Van Gogh Exhibit in DC: Tickets, Prices, Best Tips & Advice to Visit (2024)

Van Gogh Exhibit in DC: Tickets, Prices, Best Tips & Advice to Visit (1)

Vincent van Gogh, Self-Portrait, oil on board, 1887 Photo by mwF3N6F_RfJ4_w at Google Cultural Institute Wikimedia Commons

Imagine being able to walk inside one of the iconic artist’s beautiful framed paintings, the vibrant colors swirling around you while you take in the stunning, post-impressionist works in an otherworldly way.
That is exactly what art enthusiasts can do at the Van Gogh Immersive Experience at the Rhode Island Center in Washington, D.C. This magical event from renowned European “edutainment” company Exhibition Hub creates a mind-bending 360° digital art experience by combining several dozen projectors, 1000m2 screens, and a separate high-tech VR adventure. Only a few companies in the world use their cutting-edge video mapping process.

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience will take you on a stunning ride through the incredible works of one of history’s greatest artists, lighting up the over 23,900 square feet of the Rhode Island Center with two-story projections. And designed for people of all ages to enjoy.

1. Ticket types

Van Gogh Exhibit in DC: Tickets, Prices, Best Tips & Advice to Visit (2)

The Imperial Gardens Photo by Gwydion M. Williams Wikimedia Commons

PEAK / OFF-PEAK – Immersive Van Gogh (PRIME); This refers to price differences based on the date and time chosen. Monday through Friday mornings and early afternoons are typically off-peak. Peak hours usually are evenings and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Standard Access tickets include entry to the exhibition. Various categories of people can access the show using this type of ticket. These are adults and children from ages four to twelve. Holders of the ticket also have a family pass for two adults and two kids. Seniors over sixty-five, students between the ages of thirteen and twenty-six, and persons who have served in the military also enjoy standard access privileges. The group bundle whose threshold is fifteen people allows a 10% discount on ticket prices. Entry to the VR experience can be purchased separately on-site for Standard Access-only ticket holders.

VIP tickets include admission to the exhibit for those who purchase them. The majority of the exhibit’s experiences involve guests moving from room to room, with walls (and occasionally floors or ceilings) decorated with moving projections of van Gogh’s works. Typically, the works are accompanied by music designed to complement them. Another benefit is online access to the Van Gogh studio, which allows you to experience what it’s like to be in Van Gogh’s shoes for a day. In an experience enjoyed by both children and adults, you can create your own paintings and have them projected on the walls. Thirdly offered is the entry to the VR experience with skip-the-line, and a poster of your choice which enables you to walk alongside Van Gogh during a visually rich journey into the inspiration behind eight of his iconic works including Vincent’s bedroom at Arles and Starry Night over the Rhone.

Premium Flex Entry grants you complete access to the experience at any time on your chosen date while Premium Flex Entry VIP includes full access to the experience at any time on your chosen date, entry to the VR experience with skip-the-line, and your poster choice. Van Gogh Mug, Magnet, and Pencil are included in the add-on Souvenir Bundle.

2. Ticket Prices

Van Gogh Exhibit in DC: Tickets, Prices, Best Tips & Advice to Visit (3)

A photo of the post-1932 ticket office at the Lee Hall Depot Museum. Photo by C Watts Wikimedia Commons

Standard ticket prices for adults are priced at $39.90, and for children(ages 4-12) at $23.90. The family pass goes for $24.90. Seniors, students, and people serving in the military are charged $ 29.90.

VIP adult and child tickets are $59.90 and $43.90 respectively. The group bundle visitors will be required to pay $ 35.90. Premium FLEX entry and Premium FLEX VIP are each sold at $54.90 and $74.90. Visitors opting for an add-on souvenir bundle in addition to the tickets usually pay $30.00.

3. Tips and Advice to Visit

Van Gogh Exhibit in DC: Tickets, Prices, Best Tips & Advice to Visit (4)

Van Gogh – Immersive exhibition, 2019 Photo by Immersivearteditor Wikimedia Commons

Visitors are advised to get a Premium Flex entry ticket. It is more expensive, but it allows you full access to the experience at any time on the selected date relieving you of the pressure of arriving on time. With the Premium Flex entry, you can also rebook for a different date, which is useful if you get sick or need to attend to an unexpected emergency.

The immersive experience show becomes quite loud. If you are prone to headaches as a result of very loud surround sounds, it is best to get some free earplugs. It’s always a good idea to keep your ears protected.

Van Gogh Exhibit in DC: Tickets, Prices, Best Tips & Advice to Visit (5)

Музей Москвы. Фрагмент экспозиции. Фото Юлии Иванко Photo by Wikimedia Commons

There are numerous social distancing circles on the ground for guests to sit in separately from one another. Some of the circles have benches, but the majority of them have floor seating. Outfits should be comfortable enough to sit on the ground (no tight mini skirts or jeans!). COVID regulations apply because the exhibition is held indoors. The number of visitors is restricted. Exhibit workers limit the number of visitors to 200 at a time. For the VR headsets, the equipment is disinfected after each use, and each visitor is given a disposable eye mask to avoid skin contact with the goggles.

Because the room is extremely dark for the art to be projected and viewed, flats are the best choice of footwear. Just to make it easier to walk around in the dark or stand for an hour.

The projection show will last approximately 60 to 75 minutes. It is, however, played on a continuous loop, so you can stay as long as you like. If you want to participate in the other activities available, such as coloring and virtual reality, plan on spending about 90 minutes.

Visitors are permitted to take photographs and videos of the exhibit but are asked not to disturb other visitors; professional equipment and tripods are not permitted. In low-light situations, most phones now automatically activate the flash. If you use the flash while taking a video or photograph, a guard will immediately come over to reprimand you. Before you begin recording, double-check and confirm that your flash is turned off.

The Immersive Experience includes a few other activities in addition to the projection show. For example, one can create their own art after leaving the projection show, on a bench with space for drawing and coloring. There are also some Van Gogh coloring sheets available, as well as some blank ones to create a personal design. It doesn’t take an artist to enjoy coloring in one of the designs. While coloring, inspiring audio from the projection can be heard. The entire experience is extremely relaxing. A scanned photo of your artwork appears in the digital gallery on the wall with the click of a button which is both satisfying and exciting.

The VR experience physically places you in Van Gogh’s shoes by allowing you to spend a day strolling through the towns and countryside that inspired him. The paintings come to life in the context in which he painted them at various points throughout the tour. Despite its brief duration, the VR experience is a welcome addition. It’s yet another fantastic way to get inside his head. And is yet another example of how modern technology can revitalize iconic art.

Van Gogh Exhibit in DC: Tickets, Prices, Best Tips & Advice to Visit (6)

Virtual Reality at FITUR 2017 Photo By Wikimedia Commons

The Gift shop, as one might expect, sells a wide range of Van Gogh-inspired items. Visitors should purchase a small souvenir of their experience, such as posters and postcards, or face masks.

Is the Van Gogh Immersive Experience worth it? Definitely! It is an incredibly moving celebration of Van Gogh’s art that does an incredible job of presenting it in a way that has never been seen before. The worldwide flurry of immersive Van Gogh exhibitions has demonstrated the success of combining art and technology to create a completely unique experience.
Although traditional art galleries are far from extinct, it is clear that people are eager for new experiences. The clever use of audio and projection mapping has brought a whole new wave of appreciation for Van Gogh’s art from both young and old audiences. It will be particularly interesting to see if other artists’ works begin to have similar immersive experiences.

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Van Gogh Exhibit in DC: Tickets, Prices, Best Tips & Advice to Visit (2024)
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