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1Parking ()4.0/5Star: Harish Kalyan,Indhuja,IlavarasuEven though Parking is in the space of a domestic drama, Ramkumar Balakrishnan narrates it in the tone of a thriller, ratcheting up the thrills
2Chithha ()4.0/5Star: Siddharth,Nimisha SajayanThe performances, too, are top-notch. There are also a couple of tender moments amidst all the grimness. It is such profound moments that elevate Chithha into something vital in these times.
3Viduthalai Part 1 (2023)4.0/5Star: Vijay Sethupathi,Soori,Ilavarasu,Rajiv Menon,Gautham Vasudev MenonViduthalai Part 1 maintains a consistent pace and keeps viewers engaged with moments of high tension.
4Fight Club (2023)3.5/5Star: Vijay Kumar,Monisha Mohan Menon,Avinash Raghudevan,Shankar Thas,Kaarthekeyen Santhanam,Saravana VelThe film's story, by Sasi, is only all too familiar, revolving around an individual who goes down a wrong path, and gets entangled in enmities old and new.
5Mark Antony (2023)3.5/5Star: Vishal,S. J. Suryah,Ritu Varma,Selvaraghavan,Sunil,Abhinaya,Y. G. MahendranMark Antony is not a great film, but it's quite a refreshing entertainer that delivers what it promises.
6Noodles (2023)3.5/5Star: Harish Uthaman,Sheela Rajkumar,ThirunavukkarasuWhile Noodles explores familiar themes, its intense and powerful screenplay keeps the audience captivated throughout.
7DD Returns (2023)3.5/5Star: Santhanam,Surabhi,Reddin Kingsley,Maran,Pradeep Rawat,Masoom ShankarThe film is undoubtedly a fun ride for movie lovers looking for a clean entertainer for the weekend.
8Aneethi (2023)3.5/5Star: Arjun Das,Dushara,Arjun Chidambaram,Vanitha Vijaykumar,Suresh ChakravarthiVasantha Balan, who is known for making emotionally loaded films, has come up with a well-written, hard-hitting thriller in Aneethi that's quite impressive in many ways.
9Por Thozhil (2023)3.5/5Star: Ashok Selvan,Sarath Kumar,Nikhila VimalPor Thozhil is convincing enough to enthral and engage us throughout.
10Good Night (2023)3.5/5Star: RJ Ramesh Thilak,Bagavathi Perumal,Balaji Sakthivel,Manikandan.KGood Night is an example of how feel-good films can be made with simpler-yet-effective conflict. It's definitely worth watching.
11Ponniyin Selvan: Part 2 (2023)3.5/5Star: Vikram,Aishwarya Rai,jayam ravi,Karthi,Trisha Krishnan,Prabhu,Sarath Kumar,Vikram Prabhu,Aishwarya Lekshmi,Sobhita Dhulipala,Jayaram,Prakash Raj,Parthiban RadhakrishnanHaving set the plot in motion in the first part, with Ponniyin Selvan 2, Mani Ratnam dives right into the heart of the novel.
12Kudimahaan (2023)3.5/5Star: Chandini Tamilarasan,Vijay Sivan,Namo NarayananKudimahaan is the kind of film that people will regret missing on the big screen for years to come.
13Ayothi (2023)3.5/5Star: Sanal Kumar Sasidharan,Yashpal Sharma,Preethi Asrani,PugazhAyothi is a movie that constantly emphasises love over religion, and it's worth watching.
14Dada (2023)3.5/5Star: Kavin,K. Bhagyaraj,Aparna DasDada is a well-written drama with the right mix of comedy, emotion, and love.
15Bommai Nayagi ()3.5/5Star: Yogi BabuBommai Nayagi is yet again an effective social drama that addresses a sensitive issue in the most sensible way.
16The Great Indian Kitchen (2023)3.5/5Star: Aishwarya Rajesh,Rahul Ravindran,Yogi BabuThe Great Indian Kitchen has stayed true to its original, and we have nothing to complain about its execution.
17The Great Indian Kitchen (2023)3.5/5Star: Aishwarya Rajesh,Rahul RavindranThe Great Indian Kitchen has stayed true to its original, and we have nothing to complain about its execution.
18Varisu (2023)3.5/5Star: Vijay,Rashmika Mandanna,Prakash Raj,Sarath Kumar,Jayasudha,Srikanth,Yogi BabuVijay is in terrific form, cracking one-liners that have us break out into a smile, make self-referential punches and show earnestness in the sentimental moments.
19Odavum Mudiyadhu Oliyavum Mudiyadhu (2023)3.0/5Star: Sathyamurthi.V,Gopi Aravindh,Sudhakar Jayaraman,Vijay Kumar Rajendran,Munishkanth,George Maryan,Sha Ra,Yashika Aannand,Riythvika,HarijaOdavum Mudiyadhu Oliyavum Mudiyadhu might not be an intellectually stimulating or life-changing cinematic experience, but rather, it's a laugh-out-loud movie that does complete justice to both the horror and comedy portions.
20Saba Nayagan ()3.0/5Star: Ashok Selvan,Megha Akash,Chandini Chowdary,Karthika Muralidharan,Mayilsamy

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