upset Ensign Eirikhr. Lieutenant Resonat smiles broadly at Ensign Eirikhr, "You came back alive helped the Battlestar Galactic get the survivors off of Caprica.....and helped the Battlestar Phoenix survive....even they were able to collect 75 Viperfightercraft. I would say you beat the odds. Class dismissed untill next phase testing!"


The lights came up in the room, and Eirikhr had the opportunity to meet the "real" six Cadets with whom he had been flying for a good part of the shift. The Cadet Captain in the last SIM Viper co*ckpit, who had been working with Nat and the computer to make the session more difficult and effective, called the Cadets to the side, and as they were about to begin discussing the session, he noticed that Ensign Eirikhr wasn't approaching. "Hey, Ensign, you're welcome to this pow-wow, too. We're going to review the session with Lieutenant Nat over dinner. Want to join us?"


From Ensign Eirikhr:
Ensign Eirikhr is a little bit confused, when he sees the real "Cadets" that he flew with he smartly comes to parade-ground Colonial Academy Attention and salutes Lieutenant Nat and Lieutenant Resonat, there are tears of sorrow and pride in Eirikhr's grey-green eyes, "I think I would enjoy dinner with you officers......boy that was quite a workout on those Viper Simulators. Sirs I now know exactly what Commander Apollo must have felt like when he was confronted with the same situation in the real defeat of the Twelve Colonies....if you don't mind dinner with an Ensign from another timeline?
Do I have a pass for your officer's club so I don't get thrown into the Brig, Major Brie would be a bit testy with me if she found out I was in officer's territory.", Ensign Eirikhr says now with a friendly grin.

"Quite a sly trick you Sirs pulled on me.....but it was definately worth it for you as it was for me.", Ensign Eirikhr says as he and the officers head out for dinner.


Major Brie saw Lieutenant Resonat entering the Mess Hall with several people, including Ensign Eirikhr. She caught Nat's attention and motioned for him. "How'd he do?" she asked.

"Really well. I put him through the paces, as you asked. I'll have the full report ready for you later tonight."

"No hurry," Brie replied. "Do me a favor, and send him to Lt. Holodoc. She had suggested that he do some time in the sims and then she'd run a few tests on him. But I see no reason why he can't enjoy his dinner first."

Lieutenant Resonat rejoined his party and Brie left to let Holodoc know that she could be expecting Ensign Eirikhr in a centar or so.


From Ensign Eirikhr:
Shortly before Ensign Eirikhr and Lt. "Nat" Resonat along with the 6 Cadets head off for the group dinner, after leaving the Viper Training Sim Center,
Ensign Eirikhr introduces himself to each of the Cadets and shakes Resonat's hand and each of the 6 Cadets's hands in the most friendly manner. "I would like you all to consider myself your friend and I can consider you all my friends.......I would like to work closer with all us as an group and see where it will take us. I know sometimes I appear to be aluff and even daydreaming at times but it is not that at is hard for me to explain but some of you have heard rumors about me. It doesn't matter what rank I am it doesn't matter what rank Lt. Resonat matters how we all work together as a team to reach a common goal.", this Ensign Eirikhr says with an heartfelt tone in his voice and a brightness in his grey-green eyes,
"Now who's up for some Caprican Bronus Colonial Stout.......
.......I am quite thirsty after my trial of Cylon Fire!"


"Approaching the Callisto Ensign, and there is some mail for you" stated the shuttle pilot nonchelantly. I harumphed and logged into the Callisto's Message archive. I read and responded to the main messages from Command staff. Sighing I preped my jump bag and duffle for exit.
*shuttle touching down in a thump* "Hey cah you make that landing any rougher?" I exclaimed as I was lucky to not have released my harness. The pilot stood up as she shut down the systems "What you can do better, Ensign?"
"Well the best pilots are from Scorpia arent they?" I asked as I trudged out the shuttle hatch to her fading curses. I stopped at the Duty office and showed my Ident Card to the Warrior on duty. He welcomed me and told me where to find the Squadron XO Lt. BatGal. I thanked himn and walked over to the lift and headed into my new life.


Lt Najin lay in his bed, he was feeling much much better.

The medlab staff had worked wonders on saving him, he would be eternally grateful for their care and support.

He lay thinking of Lt Amy, the way she had come into his dreams was a powerful reminder to him of just how much he loved her. His heart was eternally hers.

He smiled as he felt the most relaxed he had been in such a long time. Infact since he was back on the Aggi. Amy had a lot to answer for!!

He noticed a comotion outside his room, where an ensign was falling to the floor holding his head. The med lab staff were rushing around him, as he screamed to be put next to "Najin"

Najin asked to himself; "Who the hell is this?"

He put two and three together and came up with 32, it was Ensign Eirikhr.....

The medlab staff put him on a trolley and rolled him next to Najin, Jarrynn looked at Najin and smiled.

Najin kinda guessed what was up. He smiled back.

The Ensign was completely out of it, as Najin looked on him with a curious smile. What was this guy up to he was sure not on the ball, but what was his game really.

It was as if he was in a trance a world of his own. He wrestled against himself and then he settled. Najin thought for a moment of the conversation he had with Brie. She wanted Najin to talk to the ensign to suss him out. Najin thought about it and decided that he needed to speak to Brie first, he would refrain from speaking to the ensign infact he would act as if he was also unconscious. Play his game....

Najin lay there, still, motionles, until the ensign was gone.

He attracted the attention of Jarrynn.

"Hey, Jarrynn, can you get me Brie, I need to talk to her. Do youhave any idea what the hell that was all about?"

"Sorry, Najin, I don't. Hey to you too, don't get any ideas about leaving the sickbay though, I'll break both of your legs if I have to!" She winked at Najinn.

He winked back.

He lay back and thought about what must begoing through that ensigns mind, he culdn't fathom it, but what ever it was it must be serious. What if he had been got to by the Cylons. Najinn knew of their interrogation technics he had been through that himself, it could break many a strong willed warrior, so what had happened to that ensign?

His mind then drifted to Amy, he prayed she was safe and that her mission was going well. There was no one he could thinkof better to have out there than Gold and Black squadrons, and Amy only added to the team. He was so proud of his crewmates, and he woshed he was out there with them.........


Brie received word from Jarrynn that Najin wanted to talk to her. Hoping that he had talked with Eirkihr, she wasted no time. Najin looked better each time that she saw him. The medical staff on the Callisto was the best that there was.

Najin looked a bit bored. Brie knew that he was probably also worried about Amy and the mission. Chances were that he didn't know about the asteroid field, and she wasn't going to tell him. "Did you talk to Eirikhr?" she asked.

"Talk?" Najin replied. "I wouldn't exactly say talk. Played dead is more like it." The confused look on Brie's face made Najin smile and pause before telling what had happened with Eirikhr.

"So what's your impression?" Brie asked.

"I wouldn't rule out your theory," Najin replied. "Something is going on in his mind. Something strange."

"Do you believe in alternate realities? Don't answer that, I don't want to know. He's hitting the sims later, if he does well he'll be cleared to fly. I'm going to have to talk to the commander about this, though. I don't want to assign him to anything without her input."

"You still want me to talk to him?" Najin asked.

"Wait until after the sims," Brie said. "Holodoc wants to check him out again, maybe then."


From Ensign Eirikhr:
Some time ago in the MedLab Ensign Eirikhr is stricken by the Second War Of The Gods in his mind and the War about to happen out in the starsystem of the Pauvwell on that mission survey of Gold and Black had seemed right, the pressures in Ensign Eirikhr's mind pounded at him.....more,more,morrrreeeee,mmmmmmooooooorrrrrreeeeeee....
.........he felt Lt. Head Nurse Holodoc and Lt. Nurse Jarryn help him up and move him onto a trolley bed next to whom he hoped was Lt. Najinn, Major Brie's friend...........
...........he felt consciousness slipping away as 2/3rds of his brain was nolonger his own as The Lord Gods Of Kobol and the Prince Of Darkness Diabolis squared off in the Starsystem of Pauvwell as they converged also in that part of his mind.........the other 1/3 would keep his body alive but in a completely commatose state which even the technology of This timeline Battlestar Callisto could not bring him out of, only one with a strong mind could help him and apparently it had to be this Lt. Najinn.

A clear communication came from Ensign Eirikhr's 2/3rd's mind into his one-third remaining part, ******"You know whom I am.......I am Adama," an very old man's voice spoke to Eirikhr. "You have evolved somewhat Ensign Eirikhr, now you must take the final step to your helping must think to Lt. Najinn.
"Know this Lt. Najinn is Major Brie's friend and he was once a POW Caprican at the mercy of the Cylons.........he also has a choice to either help you or watch you die at the hands of Diabolis's Spirit Of Darkness battling Us here in the 2/3rds of your mind. Gold and Black Squadrons suffer the same fate as you do as does perhaps all on the Battlestar Callisto if Diabolis can effect their minds also. Please think to Lt. Najinn with all that is in him explore and grow as you have done!"*************************

**************Ensign Eirikhr throws self-doubt to the winds of space and starts to think to Lt. Najinn with the remaining 1/3rd of his mind, 'Lt. Najinn, I am Ensign Eirikhr and Lt. Amy has made herself my friend.....I am Emmissary to The Lord Gods Of Kobol, right now they are fighting a war in 2/3rds of my mind as I think to you out of the 1/3rd of the rest of my mind. Diabolis and The Lord Gods Of Kobol will soon be waging the same war in the Pauvwell System that they wage inside my head, Gold and Black Squadrons you care so much about may suffer my same fate if you do nothing............The Battlestar Callisto's crew may suffer the same fate. You must help me The Lord Gods Of Kobol tell me you can help me, please use your mind to learn and grow......have Lt. Holodoc hook you up with scan pads to the 1/3rd of my mind that is not effected and use your mind to support me to live and observe the ongoing war of The Gods, when You learn the game of which Diabolis plays join the Lord Gods Of Kobol to defeat Prince Of Darkness Diabolis and all will be well......if not I will die and others beside me.......Help!'******************


"You still want me to talk to him?" Najin asked.

"Wait until after the sims," Brie said. "Holodoc wants to check him out again, maybe then."

"Yes, Maam!", "Hey Major, ooh that sounds good."

"I really think that the lad is having a serious mental episode, I just don't know. Myself, Jarrynn, and Holodoc were all watching him as he entered his trance like state. I mean Major, it was like an epiletic fit or something. It was bloody wierd."

"Hey, I am recovering really well, I mean really well. If I am a good boy, think you could ask the nice med people to let me loose, maybe Holodoc or Jarrynn could escort me on a, well, a consitutional walk around, might do me good. Go on boss, you know you wnat to."

Najin fluttered his big blues eyes at Brie, and smiled sweetly.......


From Ensign Eirikhr:
With Ensign Eirikhr's commatose state of being his condition worsened, but he still kept thinking towards Lt. Najinn on the trolley bed next to him, Eirikhr knew it was Lt. Najinn.......the thoughts of Lt. Amy........
this individual was the right one the Lord Gods Of Kobol had told him about. The war for his 2/3rds mind had intensified.....he could feel his body weaken now....blood was dripping from his mouth, ears and nose, he could feel the viens and arteries of his body stand out in sharp relief on his skin, his heart pounded unnaturally...........
.........his contact with the Lord Gods Of Kobol began to be communicated a bit weaker. "You must convince Lt. Najinn that we need his help..........," Adama intoned abit fainter, "Time is shortening and we cannot continue to support and keep you while we battle Diabolis within and without. Think harder to Lt. must it is your only chance!"


Najin fluttered his big blues eyes at Brie, and smiled sweetly.......

Brie smiled back at Najin. "Don't think for a moment that's going to work on me, I'm cute-proof. But I'll talk with the medical staff, see what I can do. I guess I owe you one, for saving my life and all."


Jarrynn saw Najinn flutter his cute eyes at Brie and watched the Major smile and laugh at Najinn. Then Brie walked over to Jarrynn.
"Lieutenant your frequent patient is requesting a bit of a walk if you think he can handle it. I told him his charm wouldn't work on me, that I would ask you and Holodoc." Jarrynn looked over at Najinn who was sticking his lower lip out and pouting like a little baby daggit. Jarrynn smiled.
"Sure Major I will see if its ok." (thing is the Major may not fall for his charms but I sure do) thought Jarrynn. So to make sure it was ok, Jarrynn consouled with Holodoc. Jarrynn gave Najinn a lose pant suit to change into instead of the normal medical gowns. He looked at it and looked back and Jarrynn, who shook her head and giggled.
"Najinn you flyboy! Unless you feel like sharing your arse with everyone on the Callisto I suggest you change!" she pulled the curtain around him so he had his privacy. She felt his hand grab onto her arm and she smiled at him.
"You ready for your short walk? And that is what it will be a short one. Don't need you to over do it!" Najinn was about to protest but she gave him that look that said if he wanted to argue they could stay in the medlab instead. He smiled and took a few steps. Jarrynn kept her arm around him to give him support. They took some steps down the hall and with the cramp hallways Jarrynn moved to walking behind Najinn and holding him up from behind. Jarrynn stopped and started to giggle out of control.
"What is so funny?" Najinn inquired.
"It's just I just had a thought run through my mind." Jarrynn wiped the tears from her eyes that fell from laughing so hard. Her cheeks were flame red at this point.
"Care to share with me?" Jarrynn looked around and looked down.
"I was just thinking (giggle) that it's a good thing that we put you in this outfit (giggle) that right now I would be getting quite an eyeful right now!" With that she busted up laughing again and leaned on the wall to hold her up since she was laughing so hard! Not that she would mind but she knew he still thought of her as a friend. Still deep in her heart she dreaded the time that she would see him and Amy back together. Right now she was ok, since Amy was on mission, she didn't have to feel guilty spending time with Najinn then. But Jarrynn knew it was only one sided, and she knew unless a miracle happened, Najinn's heart will always belong to Amy. Jarrynn stopped laughing and grabbed a hold of Najinn and started to walk again.
"Well lets get going again."
"Are you ok Jarrynn?" Jarrynn looked into Najinn's eyes and began to wonder if maybe she should have let Holodoc take him for the walk but decided no since she wanted to spend what ever she could get from him.
"Yeah fine." With that she tried to smile again. She hoped it worked.


From Ensign Eirikhr:
Ensign Eirikhr felt himself growing weaker, commatose and bleeding Eirikhr knew he had a Centon or less inwhich to act. Lt. Najinn was not acting how Lord God Of Kobol Adama had told him he might, the connection with the LG Kobol seemed to be growing weaker.
*** Adama appeared before Eirikhr in the 1/3rd of his mind that was still his own, "Ensign we must contact Lt. the moment he has walked off down the hallway out side of MedLab and isn conversing with Lt. Nurse Jarryn. You have the presense of the Spirit Of The Mind to do what you wish, we cannot maintain protection of you if you do not use what you were given as our Emmissary.....the battles are joined only bringing Lt. Najinn into your mind will help him understand the greater fight. It is your choice of course, Diabolis Prince Of Darkness could not stop you leaving his dimention and you had a minor victory against him. You are prepared Ensign Eirikhr and what you do now determines our fate, yours and a the very fate of the Battlestar Callisto and the crewmembers, Black and Gold Squadrons out there are in serious trouble, farewell Ensign I return to the fight!"
With that Lord God Of Kobol Adama slowly fades away into the other 2/3rds of Eirikhr's mind in the eternal war of the Gods fighting within and without.***

Ensign Eirikhr now makes a choice that is quite unique. It is a simple one for some not so simple for others and not for him indeed, he gathers his reserves of Spirit Of Mind and focuses......the first mental call is to Commander Sheba on the bridge of the Battlestar Callisto, for a few microns Eirikhr disattaches himself from his body on the Trolley Bed and appears to Commander Sheba in spectral form for long enough to talk to her, "Commander Sheba By The Lord Gods Of Kobol I am their Emmissary. By your father's Kobolian Medallion Seal Crystal
I ask you to see and hear one else here can, I am in the MedLab Sickbay stricken and Commatose and fighting a war in my mind within and the Gods Of Kobol fight The Minons of Diabolis Without.....I will soon die if I am not helped. There is one called Lt. Najinn of Security, he will make a visit to my mind to help me, I will draw him there. You must help too or we will all succume to Prince Of Diabolis Of Darkness."
***Ensign Eirikhr's spirit form vanishes back to his body and he now uses his Spirit Of Mind Powers to "walk beside Lt. Najinn and Lt. Nurse Jarryn and he probes both their minds, he finds Lt. Najinn's brain wave electromagnetic aura and focuses in on it. Now concentrating on it fully, Eirikhr seperates part of Lt. Najinn's Spirit Of Mind and leaves the rest in Najinn talking to Lt. Nurse Jarryn, he envelopes Najinn in an Golden-White glow and zaps Lt. Najinn's part Spirit Of Mind into his own 1/3rd of mind that Ensign Eirikhr is standing in. Eirikhr's Brain looks much like 3 large thunderclouds touching one another, the first two are at the back third of his brain dark, black and dense, forked spears of lightening flashing between them, the other is merely greyish and dense fog but much "brain matter", Lt. Najinn now materializes beside Ensign Eirikhr upon which Eirikhr merely looks at him amused and says, "Welcome to my brain Lt. Najinn.....are you ready to learn and grow or are you here to die with me, the choice is up to you? Lt. Amy is depending on you to save her, she recently talked to me and is my good friend."


On the bridge, Commander Sheba continued working. She had a strange feeling for a few moments, but, seeing nothing out of the ordinary, she focused her attention elsewhere on her duties.

Ensign Eirikhr's attempt, whether in his own mind or in reality, to reach her mind had failed.


Commander Sheba stood on the bridge, looking into the expanse of the Pauvwellian system through the bridge view ports. The electronic shielding had been properly adjusted and was now doing a good job of deflecting the myriad particles and asteroids that would have slammed into the sides of the Callisto, so the forward viewport shields had been opened to give the bridge officers a better view of the system. Still, at this distance, Star Pauvwell was a small reddish ball, casting little light on the top of the Callisto as it skirted around the edge of the system toward the presumed jump point for the next system. On their current course, the Callisto would approach no closer to the star, assuming the Vipers returned shortly as expected.

She checked the chrono again. It was already 10:75, and she was tired, but she knew that her Warriors flying those Vipers on the survey mission had to be nearing exhaustion. Unlike many missions, there would be no time for short nap cycles along the way. Falling asleep on this one would result in missing one of those flying objects of death, the asteroids that would pulverize a ship in less than 1/100th of a micron. Surely they would be returning soon. Surely....

"Lieutenant Aegina, any word on the medical status of Lieutenant Colonel Charybdis?" she asked.

"Nothing recently, Ma'am. He was resting at last report. Doc was running some tests, but I haven't seen any results come to your attention. I'll contact the Med Lab immediately," she said.

"Thank you, Lieutenant. I'll be in my Ready Room."

While in the room, she dictated orders to the Squadron Leaders, that were soon transmitted to them.

"Gold Squadron and Black Squadron Leaders will each assign a flight wing of six Warriors in Vipers in case we need to blast our way through the asteroid belt to reach the jump point. Mission is on stand-by for now. If all is as we believe, mission goes active and we go for jump as soon as final calculations are completed after the survey mission team returns. If not," or she thought, if they fail to return at all, "we'll seek alternate jump points to escape this system."

"In addition, Gold, Black, and Silver Spar Squadrons will have a stand-by wing of six Warriors in Vipers ready to go at a moments notice to assist the primary teams."

"Squadron Leaders are to have their assignments posted and teams ready by 02:50 tomorrow morning. We anticipate that the Callisto will be in jump position by 04:00 IF the survey mission checks out as anticipated. If it does not, Staff Meeting will be called immediately on their return to study other options." As she was afixing her electronic imprint, she thought, "Majors, Captain, get some rest while you can. We may need it soon."

Commander Sheba,
Battlestar Callisto


I had left Med Lab after being checked over by Doc BKJ, it looked as if I would just have to ride this illness out. I was feeling much better overall, just this nagging pain in my throat. It made me feel as if the back of my mouth were on fire. Didn't make things any easier, though.

I received a comm message that Cmdr. Sheba was looking for me. I quickly left for the bridge. The mission was going on, but we still had a lot left to do to get out of this system.

I coughed a bit, then cringed with the pain. I tried to put it out of my mind as I stepped onto the bridge reporting for duty...


Lucian was asleep when he received the message from the bridge about the need for a new mission team. His head was pounding, his eyes were blurred (mental note: go see Nurse Jarrynn tomorrow), and he wasn't sure who was interested, so he put out a call for volunteers on the Black Squadron Bulletin Board for anyone in the squadron who was not involved in the current survey mission. Volunteers were to contact him on the board by 01:50 the following morning (Note to Black Squadron members: make that 6 AM ET, Tuesday, 12/4/01, for our Earthbound players). Six would be chosen for the mission, and another six would be chosen for back-up.

He left a special private message for Lieutenant Stadia, since she had been scheduled to be in charge of the original backup mission for the survey team. The potential new mission lead was hers if she wanted it.

Lucian climbed back in bed, hoping that the headache was only due to eyestrain, and that sleep would take care of the problem. Soon, he was once again sound asleep.


Hears a beep on the comm panel. She gets up and looks at the panel. She sees it is a message from Major Lucian. She hits the replay button.

"Lt Stadia, we need to have a flight team from Black Squadron standing by. Since you were replaced on the last mention, your upto being flight leader. Let me know."

Turns off the comm device and grabs her jacket. she heads out to the flight deck to check her viper and talk to Major Lucien.

She enters the flight deck and moves to her viper. She runs her hand along the outside of the viper looking for flaws. She thinks about the challenge she faces.

After she inspects her viper forr an hour, she heads out to Major Lucien's office. She stands at the door to his office. She knocks on the door.


A very tired Major Lucian was notified that Lieutenant Stadia was in the Black Squadron Office. He rose from the bed, his headache lessened but still present, slipped on his clothes, grabbed his boots, and tiptoed out of the barracks to the office, attempting to keep from waking the other sleepers.

"Lieutenant Stadia. Good evening, morning, whatever time it is," said Lucian. "Come on in. Let's talk. I'd offer you a cup of coffee but that stuff they're serving now is really the pits. Peach pits, someone suggested, but the look of that stuff I saw yesterday morning at breakfast with Brie, I'm just glad I don't drink it."

They had a seat at Lucian's desk. He brought up the monitor, punched a few buttons, showing her the diagram of the asteroid belts, and the suspected location of the jump point to the Axcian system. He said, "The mission is not confirmed...yet. Commander Sheba wants to see the information the survey team brings back, but she really doesn't see another way right now. If the asteroids are as thick as we think they are, we're basically going to have to blast our way through them. Commander Sheba wants the teams ready at a moments notice, but she's not going to pull the trigger on this until after the staff meeting during first shift. I'll assign the team in the morning after everyone has a chance to volunteer, but you're Lead...if you'll go get some rest." He stifled a yawn as he rose from the chair. "If you don't have any questions, I'm going back to bed. If you do, the answers may have to wait for Commander Sheba anyway, so I'm still going back to bed," he said with another yawn. "Plan to attend the Core Command meeting in the morning. We'll both find out more then."

They walked together back toward the Black Squadron barracks, talking as they walked. When they came to the door to the women's quarters, Lucian said, "Goodnight, Lieutenant. Sleep well and get plenty of rest. Out there, I suspect you'll need it."


It was really thick with asteriods now, as if it wasn't before, but now it was nearly impossible to get any closer. I eased off the stick and brought my viper to a near standstill. Even as such I still had to keep shifting to avoid collisions that would certainly be fatal.

I thought about Mara's message, and went through my scanner information again. Way to misread the data, Amy. My readings of an increased content of metals in the asteriods was correct, but it was REFINED metals, not raw ore that I had picked up. I should have realized the difference before. Had I realized that earlier, that I had picked up readings of wreakage out here, I could have held the team back. Instead, we had ventured needlessly farther in than we should have gone. Nice call, Amy. Great mission leader you turned out to be.

"It must have been huge" I said to Black Leader Anubis over my comlink, referring to the ship debris that spread in and around the asteriods.

"Agreed" Anubis replied. I did an analysis of the metals, and was relieved that it did not check out with composition records of the Galactica. She could never have brought the fleet in here anyway.

I concentrated on the scans of the gravity well. My scanner had been working to separate the readings, to sort the information and to give me the purest data possible on the existance of the well and it's jump point. What finally came back should have made me happy, but it was a mixed feeling that came over me.

"Black Leader" I said into the com, "I have finally sorted the scanner information. Looks like we have a true jump point here, but I don't think it's going to be of any use to us, given the asteriod density of the area. But that's up to the brass back home. Let's get back with the information and let them figure out what's next."

I switched to full com link with all the vipers. "Guys and gals, we've got what we came for. Let's get back in one piece. Ease out the way we came in."

I began to bring my viper around, and could see the others begin to do the same. I had one more message to send. I flipped to direct channel to JustinB. "Hey" I said, "How's that canopy? Are you going to be okay?"


Rose was very tired and she would be glad when everyone got back to the Callisto. This had been one long and hard mission and she had a feeling that she would have trouble walking once she got out of the viper since she had been in it for so long and her muscles were so tensed up at that very moment. While she was manouvering her viper so that she could follow Lt Kris back towards the Callisto, Rose started thinking about Hawke some. She hadn't seen or heard anything out of him since that afternoon when she beat him at Triad. She wondered if he was even still interested in her or if he was just using her for what ever scheme he had planned next. Only way to find out that would be to wait until she got back to the Callisto and see what she could find out. One thing was for sure, she would want to Holodoc the first chance she got to see what she thought about things.


After an exhausting mission, the call came over to head back to the Callisto. Just as he was starting to feel regret that it was over, JustinB recieved a message from Lt Amy. It was a sincere message but once again, someones attention was still diverted momenterally and they were still in the asteroid field.

After a moment it came to him. It was a rare moment of CLARITY. He was now part of a family. They were his brothers and sisters. The attitude he always had was because he did not have real family so to speak, as his was killed in the destruction of Caprica. He knew he wouldn't like everyone, but it was time he let people get close to him. To stop being a loner.

"Ensign JustinB, this is Lt Amy, How's that canopy? Are you going to be okay?" Lt Amy said with concern in her voice this time.

"JustinB here, yes the canopy is fine," He said with a smile, "and as for myself, things couldn't be better."

Just as long they did not need him to blast away these rocks, should Commander Sheba decide to use this Jump Point, JustinB decided he would buy the first round at the O'Club.

A thought came to him so he switched his Com link to Lt Anubis, "Sir this is Ensign JustinB, It just come to me. Should there be an attempt to blast a path to the Jump point for the Callisto, the canopy's of the vipers should be reinforced so they don't suffer the same fate as mine or worse."

"Good thinking Ensign, maybe there was a lesson to be learned on this mission," Lt Anubis said. With that JustinB placed his Viper in the Wingman position and went over his moment of clarity.


I sat there and shifted in the viper. I was tired of getting tossed around and bumped into. I was thinking that my bunk was sounding really good at this point. I looked to my left to see if Rose was hanging in there with me. We still had to shoot some asteroids here and there since they shifted with the pull of the gravity well.
Everytime my viper got binged by another piece of rock, I cringed. I had to still keep my witts about me if we were going to make it back in one piece and alive. All I wanted was a nice long nap, a shower and to see my favorite guy. That is if he wasn't too busy with the new trainees. The closer we got to "home" the better it was looking.
Yup that nap was sounding good. To curl up with my little furball Galen for a few winks was really good sounding.
I squirmed again. After that nap I just wanted to spend some time with Nat again to see him again, that was better sounding than the nap if I wasn't so worn from fighting to keep out of the path of the asteroids.


"Lieutenant, I'm telling you, they'll be here when they get here," said the Flight Officer on duty in Beta Bay. "So far, we've not seen any sign of them, but if all went reasonably as expected, they should be back here within the next two or three centars. You look like you're about to fall over. Shouldn't you be getting some rest?"

"I'll go take a nap IF you'll promise to call me as soon as you get any word. I want to be here when she gets back," Lieutenant Nat said to the smiling Flight Officer.

"Aye, aye, Sir," he said with a grin. "First thing we hear, we'll let you know."

"Thanks," said Nat as he headed regretfully toward his quarters. His Frodian roommate was probably in full snore by now, so if he wasn't really tired, he wouldn't be able to sleep anyway. A couple of centons later, even before the door opened, he could hear the windstorm within. Before he climbed in bed, he nudged the Frodian Warrior to get him to turn slightly, giving him a reprieve from the noise. He smiled, thinking, "Peace and quiet, at las--"

The snort from the other bunk cut through the air, leaving his thought hanging, with a curse appended. He pulled the pillow over his head to try to reduce the now resumed noise, said a prayer for Kris and the others, then pulled the pillow tighter as he lay awake, trying to drown out the noise.


"Gold Leader, the debris appears to have been several large ships. Origin, unknown." Anubis pulls his viper around. "Ensign, while reinforcing the viper canopies is a good idea, and one I would advocate, we face one pressing problem. If you had tasted the food recently, you would notice that the Callisto is in short supply. If we were to have been able to resupply, then we would. However, we nust make do with what we have. Allow room between our vipers, but not too much. Good. Now, take care, and prepare to make use of that environment suit if needbe. I will see you back aboard the Callisto."

Lt. Anubis
Black Squadron.


With all the excitement of the mission, not to mention the crack in his canopy, Ensign JustinB forgot about the shortages the Callisto and crew faced. With that thought, he paid extra attention on what was going on so he did not hit any more asteroid debris. He did not want to lose a Viper on his first mission.

So as he trailed behind Lt Anubis, JustinB made himself as comfortable as possible. He also for safety sake, made sure his envirosuit was done up correctly should he have to eject from his viper. He wasn't expecting to, but better safe than sorry.


I sat there and sighed in relief as the Callisto got closer,

"Well Rose we are home."
"Yup. There's the Callisto."
"Any plans Kris?"
"Yup sleep, sleep, eat and see Nat and Kellyn! You?"
"I think the same cept I want to see Hawke."
"You two an item?"
"Is that all I am gonna get out of you Lt?"
"Yup." I laughed.
"You think they are going to send us back out anytime soon, Rose?"
"I hope not. I could use some sleep."
"I second that thought. Well lets put these birds down."

With that we landed with out a problem. I saw the tech looking over the vipers. He glared at me.
"Just couldn't keep from getting hit could you?"
"Actualy no, There's one coming in that has a cracked canopy. So just be happy we didn't lose any!" The tech smiled and watched me and Rose head out. I looked around to see if Nat was there.


With the mission completed, seeing the Callisto filled Ensign JustinB with relief. JustinB prepared his Viper for landing in beta landing bay. 'Thanks to Luck and the Lords of Kobol I made it back withjout my canopy giving way' he thought to himself. After getting permission to land he set the viper down.

As he climbed out of co*ckpit a tech looked at the canopy. "Sir," the tech said, "another strike on the canopy and you would of been an addition to the asteroid field. Just hope you are not asked to blow to go on the mission coming up."

"Just as long as they give me a time for a quick ale and a few centars sleep," was JustinB's reply. The first thing he did was get out of the envirosuit. After that he took a closer look at the crack and thought about that ale. 'Well my first mission and I survived. Things can only get better,' he thought to himself. With that he headed in the direction of the O'Club.


Anubis puts his hand on Justin's shoulder before he can get too far in the wrong direction. "Debriefing is that way. I understand that you have had a harrowing experience, but you must shake it off. I can feel your shoulder vibrate."


JustinB, preoccupied with wanting to relax from the mission, headed toward the O' Club. He had taken a few steps when someone grabbed his shoulder. Lt Anubis reminded him about the briefing.
"Sorry Sir, just going over the mission and my close call," he said walking in the right direction, "It is an experience I plan to learn from."
They then joined up with Lt's Kris and Rose.


"Remember, it is not the Cylons that will kill you, it is your own fears. Face them, and you will become stronger." They enter the briefing room, and it get's started.


After the debriefing, I made my way over to Anubis, and asked for a moment as the rest of the warriors shuffled out. I studied the Black Squadron pilot as we waited, trying to get an idea of what he was all about. I wouldn't have even approached him, except my own insecurities about my performance on the mission had left me with unanswered questions.

We were finally alone. He looked at me, waiting. Where to start? "Anubis" I began, "I saw how you navigated out there. Hell of a skill you have. I get the feeling you are way ahead of the rest of us in many areas."

"I made some mistakes out there", I continued. "I misread data, and it brought us all in a lot deeper into the asteriod field than was necessary." I sighed, and decided to be blunt. "I could have used more support out there. I just have to know, is it something to do with me? Being female? Rival Squadron? My personality?" I wanted it to be something trivial. I didn't want this obviously advanced warrior to tell me I didn't measure up in his eyes. Or was it all in my head? Was I just paranoid about my skills to the point that I thought another warrior was holding back on me?

And why did it even matter to me what he thought? Because somehow I got the feeling that the bar gets raised a notch or two when Anubis is involved. I wanted to think I could somehow do the same if I studied and learned from him. If I could somehow get close enough to earn his trust and get him to open up.


"Everyone makes mistakes. For me, flying in the viper is my nature. It is what I had been created to do. I am only twenty Yahren old, but I have been in a Viper for most of that time, for as long as I had been able to coordinate my movements and understand the spoken language. When in the viper, the univers seems to slow down some. That is why I can navigate the way I can. I know the specifications of the viper, and am able to push it to it's limits. Ma'at, Persephone, Arianrhod, they are able to push them farther because they are effected by the centrifical force less than I am. As are you. Get some rest, sort yourself. I will be doing the same." On that note, Anubis turns, and heads to the Black Squadron barraks, to type up his report, and sleep.


"What are we looking for,anyway?" I ask. "I don't know.. I think it's called Anti-Hydrous Ketomethalyine." Winnie replies.
"Well, where do you want to start?" I asked her. "How about we start with the Security Officer's Quarters?" she suggested. "Ok,I'm game." I said. We walked down to the SOQ and started scanning the uniforms... Winnie got about 6 lockers into it and so far nothing. But when she got to my locker the scanner started chirping like there's no tomorrow.. "Hawke.. Your locker's infected..." "What?" I asked. "Your locker is loaded with the chemical." I sighed and told her to go ahead...I start my sweep on the other side of the SOQ. I get to the 4th locker and my scanner starts chirping. "Winnie, I think I found an infected locker...." It was the locker of Officer Sckutzi. Winnie walks over and looks at the scanner. "Yup it's infected alright. But not as bad as yours.. Good work." She goes back to the locker she was scanning. "No,this can't be.." she mutters.. I notice the scanner is chirping at another locker. "What?" I ask. Before I get a chance to go over and see what she was talking about she runs out and yells behind her "Keep scanning.. I'm going to report this to Skon.."


Arriving at Lt. BatGal's Quarters/Office I sounded her monitor. Gettign no reply I leave a message for her that I have been there and was hoiping to get my bunk and Locker assignment. I also inform her that I will found in one of three locations. Checking in at sickbay, Reporting to Major Lucian, or in the Squadron Rec Facilities awaiting her. *sighing deeply* I heft my duffle over my shoulder and head down the quiet passageway. Wondering quietly where she may be if I am to report to her and how much different this BS is to others.
The sound of my boots echoing in the distance and anterior of me I remember my first assignment as a Colonial Warrior. And how exhilarating it felt to be in uniform and standing before my family on Scorpia. I now have that smae feeling rush yet with sadness that my family cannot see me now as a Colonial Warrior/Pilot.
I find myself stnading outside the Medbay door, laughing at my force of habit. "Your first duty when reporting to any Duty Assignment is to report directly to the Med facilities," my Drill Instructors voice sonded in my mind, "gotta make sure you are fit for duty, and it doesnt hurt to sie up them perty Nurses either" and then he winked at us as we chortled.
Passing into the Med Bay I announce my presence;
"Ensign Phlandor reporting as ordered to med bay for my physical exam." Standing at attention, unslinging my duffle and setting my flight bag by my feet.


Holodoc was busy working on some paperwork when she heard someone come into MedLab & mention that they were there for a physical. She couldn't help but smile & giggle to herself a little when she heard how formal the person was being in announcing themselves. Holodoc got up from her desk where she was sitting & walks out to where she finds Ensign Phlandor.

"Hello Ensign," Holodoc says, "I see that you are here for your physical to get cleared for flight statis." Yes ma'am Phlandor replies. "Ensign," Holodoc says, "you must be one of the recent graduates of the Academy. You don't have to be so formal around her. Those of us who work here in MedLab try to keep things as easy going as possible when things are slow. About the only time we get real technical on things is when we are treating injuried Warriors & during an emergency. Lets go on over here to one of the exam area's & we can get your physical done. Then that way it will be one less thing for you to worry about." Sounds good to me, replies Ensign Phlandor. "Oh, in case you didn't already know, I am Lt Holodoc, the Head Nurse." Nice to meet you Lt Holodoc, I am Phlandor, the Ensign replies.

While Phlandor got up on the exam table, Holodoc got together a few items that she was going to need for the physical. "Now Ensign Phlandor," Holodoc begins, "this should not take to long. I will make this as painless as possible for you."

30 centons later.........

"Alright Ensign," Holodoc says, "I am done. You are cleared for full active duty. I will do the needed reports & let your Squadron Leader know that you are ready to go." "Thank you Lt Holodoc," Phlandor says as he gets down from the exam table.

As Ensign Phlandor was heading out of MedLab, Holodoc calls out to him, "Ensign Phlandor. The rest of the medical staff & I are working on putting together a little talent show to try & boost moral some on board the Callisto. Would you be interested in doing something in the show?"


Attention all members of Gold Squadron:

I am accepting volunteers for the upcoming mission. Please either post your intentions or contact me privately. If all positions aren't filled by volunteers, any open spots will be assigned.


Major Brie

Dear Major Brie:
I volunteer to fly wing for whomever you choose to fly lead Viper Pilot, I owe Lt. Amy some help and Major Lucian gives me a lot of confidence and support, the group of 6 Cadets I flew with in the Sims are a great group, they can fly with me any day......I know you and I have had our reasons to sort-a be out of sorts but I trust you muchly because of your Alter Brie whom helped me in another time and place....I do not expect to be an leader right now, I need seasoning and hard mission flying time to hone my skills but I offer my assistance for this standby mission as wingman Viper Pilot, Ensign First Class Graduate and I am at your command if you give the word Major Brie.

Sincerely Ensign Eirikhr


Brie went to the med lab to look for Lt. Holodoc. While she was there she peeked into Najin's room. He didn't say anything, just gave her a thumbs-up. Brie smiled at him, knowing that he had been able to go for his walk. "We're even now," she said and left the room before he could reply.

Seeing Holodoc, Brie approached her. "Ensign Eirikhr just got through with the sims. They're having dinner, I've sent word for him to report to you when he's done, so expect him in about a centar. I hope that's okay."

"That should be fine," Holodoc said.

"Listen," Brie started, "I'm not really sure what I should be doing with this guy. Nat said that he did well in the sims, so eventually I'll have to assign him a viper. But I also heard what happened here earlier. It was discribed to me that it was like a seisure. That really worries me. Do you think that's a one-time-only occurance, or could it happen again when he's in a viper, out defending our lives?"


As I leave the MedLab the Head Nurse Lt. Holodoc asks me about participating in a Talent Show. Turning sharply about on my heel. "Sorry Maam, I have no real talent to speak of except my skills as a Warrior" I reply, " I have been a Warrior since the age of seven when I entered the Academy." Thinking about the subject, I get the notion of something. "If you are looking for it I can tell some old tales told me by my Grandfather, of the Lords of Kobol and the Lost Tribe." I slide my duffle over my right shoulder, and re-aquire my flight bag.

"Well I shall take it up with the commity but we were hoping more for entertainment rather than stories," replied the Lt. "but we will keep you in mind, who knows" shrugging her shoulders and taking her pad back in hand. I exit the MedLab and head out the corridorto make my way to Beta Bay. My footsteps echoing once again off the empty corridor, taking my mind back. I remember when I was just out of the Academy on my first assignment and had pulled Night Watch. My first assignment was the Bellerephon, the Battlestar from my homeworld Scorpia.
I was on Night Watch and found the shift interesting yet lonely. Walking the corridors watching for what? an attack and back then I laughed at myself for such sill notions. Yet still proud of my award of rank to Corporal, but I was young and Idealistic. Joging back into the present I think of how I was on Scorpia when the Bellerephoon was gunned down, and how startled I was when I actually was enraged.
Well now I am here on the TCBS Callisto, turning the corridor I run into the young warrior on his Night Watch. "Greetings young Warrior I am Ens. Phlandor and I am looking for Beta Bay." Looking up from the Station screen "Evening Ens. Phlandor I am Sgt. Winculas of Fleet Security," she replied. "May I ask your business in Beta Bay?" I put my duffle to the floor, and retrieved my Orders. " I am reporting to Maj. Lucian as ordered Sgt. Winculas" trying not to let the nerves show. "You will find him down the corridor and take the second left and all the way to the end" stated the Sgt. as she handed back my odrders. "Thank You Sgt. and have an uneventful evening," I stated, and made my way down the corridor.


Callisto Chronicles - Ch. 13 and 14 - ColCharybdis (2024)
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