The Division 2 Gear Sets List (2024)

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is here to stay. And I mean it. You know, the game didn’t have the best of launches but here we are, years later, still talking about the game, and about to receive another update that is already in test servers. And talking about implementations, one of the main game mechanics is the ability to use a matching gear set. This will not only make you look cool, but also will make you receive stat bonuses and even specific talents that could mean you and your team’s survival. So the question is not whether you would like to make use of the gear sets, but why didn’t we make this guide any sooner. Well, sorry for that, it won’t happen again. Therefore, here is The Division 2 gear sets list for your own enjoyment and research.

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There are a total of thirteen different gear sets in the game. Find all the gear pieces in-game through main missions, exploration, and an occasional raid. As you can see, each gear set will bring you a special bonus and a specific talent. Furthermore, the more pieces of that gear you have, the more bonuses and boosts you will receive from using them, receiving a stat bonus every time you have 2 to 3 pieces, and receiving a talent at 4 pieces.

All of this thanks to an overhaul performed at Title Update 8. The additional talents that are in the chart below will appear once you collect the set’s Body Armor as well as the Backpack. So, if you allow me to give you a piece of advice, please, get all the gear pieces and prepare to deal damage like there is no tomorrow. But anyway, here is The Division 2 gear sets list.

The Division 2 Gear Sets Chart

Gear SetSet Bonus (2 pieces)Set Bonus (3 pieces)Set Bonus (4 pieces)Body Armor TalentBackpack Talent
Ongoing Directive+15.0% Status Effect+20.0% Reload SpeedRules of Engagement:

Defeating a status affected enemy drops Hollow-Point ammo. This ammo increases weapon damage by 20%, applying bleed on hit.

Parabellum Rounds:

Increases ammo’s Hollow-Point damage to 35%.

Trauma Specialist:

Bleed status effect duration is increased by 50% and bleed damage increased by 100%.

Hard Wired+15.0% Skill Haste+15.0% Skill Damage

+15.0% Repair Skills

Feedback Loop:

When cancelling a skill, the other one refreshes and its damage and repair increases by 10% for 20s. Can occur once per 20s.

Positive Reinforcement:

Feedback Loop damage and repair increases to 25%.

Short Circuit:

Feedback Loop cooldown lowers to 10s.

True Patriot+30.0% Ammo Capacity+30.0% Magazine SizeRed, White, and Blue

Every 2s, shot enemies receive a debuff of Red, White, or Blue.

Red: received damage increased by 8%.
White: shooting enemies repairs your and your allies’ armor by 2% once very second.
Blue: damage dealt by the enemy decreases by 8%.
Full Flag: enemies that die with all debuffs create a 5m explosion. Damage output is equal to their total health and damage.

Waving the Flag:

Increases all debuffs rotation speed to 1.5s.

Patriotic Boost:

Increases debuffs strenght:

Red: 8% to 12%
White: 2% to 3%
Blue: 8% to 12%

Heartbreaker+15% Assault Rifle Damage

+15% LMG Damage

+15% Weapon HandlingHeadstopper:

Headshots will apply pulse for 5 seconds. Hits landed on pulsed enemies ads +1% bonus armor and will receive a +1% damage boost to pulsed enemies for 5 seconds. Stackable up to 50 times.

Max stacks increases to 100.Bonus armor increases by 2% per hit.
Aces and Eights+15.0% Marksman Rifle Damage+20.0% Headshot DamageDead Man’s Hand:

While landing shots with a Marskman Rifle, you will flip a card. After 5 flipped cards, your next shot’s damage increases by 30%. Depending on the hand dealt, the boost will apply to more shots.

Four of a Kind: 4 shots
Full House: 3 shots
Aces and Eights: 2 shots

Poker Face:

Damage bonus increases to 50%.

Ace in the Sleeve:

Flip an additional card on 1 shot.

Tip of the Spear+10.0% Signature Weapon Damage+10.0% Weapon DamageAggressive Recon:

Specialization weapon kills will increase total weapon damage by 20% for 60s. Generates specialization ammo every 60s.

Crossbow Expert:

An additional crossbow bolt generates every 60s.

Specialized Destruction:

Skill weapon damage is increased to 40%.

Negotiator’s Dilemma+15.0% Critical Hit Chance20.0% Critical Hit DamageHostile Negotiations:

Enemies are marked by critical hits by 20s, up to 3 times. When hitting a marked enemy, all other marked enemies are dealt 60% of the damage output. When killing a marked enemy, you gain a 2% critical hit damage boost, stackable up to 20 times.

Critical Measures:

Mark count is upgraded to 5.

Target Rich Environment:

Damage dealt to additional marked enemies to 100%.

Striker’s Battlegear+15.0% Weapon Handling+15.0% Rate of FireStriker’s Gamble:

Weapon damage is boosted by 0.5% when hitting, stackable up to 50 times. 1 stack is lost every second, and 3 stacks are lost whenever you miss.

Press the Advantage:

Max stacks are upgraded to 100.

Risk Management:

Stacks lost by missing shots is downgraded to 2 stacks.

System Corruption+15.0% Armor on Kill+40.0% Disrupt Resistance

+40% Pulse Resistance

Hackstep Protocol:

Armor kits are replaces by an infinite-use ability that grants 50% armor bonus and hides your nameplate for 5s. Cooldown is set at 20s.

Compiler Optimization:

Cooldown is set at 15s.

Multithreaded Execution:

Armor bonus upgraded to 100%.

Future Initiative
(only available at Iron Horse raid)
+30.% Repair Skills+15.0% Skill Haste

+30.0% Skill Duration

Ground Control:

At full armor, you and your teammate’s weapon and skill damage increases by 15%. When repairing an ally, everyone within a 5m radius are repaired by 60% of the original repaired amount.

Tactical Superiority:

Damage and skill boost is upgraded to 25%.

Strategic Combat Support:

Repair percentage is set to 120% of the original repair amount.

Foundry Bulwark
(only available at Iron Horse raid)
+10% Total Armor+1% Armor Regen

+50% Shield Health

Makeshift Repairs:

When you or your shield takes damage, you and your shield gets repaired by 20% of that amount for 15s.

Process Refinery:

Repair is upgraded to 30% for 15s.

Improved Materials:

Repair lasts for 10s.

Eclipse Protocol+15% Status Effects+15% Skill Haste

+30% Hazard Protection

Indirect Transmission:

Status effects spread and kill enemies in a 10m radius, refresh 50% of duration.


Range is increased to 15m, refresh percentage is set at 75%.

Symptom Aggravator:

Damage dealt to status affected enemies is increased by 30%.

Hunter’s Fury+15% SMG Damage

+15% Shotgun Damage

+20% Armor On Kill

+100% Health On Kill

Apex Predator:

Enemies in a 15m radius receive a debuff, your weapon’s damage against them is increased by 20%. Killing debuffed enemies with your weapon disorients other enemies in a 5m radius, increasing weapon damage by 5% for 10s, stackable up to 5 times.

Endless Hunger:

Stacking window is increased to 30s.

Overwhelming Force:

Disorient radius is increased to 10m.

Rigger+15% Skill Haste+15% Skill DurationTend and Befriend:

Interacting with deployed skills, grants a 25% skill damage for 10s. Cannot be refreshed.

Best Buds:

Damage buff is increased to 50%.

Complete Uptime:

Cancelling your skills will reset the countdown.

Best The Division 2 Gear Sets

Out of this thirteen builds available in The Division 2, there are some that have become fan favorites throughout their time available. Not only because of the available bonuses and talents, but because they fit to the weapon of choice of the players, arguably the single most determining factor for a The Division 2 play style.

If an assault rifle or light machine guns is your weapon of choice, then the Heartbreaker Set is the right way to go, due to the obvious damage boost to those weapon types. If you use submachine guns or shotguns, then the Hunter’s Fury Set’s boosts will serve you well. The Foundry Bulwark Set will give the tanks a much desired armor boost, while the Future Initiative Set will grant the healers additional repair capabilities. Finally, the Eclipse Protocol Set will give major boosts to status effect builds, and the Rigger Set will grant the skill builds the necessary boosts for their skills to be deadly for the opponent. Be sure to review these choices to see if any will suit you well in your game.

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And that is the complete gear set list. As you can see, there are a bunch of them that vary in effects (quite honestly, they get very complicated). So, if you have the chance to choose, pick the best gear that will suit, no pun intended, your gaming style and capabilities. I’m sure you will pick the right choice.

The Division 2 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. Please check out Gamer Journalist onFacebookto join the discussion and keep up to date with our content. You might also like to check outor guides on Is The Division 2 Compatible With Steam Deck? Answered or The Division 2 Season 11 Release Date — When Does It Start?.

The Division 2 Gear Sets List (2024)
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