Free Label Making Software - Avery Design & Print (2024)

Free software and templates. Make designing simple.

Free Label Making Software - Avery Design & Print (1)

Create visually engaging designs, whether you are a
seasoned designer or a total novice.

Free Label Making Software - Avery Design & Print (2)

Free Templates

Personalize one of our professionally designed templates for a jump-start on bringing your ideas to life.

Free Label Making Software - Avery Design & Print (3)

Add & Edit Images

Choose from our large image library or upload your own. Our intuitive editing tools let you crop, size and position just right.

Free Label Making Software - Avery Design & Print (4)

Text Editing

Easily add straight or curved text. Style with our wide selection of fonts and typography tools for the perfect look and feel.

Free Label Making Software - Avery Design & Print (5)

Mail & Data Merge

Easily import contact info & other data for simple variable data printing on address labels, cards, tags & other items.

Free Label Making Software - Avery Design & Print (6)

Barcode Generator

Use our free barcode generator to create unique barcodes and QR codes for product labels or to add sequential numbering to raffle tickets & price tags.

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Easy Access

Quickly save Avery projects online for easy editing, reordering and sharing from any device on any web browser.


Designed especially for Avery products

With our guides to help get your project started or to maybe nudge you back on track. Don't worry, we're with you all the way.

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Free Label Making Software - Avery Design & Print (8)

Free Label Making Software - Avery Design & Print (9)


Quickly import contacts or data

Easily save time by preparing your content and importing names and addresses from your spreadsheets to labels, cards, name, badges and more!

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Create unique barcodes

Our barcode generator lets you easily add QR codes and barcodes to product packaging or add sequential numbering to raffle tickets and price tags.


Free Label Making Software - Avery Design & Print (10)

Free Label Making Software - Avery Design & Print (11)


Save projects and files to your account

Quickly save your Avery projects and frequently used images and logos for easy editing, reordering and sharing from any place on any device at any time.

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What our customers are saying



I am loving these adorable labels for labeling things around the house. They also make it easy to make customized stickers for my kids! Avery's Design and Print Online made it easy to customize my end results without finicky software!


Monroe, NC

I have being using Avery products a long time and always been happy with them. Their design and print site is so easy to use. Love to print my own return address labels, address Christmas cards, and personalize items.



The label design tool is very easy to use and there are a lot of design options.

Clark Bonsai Collection

Fresno, CA

Thank you Avery for making the design tools so user-friendly and producing such a fine product at a reasonable price.



They are very easy to create/design with the Avery Design and print. There are so many templates that you can customize for your labels. After designing, you can print from your PC or tablet.


Southeast Idaho

These are wonderful DIY business cards. I used the Avery's online design and print help which was wonderful! So many different options to choose from. I picked one and then put my info in and printed them off. It was a lot more simple than I thought it would be. The cards look nice and sharp. I am very pleased with them!!


Mesa, Arizona

Love Avery Absolutely love my labels. Customer service was amazing.



You can be as creative as you want with the design tool that allows you to import an image (such as a company logo) from a clip art gallery. Everything from the ease of labing all the tabs at once to the clear labels giving a printshop quality look allows me to create a professional and impressive project!



Avery Design & Print Online is so easy to use and has great ideas too for creating unique labels. I use the 5160 labels to create holiday labels for my association every year. We have over 160 members that we send cards to and all I have to do is use my Excel file of member names and import them into the my design that I created. It's so fast and easy! I get a lot of compliments on the design and have been asked if I had the labels professionally made. Of course, I told them I was the Professional that made them using my Avery online account! :) Thanks Avery for making my job fun and easy too.



I was very happy with the design & Print Online, it saved me lots of time over trying to get a template and putting everything together on my own. I would certainly use this method again. I loved the fact that my project was saved for my future use and could also be used with other projects.



I'm secretary of a community fair plus my husband owns a trucking business. I use the Avery Design & Print online for labels for both businesses. Love the way you can customize the labels for any project we come up with! From address labels to potluck dessert container labels, I've always been 100% satisfied!



Love the online design tool! This has saved me a great deal on designer fees. Also I like the fact that I can order small or large quantities of labels depending on my needs. I really like that flexibility.

Free Label Making Software - Avery Design & Print (2024)
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