Warrants (2024)

1. Active Arrest Warrants

  • 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.. Information / Records Office: Phone: 704-841-6701. Fax: 704-845-5824 Police / Animal Control Phone: 704-847 ...

  • Please call 704-847-5555 or contact the listed Detective/Officer with any information regarding these suspects.

2. Home - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

  • View Our Organization. Learn more about how CMPD is structured to protect and serve the Charlotte community. Get Information ...

  • The goal of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is to make Charlotte one of the safest large cities in America. To do that, we continually advance strategies that prevent crime. We find ways to engage the community in taking steps that help minimize opportunities for victimization. We explore appropriate policy direction with the Mayor and City Council. We seek solutions to the complex community problems that contribute to crime and disorder. And we enforce the laws and arrest the people who break them. The officers, staff and volunteers with the CMPD take very seriously their duty to provide citizens with professional, innovative and effective service. Community safety is a shared responsibility and we are committed to working in partnership with neighborhood residents and business owners as well as other local, state and federal agencies to reduce crime and increase safety.​

Home - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

3. Public Records Requests - Public Information Department

  • NC Court Records · Certificate of Occupancy · MCSO Warrant Inquiries · MCSO Inmate ... CharMeck 311 · Public Record Requests · Request a Speaker. Office Address.

4. Active Arrest Warrants

  • CharMeck Alerts · Citizen Involvement · Communications/News · Garbage and ... Active Arrest Warrants. Home > Police >. Police · Active Arrest Warrants · Bureaus.

  • Please call 704-847-5555 or contact the listed Detective/Officer with any information regarding these suspects.

5. Mecklenburg County eCourts Information

  • Find information, training, policies, and procedures related to eCourts for Mecklenburg County.

6. City of Charlotte: Home

  • Subscribe/Notify Me · CharMeck Alerts · CATS Riders Alerts. Social. Facebook · LinkedIn · Twitter · Instagram. © 2024 City of Charlotte | Powered by Granicus.

  • Welcome to the CITY of CHARLOTTE

City of Charlotte: Home

7. Mecklenburg County Contact Directory

  • Please include the type of record request, party name(s), and the file number if known. To access Criminal files, email; To ...

  • Find out how to reach your Clerk of Court and other offices and representatives in Mecklenburg County.

8. Civil Pleading Lookup - Civil Process Service

  • Welcome to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff Civil Pleading Lookup. To check on a civil process, please search by Name, Business Name, Order Number or by ...

  • Welcome to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff Civil Pleading Lookup.

9. Home | Mecklenburg County Government

  • CharMeck 311 · Human Resources · Employee Access · Department Directory

Home | Mecklenburg County Government Warrants (2024)
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