Meet TikTok Couple Taliya and Gustavo: Inside Viral Video Controversy - LatestCelebArticles (2024)

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Taliya and Gustavo, a famous couple on social media, the couple have gained attention on various online platforms, including Twitter and TikTok, due to the leakage of their private videos.

In this article, readers will discover information about Taliya and Gustavo, including their family background and relationship status. Additionally, the article delves into a leaked incident involving the couple, providing important details for those interested in the topic.

Viral video leak of Taliya and Gustavo trending on Twitter, Reddit, and Tik Tok

Taliya and Gustavo are well-known for the sensual content that they post on their social media pages. However, at the moment, a new video clip that was leaked from their onlyf account and is currently trending on various social media sites, including Reddit, has taken the internet by storm as everyone is talking about their leaked viral video.

People who are familiar with them and others who learned about the leaked video after it went viral on Twitter are racing to watch it.

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The couple’s fans and followers were shocked when the leaked video first surfaced on Twitter in early August 2022. Nobody knew that the couple had a separate only fans account where they shared their exclusive video content.

The video quickly went viral because the couple made it to sell it to content subscription platforms. But it is seen that Some of their followers (from Only-fans) have, however, Screened and recorded the videos and shared them on Twitter. The video gained popularity earlier this week when other TikTok videos discussing Taliyaandgustavo surfaced.

Meet Gustavo Valencia

Gustavo is a video creator and a partner of Taliya. Jordon. The two currently reside together in Washington Dc.

Meet TikTok Couple Taliya and Gustavo: Inside Viral Video Controversy - LatestCelebArticles (1)

He is currently 19 years old. Gustavo also went to the same high school Washington Youth Academy with his girlfriend Taliya.

Meet Taliya Jordon

Taliya Jordon is a social media influencer and has a devoted fanbase. She originates from Washington Dc in the United States and attended the Washington Youth Academy. Both Taliyo and Gustavo are of the same age category, it seems Taliyo is 18 years old or she is about to turn 19 just like her boyfriend Gustavo who revealed he was about to turn 19 in a month to a user in his Instagram comment on one of his post.

Meet TikTok Couple Taliya and Gustavo: Inside Viral Video Controversy - LatestCelebArticles (2)

Along with their online presence, Taliya and Gustavo also maintain an active OnlyFans page in which they share their explicit content.

Taliya and Gustavo First Meet at school

They both completed their high school educations, attended the same college, and received their diplomas at the same time. Gustavo posted a photo of their graduation day in which he expressed his joy at having met her at school.

They have now finished a chapter of their relationship and begun making beautiful memories. However, the name of this school is unclear because he has not stated the name of the college from which they graduated.

Taliya and Gustavo’s Social media Career

Social media couples Taliya and Gustavo are well-known for the romantic videos they post on platforms including Facebook, Tik Tok, and Instagram.


Additionally, they have a youtube channel called Taliya and Gustavo, where they have 50.3k+ subscribers who love their exclusive content and tens of thousands of views.

Taliya and Gustavo’s long-time relationship

They have both been in a long-term relationship with each other since their school days as they both live together but they are yet to be engaged or married. Here is one of their post where they celebrated their Anniversary.

Taliya and Gustavo The couple has a huge following on social media platforms

They are available with a joint account named taliyaandgustavo on Instagram where they have 50.3K+ followers.

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Likewise, they are also available individually where Taliya Jordan has 67K+ followers on her Instagram handle whereas Gustavo Valencia is available with 14.1K+ followers on his Instagram.

Furthermore, They are available on Tik Tok, Youtube, and Facebook with 2.6M+,48.2K+ subscribers and 1.7K+ followers respectively.

Meet TikTok Couple Taliya and Gustavo: Inside Viral Video Controversy - LatestCelebArticles (2024)
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